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  1. a Hayle won’t be long until a mr Q steps in to rescue them Won,t have Bond as his assistant,he passed away today 😢
  2. What about the players who get left out ?Surely they can,t be happy about it ?Or the players waiting for their chance to get to play ?
  3. Bet you’re glad you played Helston when their first team was playing Pat😉Unlike Mullion and Hayle 🤭
  4. RIP Alan .A great help in helping me turn Hayle around .Went to Hayle when they had just been relegated to F/Helston 2,first meeting we went to found us back in div1🙏Great start Alan.Another memory of Alan was of him refereeing a friendly against a team who we were easily beating and he gave us a 3rd penalty.They threatened to walk off and I remember pleading with him to overturn his decision.He did,nt they walked off and we ended up in the bar after 15 minutes 🙈.Always spoke his mind and was not for turning and made me and doggies welcome wherever we went and he will be missed .
  5. How many players down with Flu last season when they could,nt raise a team away at Penwith exiles.Nothing to do with exiles and Pendeen being top of the league I suppose 😉
  6. Yes my dogs would,nt play on that Older🐩Oh well at least they,ll be fit for Pendeen next week 😂
  7. Lovely man who did a lot for football and cricket.A true Cornish legend who would take no nonsense and would be honest and truthful with his comments.Was particularly helpful to my brother when he was ill and always looked after us .RIP Peter you will be missed and my sincere thoughts go to Anita ,Nick and Mark at this sad time .Perry
  8. Sorry to hear this Andy.Lovely man and legendary footballer my thoughts are with you and your family.RIP Ernie
  9. So sad ,remember playing with him as a youngster at Foxhole and being in awe of him as a county fullback.Then he went on to play and manage me at Bugle .On the pitch he was hard but fair but off the field one of the nicest guys you could meet.RIP Malcolm one of the toughest but nicest as well.
  10. Mousehole 2 Wadebridge 2 Went down behind the goal for the second half up at Mousehole to give the dogs a good run and bumped into my old Teammate Paul Clarke .He was looking well considering his age and weight 😂.Only problem was he was in the goal so I had to ask him to get out as the second half was about to start.To my astonishment he said he was playing 😳.I really did fear for him as Mousehole are a very good team and in my opinion will win that league. But what do I know ?Leading 2-1 they held on to the eleventh minute of injury time before he was beaten 🤪.Can only say well done to that man for turning out for Wadebridge today at his age 🧟‍♂️and helping Wadebridge to an hard earned point .As for Mousehole they need to learn to place the ball in the net,for all their skill and fitness they do need to practice their finishing and learn to place the ball and not always blast it .There,s goalscorers and there’s footballers 😀.
  11. Only one side going to win this cup and they had an emphatic win today down at Mawnan .Mr Bunt must be having a wonderful time especially with Leeds doing so well.😉
  12. Chris had brief spell at Bugle too .Nigel ,Chris and me ,Bugle had some youth system back then.
  13. Delighted for my old mate John Matthews,as well as spending most of Thursday ,Friday and Saturday up on the roofs phone in his hand not letting hisloyal customers down and trying to get a team on the field , he then went on to play most of the game.A true unsung hero in Cornish football who gave up a lucrative contract in Hollywood.After starring alongside Susan George in Straw dogs John decided to put his football first and has gone on to have a successful career there too.Well done John.
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