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  1. Sorry to hear this Andy.Lovely man and legendary footballer my thoughts are with you and your family.RIP Ernie
  2. So sad ,remember playing with him as a youngster at Foxhole and being in awe of him as a county fullback.Then he went on to play and manage me at Bugle .On the pitch he was hard but fair but off the field one of the nicest guys you could meet.RIP Malcolm one of the toughest but nicest as well.
  3. Mousehole 2 Wadebridge 2 Went down behind the goal for the second half up at Mousehole to give the dogs a good run and bumped into my old Teammate Paul Clarke .He was looking well considering his age and weight 😂.Only problem was he was in the goal so I had to ask him to get out as the second half was about to start.To my astonishment he said he was playing 😳.I really did fear for him as Mousehole are a very good team and in my opinion will win that league. But what do I know ?Leading 2-1 they held on to the eleventh minute of injury time before he was beaten 🤪.Can only say well done to that man for turning out for Wadebridge today at his age 🧟‍♂️and helping Wadebridge to an hard earned point .As for Mousehole they need to learn to place the ball in the net,for all their skill and fitness they do need to practice their finishing and learn to place the ball and not always blast it .There,s goalscorers and there’s footballers 😀.
  4. Yes Mike it is the same John Elliot ,also played for town in the sixties when they also had a great side.John was also their linesman in div1 west and was a legend then as well .Lovely man when he signed me for foxhole,he told me he could,nt stick me but I was the best goalscorer around so a very honest man and I must admit did enjoy playing for him.
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