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"Difficulties in motivating both himself and the players" - Pears leaves Exmouth

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From the Exeter Express & Echo:-

"Richard Pears has stepped down as manager of Exmouth Town, blaming difficulties in motivating both himself and the players following their failed attempt to win promotion.

Pears led Town to second place in last seasons South West Peninsula League Premier Division, but they were denied promotion to the Western League Premier Division after their Southern Road ground controversially failed its ground grading.

Not even an appeal heard at Wembley could reverse the decision, and Town were also excluded from competitions such as the FA Cup and FA Vase.

Since then, Town have struggled to replicate last seasons form, and Pears who was on the verge of leaving prior to Augusts 1-1 draw with Launceston decided this time that enough was enough.

It has been very difficult to motivate myself after not getting promotion to the Western League and it has been hard to motivate the players as well, explained Pears, who quit following Saturdays 3-2 home defeat to Appledore in the Walter C Parson Cup.

It is down to motivation and that is where the problem is.

I think it is the right time and the club needs someone without the hangover of not getting promoted.

The lads have been fantastic but consistency has been a real issue and that is probably because of us not playing in the league above like we thought we would.

Mark Saunders is now caretaker manager at the club, with Kevin Hill assisting him.

Not only did Exmouth finish second last season, but they also won the Devon Premier Cup and the Division One East title in Pears maiden season, losing just one league game in the process.

Exmouth chairman Bob Chamberlain descried himself as devastated after hearing the news.

Chamberlain claimed that he could understand Pears actions, admitting that the failed promotion bid had hit them both hard.

I can understand his decision, Chamberlain said. It is nothing to do with the football. Not wining promotion did not please any of us. I think Richard took it badly, but so did I to be honest.

I am devastated he is leaving because he has done so much for Exmouth he has brought us to a new level."

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People are very quick to say that you can't play the game without refs, however, you can't play the game without managers, committees and volunteers. Having just taken a more active position in my own club I cannot believe how much time it takes. When decisions on and off the field go against what you expect it does become very hard.

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John Dent at Falmouth , Leigh Cooper at Launceston and Richard Pears at Exmouth all resigning so far this season , with Lee Beer at Callington taking a break through personal reasons. What does this say about the strain and pressure managers at this sort of level are now under?

With some of the language and facial expressions that are on display from all dugouts during matches, how many of the managers and assistants can honestly say they are getting much pleasure from doing this?

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Cant motivate himself or the players after last season. Dry your eyes man.

Dont recall Bobby Oaten or McHugh moaning.

Both of whom are currently doing a first class job within their comparatively limited budgets and both producing attractive football in their teams and in both cases a dugout (and team) refreshingly devoid of foul and abusive language. Respect!

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Not all managers have the same budget as most managers at clubs Way Of The Park with yours probably being the best there is. Where there is money there will be better players which will probably mean better and more consistent results every week therefore making it a little easier on the managers and probably more enjoyable for them as well.

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Kind words again people thank you, we have a great spirit at the moment and whilst still "making the omelette" we are still "cracking eggs" !!!

Its not easy for any manager at the moment but you still need to wash the frustration away with a few ciders, which I intend to do on Saturday night so if anyone wants to pop up to lux for a game of footy, lots of beer and banter and an evening of talking bollocks, please join us!!!!

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you just get a wet face" !!!!


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