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Lazy media

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A strange subject to talk about I know . Are we becoming too obsessed with Englands football team and feeling ashamed of failure but overlooking our , and I include British , sucessful sports men and women ?. Unfortunatly todays media focus on a very small minority of sports and sports people . Formula 1 is only contested by Hamilton if you believe the press , if he doesn't win it's a disaster but the press hardly mention the rest of the competitors , even the winner . Even if Button or Chilton were to win very little credit would go their way . We have a British world speedway champion and a British world superbike champion several world boxing champions but very few people have heard of them .There are also many other British world champions or world ranking performers , but our press deem them to be insignificant and not worthy of credit . Even football reports are not witness accounts of the actual live game , but an account gleaned from television or radio . Even the England world cup coverage has been all about Rooney , and in many papers Rooneys wife ,Sometimes the coverage of a game does'nt even focus on the game but concentrates on a player 's or managers reaction .

My point is , how much does a lazy press influence our sporting beliefs ?

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Apart from the Non League paper I can't remember the last time I bought a paper, they are a shadow of what they were and what's printed has more often than not already appeared on television, the local rag is mainly used by cat owners to line the moggies litter trays they too are not the local interest publications we knew and the freebie local issues a waste of time, people are NOT reading them they are so bad.

Sport locally was extensively covered senior or junior cricket and football reported at length, when was the last time full batting and bowling figures appeared for cricket. Last week my daughter bought the local paper, when visiting I amazingly said "90p for a Bucks Free Press, the last time I bought one it was 30p", that must have been some time ago because 26 years ago I was manager of a dairy, a pint of milk was 26p today I paid £1.00 for four pints, the age of the POOR Farmer.

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Baldy , I feel just as wound up when I'm watching motorbike racing sometimes . The winner crosses the line and 2 or 3 people are battling for 2nd place and the producer cuts to the winners wife , girl friend , team manger whatever and you've missed the race to the line for 2nd place . But as Brian moorshead said " its what the public want ".

It might be the biggest sport in the world , but my point is that there are several other sports out there that are regarded as minority sports mainly because the media ignore them . Is tennis really that popular ? do many people play tennis ? is there more people playing tennis than bowls ? if not why is Wimbledon dominating the BBC for the next 2 weeks . Granted its an instition but to my mind the tv coverage is out of all proportion to the popularity of tennis .

I've got nothing against tennis by the way .

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Lazy media? No.

Let's face it, media (papers) want one thing. Sell papers. That is it. No more, no less. So it really doesn't matter to them who is winning or losing what, they will print whatever they think will sell their papers. Simple. Filling the back pages with our rowers winning medals left right and centre at the World Championships will not sell papers. Putting a big picture of Rooney and some (any) story about football will sell.

Goes for tv media too. A "non news story" on the BBC the other day was quite weird. They were reporting about how much of our recycled waste ends up in land-fill. Thing is, it appears that some local councils can recycle some things, like yogurt pots, but others can't. So if you put a yogurt pot into your recycling and your council cannot recycle it, it will get taken out and syphoned off to land-fill. Oh, shock horror. But, if you know your council cannot recycle yogurt pots, then you put it in the main (land-fill) rubbish bin anyway! So what's the fuccking story??? Obviously no one was killed in appalling circumstances that day, so they had to make some news up to keep us watching.

Rant over.

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