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  1. Newlyn Non Athletico (4) 4 -v- 3 (1) Goonhavern This was grass roots football. There is a lot of grass on the pitch too. The away team with the bare 11. No extras, no family brought along, no one to run the line, no one to watch on. The home team, scrambling together 2 subs. Both used to run the lines. No one to get the balls when they go in the hedge. The spectators, 5 of them, being 2 injured Newlyn players, one old Newlyn player, one dad watching his sons, one brother accompanying his dad. To the game, Newlyn looking commanding in the first few minutes, but once Goonhavern had settled, a more even affair. The opening goal for Newlyn, you've heard of the pile driver, the screamer, the bullet. This was none of them. A looping long range effort that the diving keeper could only divert into a different part of the net than it would have otherwise hit. Denzil Keast breaking the deadlock. Yes, we were surprised too. Back came Goonhavern, and one of those bobbly, grass-cutter shots, the keeper has it, it's heading the for the corner, the keeper will surely get it, it bobbles closer to the corner, the keeper is diving, the ball has rolled into the net. 1-1. However, blink and you miss it, Newlyn hit back with 30 seconds, 2-1, and add more pressure to the away goal, forcing in 2 more goals to make a comfortable 4-1 HT lead. Second half was very much more even. The Goonhavern keeper did make a couple of very good saves, Newlyn couldn't get that further goal to make the game safe. Goonhavern were not threatening too much, but always in the game. Then, a long range effort made it 4-2, and with time running out, another up-and-under ended up in the net. 4-3, and you began to wonder. But, the final whistle sounded and 3 more valuable points for Newlyn. Played in great spirit by both teams, excellently refereed, and the 5 spectators will have left contented.
  2. RNAS Culdrose Res. (0) 1 -v- 2 (1) Newlyn Non Athletico A bright start by the home team saw them create several half chances, pinging in several long range efforts which were narrowly wide, or straight at the keeper. They hit the woodwork too. But Newlyn slowly got into the game, and started making their own openings. Finally, deadlock broken by Newlyn from a corner. So, 0-1 at HT. Newlyn started the second half well, and got their second goal of the game no more than 2 minutes after the restart. The rest of the half was fairly even, neither team creating a clear opening. Culdrose finally got their reward for their hard work, and made it 1-2 with 15 to go. There was also time for them to hit the bar from a 20 yard screamer, which bounced down on the line and out. A good battle, very well reffed, played in good spirits, and complete with an impeccably respected 2 minute silence. Lest We Forget.
  3. That sounds horrific. I would normally have been there for Newlyn, but I was unavailable for the game yesterday. I can only wish the poor fellow a speedy and complete recovery.
  4. Div 1 St Keverne (0) 1 -v- 0 (0) Newlyn Non Athletico Beautiful October sunshine, even perhaps a little warm to play football. But play we did, thanks to both teams agreeing to play with a “local ref”, and to the home team for providing him. Newlyn had the better of the first half, down the slope, pressuring without being clinical. Fair to say St K defended well, and created a couple of moments of excitement at the other end. But goalmouth action was rare. Much the same in the second half, although St K were the better team in this 45. Maybe it was “easier” kicking downhill? Deadlock broken with 20 mins left. Newlyn nearly hit straight back, but shot just wide with the keeper stationary. The game fizzled out to bring the home side 3 points. Many thanks to the man in the middle.
  5. Mangle

    Yet again no ref yet

    The problem is us. The people who love and play the “beautiful game”. It is losing its beauty. Certain people are cut-out to referee. There will always be referees. More people are cut-out to (want) to play. They key to this is hoping to deliver ex-players into becoming referees. Now there are many reasons why a very large percentage will not make this transition. But there is still enough left that should they make that step, we would have enough. But most will not. Why? Again, many reasons. Personally, and I speak from experience, I participate in being a “local ref” should we not have one, I don’t need the hassle. It is not a pleasurable experience. It is a task that has little appeal. You have to try to keep up with the game, arguably covering the pitch more than any single player. You need to make judgements every few seconds, literally, seconds, aiming to be fair, throughout an hour and a half, trying to fairly give free-kicks (or play advantage), throw-ins, goal-kicks, penalties, handballs, offsides, etc etc. Half the time, each side is looking for/expecting the decision in their favour. “OUR BALL!!” echoes around from both sets of players each time the ball goes over the touch line. 99% of players know whose throw it is, but still appeal. The constant moaning you have to take. And then there is the more sinister side, which I can say I have avoided (when reffing). But witnessing local football as I have done over many years, the aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour, accusations, threats, swearing. Who needs it. Players know, and I’m a player, that our game can degenerate into chaos. How many games recently have descended into non-events, teams not wanting to continue, refs abandoning the games and so on. Players, and non-playing club officials are ruining the game. Not enough referees? Look in the mirror chaps.
  6. Weather looks brutal this Saturday. We've got a weekend off, phew!
  7. PSC: Newlyn NA (3) 5 -v- 3 (2) Stithians First of all, big praise to both teams agreeing to play the game with an unofficial referee, especially to Stithians as Newlyn supplied him. This was a good game of football, played for the large part in good spirits. It is football after all. NNA went straight into a 2-0 lead after 5 minutes, with S hitting back with a couple of goals themselves to level it up. Newlyn had a penalty saved (expertly saved mind you, outstanding effort by the keeper), but took a lead into half time with a third goal. Second half, both teams basically cancelled each other out. Not too much goal-mouth action. A couple of good saves from the NNA keeper kept them in front, and they finally netted a fourth with 15 to go. Back came S to make it an exciting end, but NNA scored with seconds remaining to put a bot of gloss onto the victory, making it look a slightly easier victory than it was. Certainly evenly matched on the day, and NNA took their chances, whereas S were denied. The game will be repeated (at S) in the Junior Cup in 3 or 4 weeks, so not long for them to try to get their own back! Well done to both sets of players, who in the circumstances, deserve a lot of praise to get the game played. I see a few games called off today with no referee available, and its a shame that they cannot reach agreement in these circumstances.
  8. Mangle

    Eden Hazard

    Got to say that Hazard is the best right now. Class. I think the 2 x Silva’s at Man City are similar players, and just as good. But I’d go for Hazard over all other players right now.
  9. Are we 100% sure about that, or have you been on the prune juice again Mr Cornwall Hammer (fine win against Utd at the weekend by the way.....come on you irons!).
  10. A very even game. Perranwell got the scoring started, a bit of a cross/shot/speculative.......it's in the far corner! Newlyn hit back with a TC drilled finish from the edge of the box. Newlyn took a second half lead with a TP finish from all of 40 yards (he says it was a shot too). Newlyn looked like they would close out the game 2-1, but back came Perran with an equaliser, so we were looking at the ref wondering if it was extra time or pens. Then, Newlyn grabbed another with time running out, neat finish from AS. Surely the winner. Nope. Perran kept the belief, and pegged the game back again to 3-3 with nothing left in the 90. So, additional time, and with no goals at HT, we were now wondering about pens or replay. Then, up steps AP with 2 goals, to finally seal the win for Newlyn. Let me say that Perranwell are a very tidy side. No surprise to see them top of Division 3, two divisions lower than Newlyn. Surely a team on the up, and favourites for promotion. On another day, they could have snatched victory, but on chances created/missed, Newlyn probably edged it, but only just. A very good competitive game, excellently reffed, a pleasure to be involved in (even if it was just pegging the nets and running the line!).
  11. Yes you can. What an abysmal attitude.
  12. Yes, maybe, I have no idea. Just going by what Portreathlegend said, about the referee report stating Frogpool would not continue. This statement would indicate that the referee did not make the decision. He can't continue playing if only one team is on the pitch. BUT - is what was stated accurate/true?
  13. Looking on the Cornwall FA website, the "rules" for Match Abandonment are really about the decisions of the referee. The things he must consider for abandoning a match. In the above case, it appears that Illogan are suggesting that the referee was happy for the game to continue, whilst Frogpool were not. In that case, it cannot be a match abandonment as such, it must be considered a "mass walk-off". in other words, it was not the referees decision. There is nothing I can find on the Cornwall FA about that, and what happens in such a case. So I guess the Cornish FA will take a look at the facts, and make a decision about the "result", and if the game is awarded to Illogan, or replayed. Interesting......
  14. Mangle

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Hmmm, another win for The Gunners. However, lost to the 2 teams above us, and beat the teams in 17th, 18th and 19th, and yesterday, in 12th (where we were outplayed by them for long periods). A good sign that we can win whilst not playing really well, but still a little fragile. I think it will get better, there is no doubt Arsenal now have great quality, but the defence still has that look of vulnerability.
  15. Newlyn NA -v- Perranwell Res. Postponed to next Saturday.