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    NLS - Saturday 27 October 2018

    The league will always do what they can to protect all it's member clubs but those clubs individually need to respond in kind being fair in their dealings; we have spent over a decade going cap in hand, we have a reputation of not knowing the truth if it bit our backsides. the previous regime was known for changing their stance when confronted with a request for a more professional approach to their excuses and the current secrecy surrounding the club doesn't help matters - I can imagine league meetings "Any other business?" - Oh no not Truro City AGAIN. Surely the buck stops at Truro City's headquarters offices - now where could that be! - To criticise the league management is wholly unfair, those of us who are still supporting the club don't know what is going on so what chance have the league officials got understanding the complexes of Cornwall's best selling soap opera. No good looking at the official website that is so out of date the highlight is last seasons team photo of players who have mainly left for pastures new. Not even a warning to visiting supporters not to book accommodation because fixtures could be the subject to change. The Dartford match video highlighted P.M's brilliant master plan of importing the "Gulls" to make up for the lack of crowd noise.
  2. No one's that daft.
  3. Could the Q and A session be recorded on Facebook, then those of us unable to get there would be up to date Our forwards cannot hit the target, if they fell off a ship they wouldn't hit the water.
  4. Our wonderful away support on Saturday at Concord was NIL - There were 8 exiles, 3 from Bedworth, 2 from Luton, 2 from Sutton and myself from Wycombe. the main reason for this is that the club has never been interested in how the supporters get to games, those interested last week couldn't go there was no shared transport or drivers - I saw Mr Masters interview on you tube where he said Ben Geering was the only player he made money from transferring, that has been suggested many times as being £10,000, surely as that was part of club funds away travel for those in the far west could be subsidised so those interested could travel and hire the necessary transport. On Saturday my transport and ground admission (£7 concession) cost over £50 now with the results as they are I must be mad to continue my association with Truro City that stretches back 75 years.It was difficult shouting the team on when out numbered by the home crowd 234 to 8. I will be in Portugal when the meeting takes place, I hope it goes well and we enjoy the resulting answers.somehow I am not that convinced. Darren, Don't worry about the beer you never sample at Treyew Road, it will be it's usual excellent quality, they always get that right.

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Despite all that has been written I have never been comfortable with the Stadium for Cornwall set up, I am of the impression that Truro City Football Club will always be on the outside looking in, that the consortium if the truth were known do not want us. I would like to see Truro City Football Club securing their own land and if needs must start again using the materials/assets from Treyew Road, reading the following two articles has done nothing to excite me about what the future has in store with the proposed arrangements, having said that whenever possible I shall make the 400 mile return trip to Plainmoor, I don't want our football club to die after all, my initial memory of being at Treyew Road was 1943 - 75 years ago, that's longer than my first Wembley experience that only goes back 65 years. - WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US - PUBLISHED JUNE 2018. - - A stadium for Rugby also Truro and Penwith College - NO MENTION OF TRURO CITY FOOTBALL CLUB - No mention of Truro City Football Club's money http://www.stadia-magazine.com/news.php?NewsID=79009 http://www.sportsmanagement.co.uk/…/Cornwall-Truro-s…/323388] Have Truro City been shafted again? - TIME WILL TELL. I may be cynical but with Truro City Football Club out of the way where do their supporters go? - Not that long ago the Pirates were reported as saying they wanted to come to Truro because that's where businesses and it's future sponsorship lay, they were not bothered about running roughshod over City's sponsorship potential, so grab what they can be it business cash or disillusioned Football Club supporters through the turnstiles - I hope Mr Masters is wary of who the club may be getting into bed with.. Regrettably there could be trouble ahead.

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    I am of the opinion that if handled right there could be development grants available from the Football Association but that possibility has never been mentioned so maybe I am wrong HOWEVER why are Truro City the only ones on the receiving end of adverse comment? The CORNISH PIRATES and the other interested S4C parties appear to be pushing harder with their begging bowls - TRURO COLLEGE EXIST FROM THE RECEIPT OF GOVERNMENT CASH but that appears to be acceptable but it is run as a business encouraging students from OUTSIDE THE COUNTY. Who are Cornwall Community Stadium Ltd ? Who are HLL who are only putting £600,000 in the pot - They apparently will administer the S4C - TRURO CITY WOULD ONLY BE A TENANT possibly with all others having the lions share of what goes on. SILVER BOW should not have been cast aside, it was promised as the home of Truro City Football Club - TCFC are left without a pot to pee in. Many parties have told many lies - Even the PRIME MINISTER during his electioneering tour of the places he liked to enjoy this holidays.
  7. Yes shall be listening lets hope back to winning ways, then anything can happen in the playoffs #goingup

  8. Hello Dave, there are a few differences in your league table to the National League one Truro have played 34 first figures by our name and the last figure before the 0 is 57 the number of points we have, I know you strive for perfection so hope you don't mind me mentioning it privately.There are a few other clubs that need adjusting like Hemel.

    Hope you are almost fully recovered.




    1Ebbsfleet United3996413612212566313578-0

    2Maidstone United37121511352341049331673-0

    3Sutton United3688212422012470313972-0

    4Truro City349346931512753431057-0


    6Maidenhead United3710625311159136157454-0

    7Hemel Hempstead Town366668551411116154753-0

    8Concord Rangers37648946158146059153-0

    9Oxford City3768575613131165501552-0

    10Gosport Borough377567571410134747052-0


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