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  1. When attending Cornwall Technical College I played in their team, Dudley Wherry was our team captain and easily our best player an inspiration to us all, a leader I never forgot even though it was 70 years ago when I last saw him. R.I.P Dudley. Thanks for the memories.
  2. Hello Dustin, It is good to see you are still taking an interest in Truro City, I know we were relegated but the league we are in has many good established clubs, our new owners "The Cornish Pirates are doing the right things supporting the soccer side of things and it shows on the pitch, I attend what games I can but transport for me is a big problem this season, on Saturday we only play west of me 100 miles away but requires a lot of trains and buses topped off with the use of a taxi taking about 13 hours travelling and enjoying the day out.How time flies, it doesn't feel like 12 years + w
  3. Unless the Football Association and National League break their own rules Truro have to have the first option to remain should a vacant place become available, if for any reason Truro are unable to remain East Thurrock would be next in line for an offer... Truro needed a £50,000 bond when Mr Masters and Mr Perryman took over, although the situation with Gateshead is slightly different the principals remain to secure the interest of other member clubs. The organisation of the NL and FA do NOT make things up as they go along, I know that from past communications I have had with them, they
  4. Gateshead had 5 days to appeal, a decision will be made and released on 31 May, The league rules state that in the case of a team leaving or demoted the relegated team from both North and South divisions with the best PPG record will remain irrespective of location, in this instance Truro City offered the place and one of the northern most teams moved into from the south division to the north division. Have Truro City submitted a signed agreement to the league in time for today's last date to do so, showing we have a season long ground agreement in place? - I hope so if it is needed by e
  5. Final - Nail - Coffin = Truro City FC 7 years was long enough for the club to be reborn - But is wasn't. WHEN WILL THE TRUTH BE REVEALED ? - Who can we trust. Peed off.
  6. Maybe TOMORROW Truro City's plans will change and their place in the Conference South restored. Wednesday is the deadline for Gateshead, most if not all supporters fear their meeting with the National League will signal the end for them and the creation of a breakaway Gateshead club playing in the lower leagues. In those circumstances Aldershot would escape relegation and their NLS slot would under league rules have to be offered to Truro City being the club amongst the relegated teams with the best record, surely this offer if forthcoming will demonstrate the ambition of the new Tru
  7. What even though a young lad lost his life. If it happened once it could do so again.
  8. I may be a very old Truro City supporter but one of my big pleasures was watching Gerry Gazzard in his hay day but this must be devastating for even the most casual supporter, what the hardened fans think may not be printable - Like us City fans there must be years of misery ahead. I hope all turns out well in the end but think it will take time.
  9. Anything to do with the Pirates? Truro City need a home. As a part of local tribalism and knowing it's history how do supporters of both clubs feel. Will it be Penzhole or perhaps Mouseance. Maybe St Newlina if they don't give a fig.
  10. I understand it is not against the law to carry flares in public but it is to let them off - such incidents are being seen on a par with pitch invasions that carry a 10 year ban from all football, a sentence that has been acted on in Scotland's courts. Recently a young lady at a (I think Bristol City) game had her hair set on fire. Rayvon, as you and many of us know Truro;s Dunstable incident was manufactured in dubious circumstances, in this "New Era" I think we should set that aside and get on with encouraging all that is good at Truro City. This is the worst case I am aware of -
  11. Our Football Director lives in New Zealand.
  12. That's why we all liked him. He was. I bet Warnock would have signed him.
  13. I smiled with the reference to Marcus Martin (one of my favourites), back in the day it was difficult for Marcus to stay on the pitch, with today's outlook on what you cannot do I think Marcus would get a red card for lacing up his boots. I too despair about lack of bite in midfield when looking back we received so many yellow and red cards that caused our management pairing to get sacked.
  14. RAYVON - As a club Truro City should (if offered) accept it's earned reprieve from relegation, those teams you forecast as turning to mincemeat could see years of sorrow for Truro City lagging in the Southern League or below, maybe never again to sample National League football. Enough of your bravado defeatist talk. THE ONLY WAY IS UP. We must get rid of last years failure.
  15. I cannot entirely agree with you Richard because only 8 clubs scored more goals than Truro - on the other hand we had the worst defensive record in the league, there lay the problem. 50/50, some ok others questionable.
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