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  1. I don't know Rappo and living 400 miles away and only visiting Cornwall 5 times a year I'm unlikely to ever meet him . Having scored that many goals in a career ( not to be confused with an occupation ) at any level is a real achievment .A player with that ability playing in the 1960's and before would have attracted the attention of scouts from all over the country and possibly he would have played at a higher level . He also seems well respected by other players and regarded as a nice person ,which is a bonus . Personally I think its good that people like that can reminisce their life live on radio . Here in Norfolk , before BBC Radio Norfolk became trendy ,it used to be common to listen to ordinary , down to earth people speaking about their lives .To my mind its far more interesting than listening or watching a singer , actor etc etc being interviewed in order to promote a album , a film or a book ( I assume Rappo hasn't written a book or released an album !!!!!! ) Finally ,speaking as an old decrepid man who's had a very eventful and full life doing things that many would only dream about , one thing that Rappo must feel with a touch of sadness is that he scored all those goals and was a local hero but its now just memories and what he would give to do it all again .
  2. fenman

    ludgvan deducted points?

    Cornish teddy boy . In the words of Captain Mainwaring " I wondered who'd be the first to spot that ". Not many leagues automatically deduct points for this sort of thing without a management discussion .
  3. fenman

    Why the shortage?

    As a pathetic old man rapidly approaching 75 summers , there are many things in modern life that baffle me for example . Where in the statute books is there such a crime as a heist ? , how can Rap be remotely regarded as music , when did " absolutely " mean yes or no ? , why is everything " amazing " ? when was seeing , saying or feeling replaced by " like " ( it's grammatic nonsense ) . But the biggest mystery is this illusion that we are short of referees . Watch any game in the country and you will see 22 referees plus 3 other officials . On the sidelines there are numerous other referees . Go to Plymouth Argyles home games and there are several thousand people far better than the 3 officials on the pitch watching the game . Watch any of the multitudes of games on the television and there are at least 4 pundits who are better than the referee . On serious note I think one of the major reasons for the shortage of referees is the abuse problem . Who in their right mind wants to spend 90 minutes in order for people to play football only to suffer verbal abuse . Without wanting to be a pessimist I don't see the situation getting better . Since the education system became uninterested to a large degree in imposing discipline 20 or so years ago ., abusive behaviour and lack of respect has almost become the norm . Lack of parental discipline has assisted the decline ( I'm generalising here , apologies for that ) .Added to all that we have the wonders of modern life , social media , . A wonderful means of destroying English grammar , insulting people and generally ( in many cases ) broadcasting meaningless nonsense to the world . I accept that it is a useful means of keeping in contact with friends and family but there is a downside to it as well . Even forums permit people to throw out vile insults to people they don't even know ( this forum isn't one ) . As regards abuse of football officials and players , the FA are the major problem in allowing this . In the professional game the tail is wagging the dog ,. How can the FA not see that allowing players to argue with and abuse officials , surround them and wave imaginary cards at them is making the situation in all forms of the game worse . I'm sure that until the FA lead the way in clamping down on this behaviour the problem of referees deserting the game will continue . The respect campaign seemed to me to be a half hearted effort to improve the situation and doesn't seem to have any effect . One other thing that baffles me .... what is " pub football " . Do theses expert pundits who use the phrase realise that their own little world of professional football is only a fraction of the football played on Saturdays and Sundays ( and some midweek ) in this country ?. And that the phrase is an insult to the thousands of people who run these clubs and give up their time and money in order that other people can play football . ( and insult officials ) Moan ends , I can't even use the bad weather as an excuse to come on the forum and moan , as its a lovely sunny day here in Norfolk and I woke up this morning which is a great bonus .