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  1. Not terribly good but ? A bright young man enrols at a monastery .They lived on a principle of a months silence every other month and total abstinence and celibacy . After a few months the head monk realises the boys potential so gives him the job of indexing all the archives . During one of the speaking months he asks him how he is getting on with the job . The young man says that it is interesting , but queries some of the stories and beliefs saying that as it is all word of mouth have things been altered in the telling over the centuries . . The head monk sends him on the way with a flea in his ear , but over the next few weeks ponders on the subject . He finds all the original manuscripts that were written regarding humility , abstinence and celibacy and scrutinises them .. He emerges a few weeks later and during the next period of speaking is seen wandering around the cloisters muttering " oh the waste and sacrifice what have I done " The boy says to him " what is the matter father , why are you so distressed ?" He replies " the word is celebrate " .
  2. We will all have differing opinions on this , the younger ones will say that there is nothing wrong in players earning massive amounts of money . Most of the older among us , who by all accounts know very little about life , will have a different opinion . Many of us said that the obscenity of huge wages for a mere footballer , because lets face it all they are is a footballer , there's no logical reason that as a person he should earn more than the prime minister or a surgeon , couldn't carry on . Now through a bizarre set of circumstances people are realising the muddle the premiership and to a degree the championship are going to be in . Sky must foot the blame because they have effectively taken over British and European football and created a monster . As regards the point about someone earning £70,000 a week should be able to take a huge pay cut , I always remember a man who earned £5.000 a month about 25 years ago . He said it's not so much what you take home Fenman it's what you spend . The point being that many footballers aren't very bright so the majority of their money is effectively wasted on expensive cars , and lifestyle etc . If this lockdown carries on it might be the shake up that the game at the top level needs . One other point , the world seems obsessed with when football will start again the media seems to overlook other sports , many of those face severe financial problems . Digressing from football , take the sport I'm involved in , motorcycle racing . We compete at the level below B.S.B. so it's a relatively minor sport in most peoples eyes . The circuit owners are losing income through lack of venue hire ( £60,000 per weekend ) the race organisers are losing income , the tyre , fuel and ancillary suppliers are losing income , the local B and B's and hotels are losing income . Just an example Premier Inn take about 250 guests for a race weekend . The workers at the circuit , cleaners café staff and security are all laid off . And the world is worried about the football season not finishing !!. My example is a minute fraction of the loss of income and jobs in sport alone . Weather here dry and sunny , allotment could do with some rain now .
  3. This Chinese man was telling me that he had great pleasure clapping in the street on Thursday night . I thought " what a disgusting habit " .
  4. Had a weird dream last night , I dreamt that I'd died and was going to heaven , as I got to the pearly gates Malcolm Allison was in front of me , an angel came to the gate and said " who are you , and why do you think you should come through " Allison said " I'm Malcolm Allison I was a great football manager at Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur " the angel went away and returned 10 minutes later and said we've got no record of any good deeds done by you , can anyone verify your claim ?" On the other side of the gates was Gary Lineker , Allison said " there's Gary Lineker he'll vouch for me " the man said " who ?" Allison said "him over there eating the packet of crisps " The angel said " oh him , no that's God , he just thinks he's Gary Lineker "
  5. My apologies to you all if you think I'm name dropping but the story might amuse you . . I played football at a low level until I was 54 , on my own admission I wasn't very good but I was a trier . When I was about 53 'ish I was working at Sandringham on the Christmas visit when I bumped into the Queen , she would probably say that she bumped into me . However , the conversation was about a terrific hailstorm the previous afternoon , a Saturday . She said that the shoot had to be abandoned because the hail was so bad . She asked how we coped with it , I explained that I had been playing football and the game had to be abandoned and some players in other games suffered Hyperthermia and had to go to hospital . She took all this in and said " don't you think that you're a bit old to be playing soccer ? " My reply amused her and was a story at her dinner table that night . I said " probably ma'am but I have a big advantage over the other players " she said " what's that ?" I replied " I pick the team " " Yes I suppose that helps quite a bit " . One of the flunkeys as we called them asked me if it was me she was laughing about at dinner that evening . My team ,Happisburgh are probably the only village football team discussed in royal circles .
  6. I think your phrase " If a lad has a true love of the game " sums it up Keith . I think , from my experience of running a club , that many young lads have a different mind set to you , Rappo , Older and several others on here . To us , as I've said many times , the days between Saturday at 5.0'clock and Saturday at 2.30 were an utter waste of time to be filled in by trivial things like work , eating and sleeping . But things are different. now . People , generally speaking , have different priorities and sense of loyalty and I wonder if this enforced break will divert them away .In my final season running a team , before I grew up and realised that I was giving up my precious time ( at my age time is precious ) trying to put back what I'd taken out of football over 55 years , we were at the top of division one and in a cup semi final . On the day of the semi the captain and his mate called off because their girlfriends wanted to see the baby seals on the beach 3 miles away . Bear in mind that most league rules state that players in semi's or finals must have played at least 6 games for that team and you can see how I felt , trying to get a legal team out . Would you , Rappo or many others called off ? Cursing and swearing at the time , I thought of the shifts I'd had to juggle in order to play even at the age of 50 . On some occasions I'd juggled split shifts with people when I worked Royalty Protection and travelled 60 miles across the county , played the game then went back to finish the shift . I did it because I loved playing , as I'm sure you did . Being in the same profession you must have done the same Keith , but people are different now . Excuse for being on here is semi self isolation and getting out of the ironing , I've done the washing and I scrubbed the conservatory floors and window sills yesterday , a job I've been meaning to do for a year or two .The Mem Sahib is happy now , she can sit in a clean conservatory listening to Roy Orbison , Elvis , Billy Fury etc. on her stereo and wonder when we'll get back down to St. Mawgan .
  7. This is not my belief but a gloomy thought . Could it be that with the season written off that the future of grassroots football will be affected more than we think . What I mean is , with this long lay off there is a strong possibility that there will be many young players who lose interest in the game and find other things to do (?) and don't return to playing next season .
  8. Just a comment on this interesting subject , slightly different subject I know . Regarding your comment about frost Older , when I worked on the royal estate at Sandringham during my Police career , I noticed that during March on an early morning shift on the way in to work at first light that the fruit farm workers were spraying the blackcurrant bushes .Being a nosey ( I can't spell inquisitive ) bugger I asked the fruit farm foreman why they did this . He explained that they sprayed the emerging bud's with water to stop the frost , which rose with the sunlight , damaging them . The water spray froze rather than the buds ,. Relating to your article about drainage and grass preparation it proves that if you can be bothered to look at life you learn something every day .
  9. Actually Ieuan it's an illusion . The ground isn't as dry as the top surface appears , its still too wet underneath . Potatoes aren't too much of a problem though , as my son races motorcycles we acquire quite a few tyres during the season , stacked 4 high and filled with compost they soon become warm and I get an earlier crop than the one planted in the ground , plus they come up nice and clean . Refering back to olders drainage post , my son's are always fascinated by the types of earth and crushed molluscs that come up to the surface when boring a new well . That stuff has been under the ground for god knows how many years With no football to discuss we will soon have a section dedicated to drainage , gardening and DIY
  10. Regarding your point about surveys older , my sons are well borers ( I'm just boring ) and the company they work for has plans showing soil conditions and water table depths for East Anglia . As your posts have shown , in normal circumstance we tend to take water movement , drainage etc. for granted , but having to find solutions to drainage problems can be quite educational . Just to make you envious , we've had dry weather with drying winds up here since I came back from Cornwall , which was wet and windy all of the 10 days we were there , and the allotment is ready to be worked on . Unfortunately with this possible ban on older people having to keep indoors in isolation I might have to work on it at night with a hurricane lamp for lighting .
  11. Interesting proposition but a few rules would have to be temporarily suspended , the main one being players eligibility after transfers . For instance some players will have transferred to a club in the latter stages of the competition but have already played for another team who were eliminated during the proper season . In short cup tied .
  12. I'm glad you raised this Keith B , I've been accused of being a misery guts when I've said this . I agree with everything you say and would also add , when they've finished their clowning , how do they feel when the other team score 6 and beat them . Scoring one goal is only part of a match . It's all part of modern life hysteria , one of the many reasons that I don't watch Saturday night TV is the mass hysteria surrounding something quite trivial listening to the adverts for Saturday night TV I've often drawn the wagons into a circle because with all the whooping and screaming I keep thinking the Apaches are attacking .
  13. Apologies for appearing boring , but all this groundsman talk reminds me of the many stories surrounding Russell Allinson the legendary Norwich City groundsman in the 60's and 70's . In trhose days the players used to do maintenence work around the stadium during the season ( how times change !!!! ) such as painting the side rails and posts around the spectator area . To him the pitch area was sacred ground and only he and his son were allowed on there when there was no match on .Even the manager wasn't allowed on there and had to do any TV talks well off it . One of the players at the time Keith Robson was telling me that a group of them had finished some sweeping up on the terraces and were going back to the players changing entrance , no one was about they thought so they took a short cut across the pitch . They hadn't got far when Allinson's voice boomed out " get off my bloody pitch , you do enough damage prancing about there on Saturdays when I let you use it " . He was totally devoted to his job and took great pride in pitch condition and as soon as the match was over he would be out there ushering players off as soon as possible to avoid any more damage . When I used to have to do football duty at the ground all the officers were instructed no to encroach on Russell's playing area . Even the great Martin Peters was in awe of him during his time at Norwich . Of course we know that much of his abuse was light hearted and part jest but nevertheless he became a legend at Carrow ( pronounced Carrer ) Road and I bet that there aren't many groundsmen ( except Older ) who will be remembered like he is . I believe that when he died his ashes were scattered on the pitch . What he would have made of pop concerts being held on his pitch today God knows , more to the point what would he have made of the performers ?
  14. You would think that growing up in the Norfolk , Cambridgeshire , Lincolnshire corner of the Fens with it's myriad system of tidal rivers , drains , channels and ditches I would know everything about drainage . Like most people in that area I took it all for granted , but now I can see just how complex it all is and marvel that Dutch engineers centuries ago worked it all out .I only really looked into drainage systems when I was secretary , groundsman etc. etc . of a club on the East Coast of Norfolk in the 70's . During one season our pitch was constantly waterlogged , in spite of forking over . The pitch was only about 300 yards from the clifftops but was on the downward slope from the cliffs , as a result the water wouldn't drain upwards but was at the beginning of a complex drainage system that went towards the Broads and back to the sea further along the coast . This system is dependant on all of the ditches and channels being kept clean and well dredged . Our problem at that time was caused by one farmer some miles away letting his ditches become clogged and stopping the water from flowing and holding it all back toward our pitch . Once he had sorted it out the pitch rapidly dried and in spite of several heavy rainfalls over the years we had no more problems . A drainage expert explained it all too me , he said that it wasn't just a case of letting water away , if the water runs fast enough it will actually create a pulling effect on waterlogged land and make it drain quicker , but all of the waterway had to be clear with no obstruction . He said that we could fork the ground all we liked but if the water had nowhere to run it would stay there .This sort of problem doesn't arise so much in your area because of the ground structure and hilly ground which means water can run downhill , but here , being flat we have to rely on correctly built ie, sloping , drains and ditches and pumping stations to get the water away .
  15. Looks good , I watched the Greavesy documentary last week , your pitch looks a lot better than some of the pitches from the 60's .remember in the 70 's on our pitch right next to the North Sea , with all of the team out in the morning first thing armed with forks trying to help it drain , and the chairman ringing bags of sawdust for the goal mouth . Madness but happy memories , just to get a game on a Saturday . How things change , many players can't be bothered to turn up to play let alone fork a pith over at 8.o'clock in the morning .
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