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  1. Please don't have the impression that I think some people don't deserve awards . It's just that in my experience some awards , not just in football circles , don't really merit awards . One of my reasons is that I think it's insulting to the people who won't ever receive an award because of the reasons you highlight Dave , only a fraction of the numbers bother to vote . I'm probably being a bit hypocritical as I was probably like that as a young player . All I was interested in was playing , I didn't have a clue what went on in the background as regards running a club . My impression is that attending these awards it seems that there is a clique particularly in the youth league section that look after each other in nominations . Just to inject a bit of humour into my post , one of the awards last year went to a youth league secretary who had abolished all paper mail . Instead of sending an receiving hundreds of letters as correspondence , he did everything by electronic means . All very laudable , until you realised that he was a postman . Digressing slightly , harping back to when I was a youth in the 1960's and through to the 1970's when I became a club secretary , Norfolk was run by one man and a part time secretary from an office in a bungalow in Norwich and very efficient it was to . Today I think that this number has risen to about 30 in a plush office on a business park . How times change !!!!!! Having said that they are efficient today and always helpful to leagues and clubs , like everything in life if you approach them in the correct way ,
  2. As it's wet and windy up here , a new debate . Does anyone think that this could be the best season yet for the Premiership , in terms of teams being equal ?.. My own view is that with the demise of Manchester United , Arsenal and Tottenham and the fact that Chelsea have a young team lacking prima donnas 2 possibly 3 teams may be unlucky to be relegated . By that I mean that they won't stranded way adrift of the 4th from bottom placed club .. I think that the relegation battle could go to the last game . Liverpool will probably win the title , but could come unstuck yet through injuries and suspensions , and they don't look totally waterproof at the back at times .. The battle for European places could also be interesting with Leicester , Sheffield United , Wolves , Chelsea , Man City possibly Bournemouth all vying for a top 6 spot . I haven't seen a really poor team in any game that I've watched so far , even Watford don't seem really a bottom of the league side . Norwich will probably go down , they've got some talented youngsters but lack any experienced international standard players to guide them on the pitch . Also they are debt free and refuse to spend fortunes on players , which you can't blame them for from a business sense . Then you throw in teams like Crystal Palace , Everton , Newcastle perhaps ,Aston Villa on their day , they're all capable of beating the so called top 6 .
  3. I think you've misinterpreted what I meant regarding payment Older . What I meant was none of the players , who's fines had been paid or who had been carted round the county were decent enough to by the secretary a pint as a gesture of thanks .
  4. I still haven't seen much evidence to convince me that it's any good . As I said earlier , instead of moaning about the referee and their officials making mistakes , we are now moaning about the officials and the VAR operators . The other comment is , if it is incorporated permanently , how far down the structure will it go ? will it be used at Bodmin or St. Austell ? Logic would say no but then you end up with different interpretation or policing of rules at different levels . Cloughie and Shankley said that football was a simple game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It reminds me of the story when Rolls Royce took over the jet engine project from Sir Frank Whittle . Whittle said "its quite a simple concept " Lord Hive of Rolls Royce said " don't worry we'll soon make it complicated ".
  5. As we now have your rain up here in Norfolk and I'm stuck with nothing to do , a subject to debate . I recently went to an FA awards ceremony . Every year I go I say that this will be the last one but every year I get roped into going on behalf of my league . The reason I don't enjoy them is because I suffer from the " seeing the Emperor with no clothes on " syndrome , alternatively it could be that I'm just a misery . Every year you see the same group of people , particularly the youth league people scratching each others backs and nominating each other for awards . I could probably tolerate this grudgingly if , occasionally someone who really deserved an award got one . I know of people who have served a club for 30 to 40 years as a player then as a secretary . I've seen them trudging around a pitch in a bitterly cold wind coming straight down from the North Pole , marking a pitch out and hanging nets . I know that these people have paid players fines out of their own pockets and spent time and money transporting players to away games with any thanks or recompense .One secretary I know even has to buy his own beer in the clubroom afterwards , but he accepts it all seemingly cheerfully . The sad , one might almost say tragic , thing is that very , very rarely do these people get any sort of nomination for an FA award from the players or other members of their club when the nomination requests come out . I often feel for these people and wonder if they feel upset about it , perhaps they are but are too proud to comment on it . I have on occasion suggested to odd players that such a person might be pleased to be nominated but sadly nothing has become of . The other odd thing is that many people have never been awarded a long service medal for being with a club for 20 + years . I understand that the FA do not keep records of club officials time at clubs so rely on members of that club to suggest it . Strange post to put up but one for Older to read while the rain and wind howl across the South West , prior to the sunshine and warmth that will arrive in the middle of next week ready for my visit to see Plymouth play Bradford and the rest of the week in Mawgan Porth .
  6. I'm arranging a dry spell for Cornwall in the week ending 23rd November , I'm having a week at Mawgan Porth and a trip to see Plymouth play Bradford city in a VAR less game . .
  7. This Norfolk sunshine must have affected my brain , I'd posted this in the wrong subject . Firstly , will this " punishment " end up in the farcical situation that I mentioned in another post about Bratislava versus Wolves . Secondly I totally agree with you Way of the Park , I was going to post a similar thing .myself . This type of thing is just bubbling under the surface in this country , fuelled by anti , sorry ,social media and the general lack of respect for each other and lack of self discipline . I posted a few weeks ago about the abuse aimed at the officials and opposition at the Plymouth , Cheltenham game . This happens at almost every game at all levels , racist abuse is only one step above this . It's difficult to understand the mentality of someone who gets pleasure out of spending 90 mins just screaming abuse at someone else or posting vile comments about someone online . We see it on discussion forums in newspapers where certain individuals can't wait to put pen to paper to abuse police officers when any police related article appears in the newspaper . We all have opinions and dislikes but most of us keep them to ourselves or have a balanced discussion with others about a subject .
  8. More fiascos at the weekend , Doherty's shirt almost pulled off in the penalty area at Newcastle missed by both the referee and VAR , dodgy penalties at Norwich plus goalie moving before penalty kick taken . Crystal Palace game etc. etc. I don't seriously think that the FA will drop VAR in fact I think that they will bring in more complex cameras and take more excitement out of the game . One question that baffles me , when an offside is given because a players hand , arm or foot is a fraction offside when he receives the ball how does the system relate to when the ball is kicked , in fact how do the human officials do it ? To explain what I mean , Van Dyke has the ball deep in the Liverpool half , he plays a long ball forward , Salah senses that he will do this and starts his run the moment the ball is kicked , when he receives the ball he's 2 inches ( I refuse to go metric ) in an offside position . Invariably off side will be given although he wasn't offside when the ball was played . Is it best left to the referee and his or her assistants to decide in this situation ? or will we end up having video cameras covering all parts of the pitch leading to longer delays pending a decision .
  9. Having been a club secretary , manager plus everything else that's involved in running a club ( net putting up , pitch cutting , line marking , kit washing and so on, and so on ) and also a member of a league management committee , I can see both sides of the problem . From the league perspective you have to follow the rules and do what you think is right for other clubs and impose fines for calling games off even though you may have sympathy for the offending club . From the club point of view the money has to be found to pay the fines , its very , very rare for the players to contribute to the £50 call off fine . Several call offs soon mount to hundreds of pounds . The annoying thing about the situation , certainly as I found it , is that some of the reasons for a player calling off ( not all I hasten to add ) is a total lack of commitment to the club . Once upon a time the time between 5,00 o'clock on Saturday afternoon to 2.00 o'clock the following Saturday afternoon was a total waste of time . You had to fill the time by going to work , eating , sleeping and socialising until the most important thing in life KICK OFF .Sadly this is no longer the case for many players ," my sisters dog is ill so I have to be with her ", " I'm going Christmas shopping " ( in October ? ) and one of the most annoying , from the captain and star player , " my girlfriend wants to see the seals on the beach this afternoon "( the beach in question is a mile and a half away from the football pitch ) . As a result of several such call offs the secretary is faced with a problem more complex than B****T , does he call off with 9 players and pay the fine or does he risk attempting to play with 9 and the other players refusing to play without a full team ? . I think most secretaries take the situation regarding calling a game off as a personal defeat and do it reluctantly and then worry about finding the fine money . The players responsible aren't particularly concerned because someone else will find the money and find time to ring all the parties involved to tell them the game is off , BUT !!!!!! woe betide the manager if " he doesn't pick me next week because my mates won't play if I'm not playing " Apologies for a boring post , I don't have the excuse of bad weather to post on the best forum in football as the sun is bright here in Norfolk and my allotment needs digging over .
  10. I think this is a subject that will rage on all season . Personally I don't like it . There are some positive aspects to it obviously but I feel that some aspects spoil the game , my particular dislike is goals disallowed because a players hand or part of his leg are offside . You could argue that his foot or hand is in an offside position even if he , or she , is facing away from the goal . From a common sense point of view are they gaining an advantage ? . If they aren't why shouldn't the goal count ? . Is all this accuracy really necessary in a simple game . If it is then how far will technology in the future go ? More importantly what is the point , other than commercial purposes , for VAR being only used at the top level of football ? Effectively you will have 2 separate sets of rules , one for the top level one for the lower levels . I also find it amusing that for the past 100 or so years , more so since the television saturation of the professional game , people have argued and fell out over whether it was a deliberate foul or an offside goal . Technology was called for , we now have the same people falling out over the way the decision was interpreted by the VAR experts and / or the referee .
  11. As I've said many times on my posts , it's easy to be critical of organisations when you don't know all the facts . However sometimes you wonder how you can defend some decisions by FIFA . Wolves play a team in Eastern Europe next week Bratislava ? I think off the top of my head . This team have been fined and had sanctions imposed on them for several offences including racist chanting . For the Wolves game they must display a banner condemning racist behaviour and the no home fans are allowed into the game . However they can admit fans under the age of 14 years plus only 200 Wolves fans .A loophole allows an adult to accompany the child to the game .As a result they are expecting a capacity gate of 21000 . I often quote the Marx Brothers but even they would be hard pushed to come up with a script like this .
  12. I'd probably describe myself as eccentric more than mad . However the reason I posted this is that recently I was accosted in Norwich by one of these people . They were hi jacking a road planning exhibition . He bombarded me with what their demands were . When I managed to get a word in I asked him what would happen to motor sport , he said that they would seek to ban all sport involving the use of fossil fuels .Thinking about this it brought back memories of the early 60's when I first played village football . Very few people had cars then ( incredible to think that it was only 50 years ago when most of the population didn't have a car ) so football , cricket and darts teams had to hire a coach in order to play away fixtures . So a half serious thought developed as to what would happen to sports and hobbies like fishing if the use of personal transport is banned .
  13. Just a thought and I hope its not too political . If the Extinction people have their way it might at a stroke solve the referee shortage problem because the will be very few , if any , football teams left because the players won't be able to travel to games unless they live within cycling distance . As a result there will be a surplus of referees but they could only be able to do local games within cycling distance . Unless of course they live near a railway station or the local bus route takes them near a ground . Just thought in a moment of madness !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think and I'm sure Older and the 2 B's would agree , that all this problem surrounding officials decisions , cheating etc. has appeared to be getting worse is that it is magnified by television . Historically there must have been handballs , were they weren't they bookable , fouls , iffy handballs and so on . Until the mass saturation of football on television ( plus the awful reality shows !!!!!) there was very little football shown , plus the picture quality was not that good . And of course you only had Brian Moore or Jimmy Hill presenting it not the legions of pundits . Most people only saw live football at the ground and whatever happened you had to make your mind up at that moment because the event wouldn't be replayed so you couldn't have a second or third look at it .Today at most grounds there are screens showing you the incident again so you get another chance to see it .Coupled with the massive amounts of money involved this has led to more importance being put on wrong decisions .Premiership football is no longer about entertainment , it's all about winning unfortunately . Although I live in the wilds of Norfolk in the 60's I used to regularly go to London to watch Chelsea or Q.P.R. and don't think that there was so much emphasis on winning then , 0f course it was much better entertainment if your team got the win as well . I'll probably read this tomorrow and think " what a load of nonsense I've posted .
  15. I don't suggest that this idea wouldn't have faults , anymore than Darin probably does , but there must be a solution to the problems with offside which seems to blight the game and always has .Does a player with his back to the goal and with his heel in an offside position gain an advantage .? On a brighter note the rain has stopped up here and Wolves won so all's well with the world .
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