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  1. I don't think that everyone will agree with you Baldy .Many fans seem quite happy to accept the cheating , abuse of officials and all of the bad things about the game today . Money has undoubtbly ruined the game , it's no longer about entertainment its all about winning at any cost . Personally I think the pundits are partly to blame with comments like " he had to take him out and take one for the team " and so on .
  2. Yes Keith good win for Brentford , I hope they do well this season , they've skirted promotion from the Championship for a couple of seasons so they are obviously a decent team . Sorry to be negative BUT we've had the Olympics , cricket , cycling , rugby and my beloved motorsport all relatively sporting . Along comes the so called " beautiful game " and we are back to the snarling arguments with officials , riots in the streets because " we don't like the opposition " and homophobic chants at players as well as the normal foul language directed at the opposition and referee . Beautiful game ? what a load of nonsense , what is it about football at all levels that brings this about ?. Why can't the players ( at all levels ) obey the rules and why can't the fans respect each other and the officials ?
  3. Just a test piece as I seem unable to post a comment on Redruth damage . Still haven't seen many swallows and house martins Older . Spent last weekend in Lincolnshire Wolds and didn't see one when there are normally 100's
  4. I'm sure many , many people would like to post their true feelings on this but can't . This happens all over the country and it makes my blood boil , it's mob rule .
  5. It seems that the morons who racially abused the England players have stirred up a hornets nest in politics . My own view is that politicians should'nt have got involved in the mass hysteria surrounding the competition . They don't seem interested in supporting any other sport , obviously there's no vote catching opportunity in Rugby or the Tour de France . The Government with Labours backing are proposing banning anyone found guilty of on line abuse of a footballer from games . Harking back to my love of the Marx Brothers , this is the sort of film script that they would have had . The offence is so serious that we'll ban you from attending games .Is there any possibilty that these key board morons actually attend any games ? It's the equivalent of banning me from watching Love Island or Ant and Dec ( or most modern television come to that ) I don't watch them so it's not a great punishment . A worse punishment would be to make me watch them . And why will it be just racial abuse of footballers , do other people get abused on social media ? . I really can't believe how low law and order this nation has sunk , to consider banning them from matches is sufficient punishment . Rant over , still very very few swallows Older , it looks like they'll all be able to go back to Africa in a taxi instead of flocks of thousands .
  6. I know that this has nothing , or very little , to do with the subject of this post , but it shows the level of intelligence that this advanced country has sunk to , and why we've seen this disgusting behavior . An old sand and gravel pit up here in Norfolk has been converted into a country park , having been landscaped etc. Now as Older will tell you , sand and gravel pits are extremely dangerous places to swim in due to the tremendous variation in temperatures in the water which causes cramp . Over the last few years there have been a number of drownings caused by this problem . Last week a 20 year old was drowned there , his mother and Aunt are demanding that the park be closed . They were interviewed on local t.v. making their demands , the interviewer said that there were over 40 signs stating that swimming was not allowed due to the danger .Their response " well you can't expect young people to take notice of signs they're out to enjoy themselves " . With this sort of attitude is it any wonder that racial abuse and rioting over a football defeat is deemed acceptable ?.
  7. Well said Dave Bartlam , throughout the country players moan and carp in about " incompetent , useless , bent " league officials " . They don't seem to , or don't want to realise that A. leagues have to comply with rules set down by the F.A. B. all meetings are subject to minutes whereby all comments and decisions are recorded and are subject to scrutiny C . committees can make recommendations to the member clubs and give them the right to vote on those recommendations at the A.G.M as in the case for new clubs joining the league . D. sometimes committees may have to make decisions that they don't like on a personal basis but have to do it in order to keep that league in existence . Having said that players have every right to complain , there's a queue of people stretching from John o' Groats to Mawgan Porth just itching to get on league committees and replace those useless , incompetent , bent officials .
  8. Just one other thing that disgusts me following the game , I understand that most of the England players removed their medals straightaway . According to the experts this is "the American Way " , the runner up being the first loser . In my warped world it takes 2 teams to make a game one will win , one will lose . I've always been brought up to play the game and give your best and if you lose ( which I've done many times ) lose gracefully .In my latter years of running a team , this idea of refusing to take your medals if you lose in a final had crept in .
  9. I once played in a cup match in the Norwich Thursday league against a team run by the owner of Yarmouth Fun Fair . He had put together a team of top players including Martin Peters ( who had recently retired from the professional game ) , Phil Boyer and a player Robson ( Keith I think ) . I watched these players and wondered what made them better than me . Playing on the same pitch with them you found you were chasing fresh air most of the time . Bizarrley everything thing they did , like trapping and controlling the ball seemed in slow motion , hard to explain really .They seemed to create yards of space out of nothing . I realised why these top players were so good , they had everything , speed of control and thought . We lost the game but didn't disgrace ourselves , I think the score was 10 or 11 -1 Sorry to digress but speaking of the Norwich Thursday league ( sadly now gone ) I was in the holiday camp at St. Tudy a couple of years or so ago . I got chatting to the old boy on the reception desk , he recognised the Norfolk accent , it turns out that he played in that league when he lived in Norfolk and he would have played in the same division as that team . Small world at times .
  10. Phew , someone agrees with me .One other thing that was often quoted was that it united the country and gave " everyone " a feel good factor . Again whipped up hysteria by politicians and the media . With all the problems facing this nation , and they are serious problems , would a cup win solve them ?. It might hide the truth for a day or two but reality bites . I will always remember a man who drank heavily he told me that it helped him forget his problems . He suddenly gave up ( albeit with a struggle ) and told me , although the drink helped him forget his problems , when he sobered up the next day his credit card debts and all his other problems were still there . Gloomy bugger arn't I
  11. I probably won't be allowed back in Cornwall for saying this BUT ... I didn't want to see England win . Way of you've highlighted one of the reasons , so called fan's behaviour . Also all the mass hysteria surrounding the game , 50 years of hurt and all that rubbish , supermarkets pushing the alcohol sales implying that you have to have a few pints in order to watch the game , people who haven't watched a game or supported a team in their life festooning their cars , vans , houses etc with the highjacked Cross of St. George that they will throw on the floor when the game is over . What is it about a football match that raises such hysteria ? Why is only football where fans abuse national anthems , fight amongst them selves and the opposition . Why is it only football matches that require a huge Police presence because of fans behavior Why can't we accept defeat gracefully ? I can't recall such mass hysteria around the cricket and rugby World Cups .As for the social media abuse regarding the players who missed the penalties , well that sums up why I'm embarrassed sometimes to be English , and a member of the human race . Didn't watch the game Older , I was still looking for swallows !!!!!!
  12. Thanks Darren and Way of , I thought that I was only only person in the country who thought that most modern football commentators are awful . As I've bored people on this forum with many times I watch a lot of other sport and agree that some others commentators leave football commentators way behind . The Tour man on 4 , the Sky cricket commentators , hockey , boxing , speedway , British touring cars , F1 , etc. etc. way more informative about their sport . I know nobody else on here watches British Superbike on Eurosport but Jamie Witham has to rank as one of the most informative . Tremendous knowledge , explains the complexities of the bikes so that most people understand them and makes an effort to mention humorous insights into the riders and their lives with his Yorkshire wit .
  13. Thanks I was trying to get my old confused brain sorted out over whether he played for Plymouth and was local to the area or just played for Plymouth . Also confusing me was the ex. Spurs great Mabbut , was he a Devon/ Cornwall lad ?. Perhaps my brain is more concerned with where all the swallows and house martins are , hence my confusions . Still only seen 4 or 5 Older , very strange !!!!
  14. I see that Paul Mariner the ex Ipswich and England player has died . Was he a west country man or am I confusing Mariner with Plymouth's nickname ? Great player loved watching him at Ipswich .
  15. I believe their views were based on their personal lives and the feeling that all would be forgiven if England win . Bear in mind these men are all in theirs 50's plus and generally speaking have a different attitude to life than younger people . As regards my own personal feelings I think it's absurd that a footballer can be regarded as " a national hero " . I worked with an unassuming dapper polite little man who was a commando and landed in a glider behind enemy lines before D Day and help defend what is now called " Pegasus Bridge " from German Panzers . He later fought at Arnhem and was captured there . He was a hero .Another ex colleague was a Chindit and was parachuted behind enemy lines in Burma where they blew up train lines and Japanese supply dump s ( not to be confused with the TV programme " Supplies Supplies " he was a hero My father was in the 49th Division that , along with the Canadians and Poles liberated the Low Countries and then into Germany . To me he was a hero , not a footballer paid 10's of thousands of pounds a week to play a sport . Good luck to them if they win it but don't regard them as " heroes "
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