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  1. A boring fenman story but there is a point to it regarding betting , I think . In the late 90's just before I retired from the Police and had to get a proper job , a new radio system was introduced . Keith B you may remember it . This system was really advanced technology at the time . The control room had the facility to make the radio live even though it was turned off , they could also locate the radio and user to the nearest yard . Mobile phones were relatively new but some of us were issued with pagers , which seemed incredible devices at the time . I spent a time working on the South Coast attached to what my mother in law always called Customers and Exercise , the technical equipment they had was incredibly advanced . Working with us was what we in Norfolk would call " a clever bugger with electrics " but the rest of the world would call a boffin . He was responsible for the Customs devices . During conversations to relieve the boredom he said that one day in the near future the use of satellites and advanced microprocessors would mean that people could programme their vehicle to direct them to where they were going . They would be able through a much , much smaller mobile device send photo's . access all sorts of information and so on . They could sit in their lounge and order all of their shopping via this device and he said , sort of tongue in cheek ,the lazy ones will be able to order their beer and fags and put bets on with their bookie without moving from the settee . At the time , and bear in mind this was only 25 years ago a relatively miniscule time in the life of mankind , this seemed a bit far fetched .But he was right , it's all happened sat nav , on line shopping and so on The betting companies have latched onto this and I know of people who go to Norwich City games and put bets on the first booking or the first corner . Within a group fuelled with a couple of pints , a loss on the first booking leads to one more bet on the next goal scorer and so on .One of the problems is that the person putting the bet on loses track of how much he's spent during the game . Some of them much have a horrible cold feeling when they sober up a bit and see their card accounts In the Far East this is almost an epidemic
  2. Thanks Older , we've just got it . If football turns to a minority sport perhaps the BBC and Daily Mail might report on motorcycle racing a bit more . Wishful thinking
  3. No excuse for posting today as it's a bright sunny day here on Norfolk Broads . I'm a Daily Mail reader , I don't know why as they are anti motor sport for one thing and they are gradually slipping toward the low standard of the red tops . Pages of nonsense about celebrities etc. Sadly I've got very little options or choices to I have grin and bear it . However my post is about an article by Martin Samuel the chief sports writer in the paper today . He makes an interesting point about , not so much VAR but the Marx Brothers inspired handball rule . I've thought this myself but have never heard anyone else mention it . If a defender accidently touches the ball with his hand in his penalty area , then clears it up field to another player who then plays it into the opposition penalty area and a goal is scored ,VAR would rule out the goal because of the handball in the lead up . BUT under the present rule it wouldn't be a penalty . Very strange thinking behind that rule !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Keith B ,I know its a non football topic . I did 30 years in Norfolk , starting back in 1970 , and I totally agree with you . Life and people have changed tremendously in that time .Peoples values and dignity have gone , even the grammar has changed I was like , rather than I said . he was like 6 foot etc . How could you take a witness statement of someone speaking like that ? . I know that I wouldn't get in now , I've no qualifications other than a degree of stupidity . Even the men at the top have changed there's no family feeling anymore , possibly all jobs are like that , each man to himself . I'm going to the funeral of one of my old governors tomorrow . He wouldn't let me transfer to another division because I played football and cricket and he couldn't afford to lose any one who played sport , so he did a deal and promised me a beat within the division where the village had football and cricket teams if I withdrew my request . As it turned out he did me a huge favour which has changed my and my families lives . I owe a lot to the man , . 40 years on and sport no longer features in the police service which is a great pity . Apologies for straying off the subject of football Mr. Deacon , but I've just been sorting a complex league management problem out and its raining hard so I've nothing better to do than bore people with old stories .
  5. No Bruegel you didn't miss any thing , my keyboard went haywire .
  6. Couple of comments about VAR . Taking the Pukki Norwich incident as an example . If he was more than a foot offside he was probably offside when the ball was kicked . However when he is deemed to be less than an inch offside when he received the ball where was he in the split second from when the ball was kicked . Furthermore , when is it deemed that the ball is kicked ? is it when the foot strikes the ball or when the ball is set in motion by the kick ? . In either case it's very , very fine margins . Secondly , and I speak as a Wolves fan , equally it applies to any team in the top ten ( big 6 clubs , who ? ) . Again taking the Pukki disallowed goal as an example , if the goal had been given Norwich may well have won the game . As it was they drew with Spurs , so Spurs gained a point . As a result they overtook Wolves in the league , what I'm saying if it makes sense , is that not only does a dubious VAR decision affect the opposition it also has an effect on the scramble for top 5 places or relegation . Yes I know that this has always been the case with officials decisions being correct or otherwise but we now have a situation where the man in charge is no longer in charge and is overruled by a panel . Football is a human based game , players make mistakes and goals are scored , players make mistakes and goals are missed . Officials make mistakes but they are all on the pitch with all the atmosphere etc . not in a studio with banks of screens poring over an incident several times to make a decision and hoping it's the correct one . Thirdly ( here in Norfolk 3 is a couple ) Is it fair that VAR is only used in FA Cup games where the game is played at a Premier league ground ? Apologies Older I only used the Norwich , Spurs games as an example , I've nothing against Spurs having watched them in the Gilzean , Jennings Chivers era ,. I could equally used the Liverpool , Wolves games as example but it was too painful !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dino , by offensive I'm thinking in terms of " the referees a w ***** ", chants about the Munich air crash aimed at Manchester United fans and that type of thing . I think most people , with the exception of football supporters , would find that offensive . As regards " someone finds offensive " , this is difficult to define . I have known people who have been offended by the most ridiculous things , mainly because they lack any humour . I think , generally speaking , you're right about Britain being a very tolerant country and 10 people out of 50,000 is a small number . The question is why has it raised it's ugly head all of a sudden . Is it copycat from Eastern Europe ? or has always been there but is suddenly newsworthy ?
  8. I have a horrible feeling that we are going to see serious crowd trouble in the future if this farce carries on . Yesterday we had goals disallowed at Norwich and Brighton , Norwich fans are still seething because they possibly lost 2 valuable points , fortunately Brighton won anyway so that calmed things down a bit . . Today Liverpool scored with a goal that was disallowed by the referee only for it to be overruled by VAR . Wolves then had a goal disallowed because , as in the Norwich goal , the scorer was a fraction of an inch offside . Many fans can be volatile in certain situations if they sense an injustice . I accept that we all have different opinions on VAR , many say rules are rules and should be abided by , many are so biased toward their own team that they will see injustice in anything against their team . This farce continues and yet surrounding the referee , wrestling at corners , diving etc. is still not clamped down on . My opinion is that the authorities are sanitising the game by working to such minute measurements regarding offside and this will lead to serious crowd disorder . My thoughts may seem far fetched but we've already seen thing thrown onto the pitch in protest recently .
  9. Big Hairy Daves probably a Wolves fan , he gone up in my estimation .
  10. One thing that's very rarely mentioned regarding any sort of abuse at football is alcohol and drugs . How many people at a live game are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol ? . As a result their inner evils , shall we say , rise to the top . I know several people who go to Norwich City games who've had a few pints in the nearby pub before kick off ( excluding the players ) and then rush down to the bar 10 minutes before half time , obscuring peoples view on the way , for another couple before the second half . . Also , statistically I would have thought , there must be a number under the influence of recreational ( whatever that means ) stimulants . I may be wrong but I think that this is one of the main reasons for this abuse and with the state of society as mentioned in previous posts on the subject , this will be very hard to eradicate . It's no good the experts saying that the FA should pour money into solving the problem . It's only the FA's problem at football grounds because of the way society is today , you can't hold them responsible for that unless they drug and alcohol test every spectator . And then of course we run into human rights etc. No excuse for bad weather making me post on here today , the weather is bright and sunny , but the forum is more entertaining than the Christmas TV schedules !!!!!!!! Happy New Year .
  11. I listened to an interesting phone in on five live today . One person said ( I think I've said the same on this forum ) football is about the only sport where it is acceptable to sing offensive chants aimed at the opposition and the officials .Some people go a step further and think is acceptable to make racist remarks to players of other nationalities . WHY ? What sort of people are they ? The sad thing is that most of us think we are reasonable people and behave as such , but these people also think they are reasonable and think that they can justify their behaviour . As you said Cornish next season those players could be in your team . Unfortunately humans tend to copy each other , as an example most people no longer use I said , I saw , I did they now say I was like , which is absolute nonsense grammatically because you don't know what they did . Obviously some half witted celebrity started it so millions copied it . The danger with this racial abuse is that there are many people who will want to copy what went on in the Chelsea game . This may appear to be an extreme thing to say but there have been several instances of racial abuse in the past 3 weeks . One would be enough and with the coverage of it you would think it would stop.
  12. Following the recent events at Manchester City where a player posted a cartoon to a fellow player and was fined and the ex player who had to apologise for a twitter comment he posted about Liverpool fans , what goes through the mind of people to broadcast these things to the world . If you have an " in " joke with a close colleague why do you have to post it on social media for the world to see knowing full well ( if you got a brain ) that the content could be offensive to someone other than the recipient ? Is it an ego thing . I worked in an environment where colleagues would constantly rib each other with remarks that were a means of relieving tension and nobody took offense but these remarks were kept in house and no offence was taken . Nobody would dream of saying this in earshot of the public and they certainly wouldn't be posted on a media site , but in modern society it seems that you must let the world share it . Perhaps I'm ancient and was brought up in a generation of different standards and manners and that's why I struggle to understand modern life . As for the recent incidents of racial abuse , again I struggle to understand firstly how anyone could abuse anyone of a different colour , race , religion etc. and secondly so dim as to do it in front of cameras broadcasting to millions of people round the world . It really puts this country to shame .
  13. As your Cornish / Devon rain and gale force winds have spread across to here I've little to do but make more comments on this subject . Forgive me because it's not strictly football related . Coming up very shortly is the BBC Sports Personality ? award . Now this programme highlights my argument about awards . Some years ago , a British World motorcycle champion came in the top 5 as nominated by viewers , for some reason the BBC only mentioned the top 3 . Last year ( or was it the year before ? time flies when you're old ) another British motor cycle world champion Jonathan Rea won the world title for the 5th year running . He received a huge vote , particularly from Northern Ireland . As a result he finished runner up in the BBC award . I gather that the BBC sports people were not very happy that a minority sports person , particularly a motorcyclist , should feature in the results . As a result they , the BBC , have a panel set up to decide 6 people that they think should feature . The list is then published and viewers can vote from this list of 6 .Democratic or what ? . Or have I got this all wrong and only people who feature in sports that the BBC cover are eligible ? . On a football theme , can any give a reason why Sterling should be the only footballer included on the list ?
  14. Sadly , often these type of occurrences often fizzle out as regards punishment from my experience . Peoples recollections of what happened often conflict and the story becomes confused . As a result very little happens , unfortunately for some reason the home club is penalised for failing to control spectators which always seems unfair , particularly as this often happens on a council run pitch or similar public park where anyone not connected with either team has access . . Police action usually results in a caution or no further action . As regards Die Hards comments on stupidity .........Last night in the Bromley , Bristol Rovers cup game some moron threw a flare onto the pitch during the latter stages of the game . Unfortunately it is an artificial pitch and the plastic caught fire and a hole appeared . Play was held up while the grounds man had to find a suitable material to fill the hole in . Keith B , you obviously have same view as me about the overuse of the term " gentleman " I also struggle to know why my wife and I are refered to as " guys " .
  15. Please don't have the impression that I think some people don't deserve awards . It's just that in my experience some awards , not just in football circles , don't really merit awards . One of my reasons is that I think it's insulting to the people who won't ever receive an award because of the reasons you highlight Dave , only a fraction of the numbers bother to vote . I'm probably being a bit hypocritical as I was probably like that as a young player . All I was interested in was playing , I didn't have a clue what went on in the background as regards running a club . My impression is that attending these awards it seems that there is a clique particularly in the youth league section that look after each other in nominations . Just to inject a bit of humour into my post , one of the awards last year went to a youth league secretary who had abolished all paper mail . Instead of sending an receiving hundreds of letters as correspondence , he did everything by electronic means . All very laudable , until you realised that he was a postman . Digressing slightly , harping back to when I was a youth in the 1960's and through to the 1970's when I became a club secretary , Norfolk was run by one man and a part time secretary from an office in a bungalow in Norwich and very efficient it was to . Today I think that this number has risen to about 30 in a plush office on a business park . How times change !!!!!! Having said that they are efficient today and always helpful to leagues and clubs , like everything in life if you approach them in the correct way ,
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