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  1. Just a comment from a Wolves fan on the Leeds game on Friday . A pleasure to watch , not because Wolves won , albeit with a fortunate goal , but end to end and played in a good sporting spirit by both teams . People of the age group of myself , Older and Keith will always look back to the unpleasant days of Revie when Leeds were one of the top dogs . Hopefully Bielsa will help the memories of that unpleasant era disappear .
  2. I just wish British people would speak English and not the American version . Some interesting points on here . I agree that we are largely a tolerant nation but we have our faults . I think we are a long way ahead of some countries in this respect when you consider the situation in some Middle Eastern countries where pure hatred exists between tribes or divisions between the same nationality , and has done so for generations with no logic reason . There will always be a number of people who dislike or hate people of another colour or . Many highlight their ignorance by stati
  3. i had to turn down the offer of a job in a company that makes mirrors , I just couldn't see myself doing it . In line with their new rules on handball and offside F.I.F.A. have announced that all Champions League and Europa Cup games will be one legged and played on a neutral ground , no replay and away goals count double .
  4. Again VAR is in the news , this time from a Wolves supporters point of view it worked in our favour .. It's still difficult to understand the mind set of the rule makers , with these new rules on handball , offside etc. . As regards the comparison with cricket and rugby and a VAR system I think we have to take into consideration that football is a different game in that the players have very little discipline compared with the other 2 sports . Cricket and rugby are far more disciplined in accepting decisions , whereas the majority of footballers will argue about most decisions even when t
  5. Come on Keith , I expected a comment from you regarding Bruegel's comments that the Met . police Commissioner was as capable as her predecessors .
  6. I went to the Norwich Hospital today , in the car park was a notice , it said " thieves operate here " . I know they're short of surgeons but that's silly I know I'm getting old now , I went to antique auction and people started bidding on me . Some friends of mine held a joint Burns Night and Chinese New Year party . They called it the " Chinese Burns Night " I didn't want to go but they twisted my arm .
  7. Ah the days of the tele printer hesitantly printing out the latest scores and James Alexander Gordon reading out the results later , all on a tiny screen in black and white .
  8. I've started a new thread because I didn't want to stray from the women in football post , but my comments relate to some of the points raised in that post . Watching Wolves versus Leicester I noticed how the commentators justified the constant fouling of Adama Traore by saying it's the only way to stop him , take a booking for the team . This happens to other players in the league as well , where a promising attacking run is stopped by a cynical foul . It crossed my distorted brain during the game that the rule makers , who I constantly refer to the Marx Brothers ,( no insult to the M
  9. The book I was trying hard to remember , that talked about the internal wrangling within the referees organisation PGMOL is by Mark Halsey . Very interesting insight into the game from a referees perspective . its called Added time . I think Paul Merson wrote his and is was called " Addled Times "
  10. This is a very recent one from last week . Over the past few years I've become fairly friendly with a man over the allotment . We've helped each other out and swapped plants , equipment etc. Occasionally his son has been with him and we've discussed Norwich City's fortunes , the growing season , the sort of normal things that allotmenters do . The son , like his dad is a typical pleasant old boy , as we say in Norfolk . Las week the dad asked if he could borrow some of my " enviromesh " netting . We carried it over to his plot and I mentioned that I hadn't seen his son Olllie for a while .
  11. Bitterly cold wind and snow up here Older and Keith , I've done the hoovering and washed up , the Mem Sahib is watching her American programmes with their dreadful grammar so I've got an excuse to bore everyone with another post . You make an interesting point Keith about the lack of response to some subjects on this forum . I have hesitated to make the same observation myself but have felt that as an interloper so to speak , I shouldn't . Also having made my comments about peoples ego's and social media , any comments would be a bit hypocritical . However I do think that given how good
  12. The bizarre thing is it was all about a make believe game of football .
  13. One or two referees have mentioned in their biographies about the pressure from within the referees ruling body . Mentions of favouritism toward certain referees , that kind of thing Keith .
  14. Just to show that I'm not blinkered in my support of Wolves I thought that Luize 's red card last night along with the second Southampton sending off was harsh . The reasons that the sending off's was justified is straight from a Marx Brothers script . If a player accidently fouls a opposition player in the penalty area it's a red card and a penalty but if he deliberately takes him out it's a penalty and a yellow card . Did something get lost in translation ? Also the Southampton manager has now said that he doesn't want Mason or Dean involved with any more Southampton games . Will he be
  15. Well the magistrates certainly dealt with the Ian Wright abuser robustly and made an example of him .
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