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Every measurement in football is yards!!!

DARREN - I think you may have all the yardies at Liverpool.

1.7 Pitch Perimeter Barrier
Subject to the provisions detailed below, there must be a permanent fixed barrier ideally 1.1 m
high as measured from the spectator side, of sound construction (eg concrete and steel) and free
from all sharp edges, surrounding the pitch on all sides that may be occupied by spectators.
Existing barriers/rails not at 1.1m high may be acceptable, provided they meet the requirements
set out in 1.7 of the Appendix.
The barrier, if other than solid wall type of construction, may be infilled so that the ball cannot
pass through or under it. Plastic multi-purpose hi-vis fencing is not considered suitable for
There must be a minimum of 1.83 metres between the touchline, goal line and the pitch perimeter
barrier. NB for Grade A (The Football Conference National) a minimum of 2.25 metres is
A barrier need not be erected on any side not open to the public.
Immediately in front of an area of seated accommodation the boundary of the playing area may
be indicated by means other than a permanent fixed barrier provided the Club is able to provide
assurances that no spectator will be allowed to stand in this area to watch the match.
Where there is a walkway in front of a standing terrace which is itself fronted by a crush barrier
that has been subject to an annual risk assessment and, if necessary, tested, an alternative to a
fixed barrier (e.g. A-frames) may be used, provided no spectators are allowed to stand in this
area to watch the match. The Club must implement a safety management system to ensure this
and also to protect the integrity of the playing area.
NB where A-frames are utilised instead of a fixed barrier, they must be continuous.
(See also Appendix)
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Mountaineer's quoting from the FA regulations concerning Clubs who are part of the National League System and who wish to enter the FA Cup and/or Vase. 1.1 Metres is certainly the recommended height and would be acceptable for SWPL. At Combo/ECLP level and for Senior Cup, a rope and wooden posts are OK to identify where spectators may or may not stand.

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Could always do what Perranwell do and don't bother. :-)

Rope looks very tatty for a senior league I must say??! Next it will be acceptable to have no real dugouts......:/

miaow you pair put the claws away Perhaps will be improved pre season
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if rope is all you can afford it is better than nothing. trouble is Perranwell are not allowed to fence off their pitch because other people use the ground.no doubt the committee work hard to get everything together for two teams to play each week. Lots of people do not appreciate what goes on behind the scenes at football clubs and with fewer and fewer volunteers it is only getting harder and harder

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