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Guest Postie Pidge

DIV 3 - Stithians 2-0 Frogpool/Cusgarne (h/t 0-0)

Flattering scoreline but on the subject of the abuse of referee's, Stithians would have to hold their heads in shame at the RIGHT decision to disallow a goal for offside, despite the flag being up before the goal was scored.

Referee: Kevin James (Helston)

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Guest Damian Stevens

Mawnan 3 Fal Albion 0

0-0 half time , Albion quite happy with ten players behind the ball most the game .

scorers Ross Stevens, Adam Pryor and Gregg Renfree.

3 wins out of 3 .

No goals conceded .

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Big number9 it is not right to call the mawnan linesman " a cheat full stop" I also played with p jeffrey when we had the goal ruled out for offside. But I would like to think the linesman got it wrong rather than labeling him a cheat. we all make errors or we would not be playing at the standard we play.

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come on everyone if we are going to talk about a subject then at least lets be honest about it and cut out the nicey nicey pc crap.

most linos are fair but do make the odd mistake but there are some cheating b***ards out there who put their flag up the minute the ball is played through or as soon as the defence shout for offside

some but their flag up that often it is laughable

im not tarring all linos with the same brush but the cheats are out there.

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yeah your right 'the cat' it was played at st day, i think we have come to the end of our little run of fortune as we have porthleven rangers away in the cup and they seem a good side, fingers crossed we win.

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