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  1. Holmans 1 - 5 Rosudgeon
  2. Anita

    Managers, what do they know?

    Please forgive me Elephant. I should have checked every single spelling and grammar mistake before posting. If I had known this was going to be an English exam I might of taken a little more care..... or then again I might start tlkng lke ths n jst 4 the hell ov it.
  3. Anita

    Managers, what do they know?

    Everyone should take charge, from the player, to the manager (coaching staff) and the ref. The first time he collapsed he should not of been aloud back on the field of play. The player himself should of refused to go back on especially if its the first time his collapsed and it wasn't a 'normal' thing for him to do. The manager should of called an ambulance or found a volunteer to call one and get him checked over. The referee should of talked to the manager expressing concerns of the welfare of the player and insisted the player was looked at by someone with a bit more knowledge then someone whos spent 3 hours doing the FA first aid course. So to answer your question everyone is responsible for the welfare of the players. Including the player himself.
  4. Anita


    I referred them earlier this season and found them to be a lovely bunch of lads. Never had any problems with them.
  5. Have you got officials now???
  6. Anita

    Defibrillators at Cornish clubs

    Porthleven has one
  7. West cornwall res 0-5 Camborne school of mines
  8. Anita

    Why the shortage?

    I think the welcome is very important. A lot of clubs won't even acknowledge you when you arrive, and if they do its normally a mumble under their breaths. Almost a 'oh god not her/him again' feeling. Many times have i turned up for a game and not even known where the changing rooms are just to be pointed to a storage room or a dirty toilet by a player only after I've asked. A handshake and an afternoon ref here's the changing room if you need anything just shout. Takes seconds and means alot, it also helps relax a referee if they are feeling a bit nervous.
  9. Anita

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    Chris, I'm at work until 1, could maybe pop into chivey on lunch break ?
  10. St agnes 3rds 3 -2 st buryan res Credit where credit is due, the pitch was looking really good and had plenty of grass on it (rare for chivey) well done to chris wells and his long suffering partner.