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  1. Penryn 2-1 Lugvan A fairly even game with Penryn scoring the winner in the last 10 seconds. Nice to see a few old faces. Both teams conducted themselves well. Good to see/meet a few forum users, nice to put a face to names 😀
  2. St Ives Mariners 1-3 Ludgvan Reserves Would just like to say what a credit to the Trelawney League and Cornish football both teams were. A real pleasure to referee 🙂
  3. Hope this is allowd to be posted here. Some of the older members of the forum might remember coopsie. He was a regular on here. Writing poems about members (in a nice way), good for banter and starting random topics. His not a bad spud really. Anyhow, 9 months ago he had a very bad run of luck....... really, really bad luck. So some of his friends have set up a just giving page to help him get back on his feet when he finally gets out of hospital (also to help him get some real food while in hospital, hospital food has not improved) . Anything given will be appreciated by coops
  4. Took 2 men to get me down 😉 just landed funny, luckily I'm well padded 😁
  5. My lower backs still painful. Those pitches hurt a lot more then grass pitches 🤕
  6. Are you still looking???
  7. U16 girls team near st austell looking for a goal keeper.... nice club and ground. PM me for more information
  8. Just do your best, as long as you've a basic knowledge of the laws of the game I'm sure any team would be grateful for your help.
  9. Young? Lady? Why thank you sir, you should of introduced yourself, I would of brought you a hot chocolate 😊 I'm an actual referee, normally found floating around the lower trelawney leagues.
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