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  1. So foul language is not allowed, but threats of violence are ok??😂.
  2. http://stadium4cornwall.blogspot.com/2021/05/for-cornwall-from-dicky-evans-cornish.html
  3. It's all too do with money. Women's football does not generate enough revenue, to pay for the testing. That's why League 1 and 2 have decided to end the season. It will cost over £500,000 for the testing required, according to a lot of clubs.
  4. It was 2 0 to Truro. Truro controlled the game. Impressed with the number 3, he was up and down the pitch all game and put in a few decent crosses.
  5. See Truro are advertising tonight on Facebook. Bouncy castle etc for children and as already mentioned, free entry. Not watched Truro for years, but might take a wonder up tonight.
  6. Can't go by friendlies, they beat Plymouth and drew with Exeter. So taking that into account, they should walk the league. Did you say that then?? No, you probally were not commenting then lol
  7. Not all of them unfortunately. Some of the teens, thought they were in green Street and were looking for trouble.
  8. That they are still in a higher league than any other Cornish side?? That's why a lot of fans moan about Truro and say, they will play at Malpus etc. If they didn't care, they wouldn't be on here posting in the first place.
  9. That's not been the ruling at this level and higher for years.
  10. I'm not saying it's right, I don't agree with it myself. Don't think it's changed that much though! Like I said bad language was part of the game in the 80s, when I first started watching. What has changed is most children would prefer to stay at home on the iPad, than go to watch a football match etc. Ideally we shouldn't have bad language at football. But I wouldn't let that stop me, from taking my children. As long as you explain that they can't repeat the language etc before you go. Not sure why people are making out it's a new thing in today's society.
  11. Can't see many people not going, due to bad language. People hear bad language at every level, including when going to watch league football. Thousands still turn up, week in week out! It's not a new thing, it was like it in the 80s when I first starting watching.
  12. Just wonder how they are paying for a full time coach?
  13. If the retail park goes ahead, they have to build the ground don't they??? If that is the case, then if they have changed their mind, as it's no longer financial viable. If they are not building the retail park, then can't they sell the ground back to the club?? If not rent it to them anyway. If they are no longer building the retail park, I expect Truro will continue playing there next season.
  14. Hopefully they will advertise it soon. Been wanting to do one, but work every other weekend, so need notice to get the time off work.
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