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Combo Results and Table - 14th May 2012

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Can you post your results, goal scorers and attendances on this thread please or text me on 07597907549 with any details


Some points to note

Holmans last game of the season

A defeat for St Day will mean Illogan would need one point to win the league

Penryn v Fal Ath is warm-up for this Sunday's Supp Cup s-f

Gerens James needs 9 goals from last 2 games to beat combo scoring record (that I know of)

Cornwall Combination League

14th May 2012

Falmouth Town Reserves P-P Mullion

Newquay Reserves (Ollie Downing) 1-10 Ludgvan (Gerens James 5, Tom Patrick 3, Dan Magee 2)

Att - 42

Penryn Athletic Reserves P-P Falmouth Athletic (Now Wednesday 15/5/13)

RNAS Culdrose P-P Pendeen Rovers

St Agnes 0-3 Goonhavern Athletic (Marc Wilson, Craig Barclay, Ed Wilton)

Att - 35

St Ives Town (Jowan May, OG) 2-6 Holman SC (Luke Johnson 3, Craig Williams 2, Neil Pitt)

Att - 25

St Just P-P St Day

Wendron United A-A Perranwell

(after 25mins with Perranwell winning 2-0)


1 ILLOGAN RBL 34 27 3 4 108 39 69 84
2 LUDGVAN 37 26 2 9 140 62 78 80
3 ST DAY 35 25 3 7 137 57 80 78
4 PERRANWELL 34 23 4 7 91 40 51 73
5 PENDEEN ROVERS 34 21 7 6 92 48 44 73**
6 MULLION 36 17 6 13 96 87 9 57
7 ST IVES TOWN 34 15 11 8 80 60 20 56
8 PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES 33 17 3 13 72 69 3 54
9 GOONHAVERN ATHLETIC 35 16 5 14 72 58 14 53
10 ST JUST 33 16 4 13 73 65 8 52
11 ST AGNES 33 13 6 14 58 58 0 48**
12 WENDRON UNITED 34 13 7 14 63 61 2 46
13 RNAS CULDROSE 34 10 9 15 71 78 -7 39
14 FALMOUTH TOWN RESERVES 34 12 5 17 74 99 -25 38*
15 TROON 34 10 2 22 66 93 -27 32
16 FALMOUTH ATHLETIC 34 9 3 22 60 130 -70 30
17 PORTHLEVEN RESERVES 36 8 4 24 55 111 -56 28
18 HAYLE RESERVES 37 7 6 24 48 109 -61 27
19 NEWQUAY RESERVES 33 6 6 21 52 98 -46 21*
20 HOLMAN SC 38 5 4 29 51 137 -86 19

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St Agnes 0-3 Goonhavern

In quite possibly the worst conditions I have ever played in, we went in one up at half time thanks to a goal from Ed Wilton after some good work from Martin Bennetts. LEWIS WATERS then asked to be subbed off at half time because he was too cold closely followed by DAN CARNE who made the same request of the manager. Midway through the second half CHRIS STURGESS walked off the pitch because he was too cold which meant we played the game out with 10 men. By this time we were three up thanks to goals from Marc Wilson and Craig Barclay.

Well done to the ref and both sets of players for getting the game completed.

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St Ives 2-6 Holman Sports Club

Att 25

Ht 2-1

Holman Goalscorers

Luke Johnson x3

Craig Williams x2

Neil Pitt (65 Yard Bullet Header :) )

Well at least you cant say we've not gone out with a bit of style! Bolstered by the tropical weather meaning all the silly people who wear white on a Saturday (and Tuesday night) and stand motionless in a field for a few hours were available to travel to the saltings in what can only be described as 'biblical' weather meant we actually had a squad and not our usual 'total football' bare 11.....rolling subs anyone???

Due to the cold weather which is obviously normal for mid May someone gave me a couple of 'man up' pills before the warm up....I don't know where they got them from but it sounds like we may have nicked them out the Goonhavern dressing room when we were up there last week :) The saltings pitch was nice and firm and its usual flat Wembley like experience in the bottom corner....word of the day "undulating". Due to it being our last Combo game and my last match (apart from the odd cameo!).I had the skippers armband for the night....to be honest I would have got it eventually after 20min as guess who went off injured for the 38th game in a row??? With the wind, rain, sleet, snow like blizzard whipping straight across the pitch nobody was going to have an advantage so for the 1st half all 22 players had the sheer delight of collecting the ball from the rail track side where it had blown out of play whilst contending with 'joggers nipple' from a cold wet shirt!

We had been a bit crafty and used up our maximum of 2 'ginger quota' for the evening (its a bit like a fishing quota but allows a limited number of ginger people to intergrate into normal society) Chris Minns is strawberry blonde so doesn't count and Aaron's probably ginger too but he dyes his hair emo black and has gone AWOL again anyway which meant Jonno and eggy were thrown into the side....luckily the 5 goals they scored between them didn't make a huge difference on the outcome of the match!

We took the lead through Eggy on the 20th min who beat st Ives forum legend bentheyeti between the sticks but sadly it didn't last and Jowan May rather annoyingly equalised! One of the St Ives defender had a cunning plan to keep making his shin pads fall out all game and I swear he spent most of the game carrying one in his hand....this dastardly distraction tactic put me right off during a throw in....either that or I was just being a bit pathetically limp wristed and my throw went straight to Jowan who was wearing yellow and not Alex in green! Jowan punted it towards our goal and whilst Bobby heroically with no thought of his own safety or more specifically his reproductive organs lunged towards the goal he drove the ball into our net and his crotch into the post...ouch!!.....He's scored a few OG's this season a small grief giving session could be on the cards

HT 2-1

So behind but not out we ventured out for the 2nd half into quite pleasant conditions and quickly equalised through Jonno who then at 2-2 went on to miss 3 gift wrapped father Xmas specials to increase the lead....look I know I'm talking Xmas in may but have you looked out the window lately??? Luckily it was 4th time lucky and we went 2-3 up....could my last game end in a win surely not? And then Selley tried to ruin it by fouling someone outside the box and then pushing him into the area to make it a penalty!!!! The flying potato sack has not been the greatest at penalty saves this season 1 out of about 9 so the odds of the scores being level would have had Ray Winstone jumping for joy! 'Shinpads' stepped up to take it and to be fair it was a good effort but the svelte like Ben Minns launched himself reminiscent of a fat Gordon Banks (not Peter Shilton because he was proper crap at penalties...world cup 90!!) across the goal fully stretched like a horizontal truffle shuffle to save it....ace! :)

Then I scored and the world was a happy place :) it doesn't happen often to be honest playing with the boys from Blaythorne it doesn't happen much full stop. Trademark 'bullet' header 65 yards out....give or take 60 yards giving the yeti no chance And brought me round full circle after scoring on my adult debut for Illogan 2nds at 15 it was kinda nice to get a final one at 38! Eggy got his 2nd soon after and then 5min to go Jonno got a well deserved hat trick....you have to wonder if he hadn't been chasing after something egg shaped all winter what could have happened!!! Oh well we will never know

Full time score 2-6....don't think the bookies saw that coming and as we trudged off the pitch their may have been a bit of smoke drifting across the pitch making me a bit misty eyed! All the best to St Ives for the rest of the season and in particular Steve Lagor who does a great job down there. For the 2nd year in a row we are league winners.....for finishing all our fixtures first so that will keep John Roberts happy. Holmans now bow out after 9 years of combination football but I'm sure the lads will look forward to the challenge of the Trelawny Premier next year. So that's me for the match reports sorry this ended up being a bit of an 'epic' but thought I would put a bit of effort in.....plus I scored so obviously the whole world needs to know!!! :);):)

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Guest BenTheYeti

I blame the keeper..

First time I've had no urge to do a match report, purely because I knew that man above would produce such a stellar effort.

Although the score line brings no joy whatsoever, I am glad to have witnessed Mr Pitt's final game, and the £50 he gave me to let in his wonder goal will go towards some thermal underwear and 6ft wide gloves

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