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  1. Where is/was the Landrake pitch David as it is a tad hilly around the village?
  2. I think this game was televised,i remember watching the Dockyard Apprentices at Wembley.
  3. St.Mawgan,Gerrans and St.Mawes. Not sure about St.Breward,Polzeath,Pensilva,St.Merryn or St.Cleer. (either near sea or high ground).
  4. Weren't there a couple of teams who tried to resurrect footba;ll in the village in recent times? Bugle Orient comes to mind as one but not sure where they played their home matches.
  5. A very Happy New Year to football buddies wherever you are,whoever you support and in whatever role. 2020 has been a difficult and unprecedented year,let's all work together to beat this virus in 2021 so that our lives can get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible. Take care all.
  6. Announcement is tomorrow i think Asterix
  7. You could park pitchside last time i was there Mike. Sloping pitch,game played up and down the slope and quite exposed to the elements.
  8. If the vast majority of St.Blazey players live in Plymouth,why do they need an airbnb for an overnight stay in the city?
  9. Not at all Peggy,i did say "roughly".Young Tom lives,i think,Illogan way so it is a shade under 30 miles round trip.😊
  10. Driving all that way? Roughly 30 miles round trip Tom,nice afternoon out and friendly people down there. No,couldn't have watched the game from your car but a good view of the game from in front of the changing rooms where most spectators congregate.
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