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  1. I know mate its shocking, had a a few clubs while I found my feet after moving down here. Managed Godolphin to a fifth place finish and senior and league cup final, then played for and coached Godolphin reserves for 2 season wining a cup, league and another promotion. Came back and helped with bits and pieces after starting working down in Dorset during the week, so been at the G now for about 5 years now. Took the managers job again as no know else come forward to do it, but has proved to much as I still work in Dorset. But yeah I get what your saying I'll try harder neat time πŸ‘
  2. I've seen alot of people saying finish the season next season and shorten the 20/21 season, in theory it's a good idea, but there are alot of issues the main one being players, I know as a manger that next season I will lose 3-4 players if I'm lucky to work commitments, uni, and moving away from the area. These players were available for the duration of the current season and would have made a big difference to my squad. We roll this season into next season and I'm already down 3-4 players at best, to finish of a season that they are no longer available for. As a manager you always antici
  3. Crucial and controversial decisions Dave, still lots to play for in all leagues, and depending what end of the table you are depends how much an impact each decision has. It has to be said it is the right decision to cancel the season, at the end of the day it's just football, we all love the game, but the health and wellbeing of everyone involved and the wider football community is far more important.
  4. Not sure what you mean by "that lot" I'm sure you're not insinuating that because it's the Army all they players are ill disciplined or difficult on the pitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but yes Rob is captain of the Army side.
  5. Jesus, what's happened at the club mate, always seemed such a close bunch of players at the club, but only 21 left between 2 teams isn't sustainable. Hope you can turn round guys.
  6. Cheers for letting me know MQ, when I was treating him at the game I was hoping it wasn't going to be to serious. Hopefully Jack will be back in no time.
  7. Anyone from liskeard give an update on how the young lad is who injured his knee and went to hospital, during the Godolphin v Liskeard game.
  8. Blazey showing they are up for the fight down at the bottom with spirited displays against the G, Bodmin and Falmouth, unfortunately no points to show for the efforts. You have to think that against bottom half the table teams that they will pick up some points. Looking like the relegation battle will be between Blazey, Newquay an Withy, interesting season at both ends of the table already.
  9. Boscastle 1 v 4 Godolphin Res. Good win for the G in tricky conditions
  10. Not seen it mentioned on here, but pretty sure all clubs will if not already plan to conduct a minute's silence at games to remember young David Curnow young footballer and soldier taken from his friends and family this weekend. As a mark of respect Padstow United will hold a minute's silence and Wear black arm bands at our game this weekend, I hope all clubs will join us in paying their respects to young man taken far to early.
  11. I agree, excellent decision from the powers that be, I have a core of 16-17 very loyal players and my biggest headache if all are available is who to leave out, now I can name just about and use everyone, keeping all my players interested and involved. Big thumbs up from me. Zebedee we were informed that it was not rolling subs. Just 5 standard subs.
  12. This is a similar idea to the Wyvern league which is run in Dorset/Hampshire. The Wyvern is a full reserve team league which used to have a cap on age limits I think it was only 4 over 23's, but have changed over last few years since I've been down here. The league works well as all clubs have reserve sides which were pulled in from their respective leagues, it was/is highly competitive with its own cup competition. Creating another league in midweek aimed at under 21's only seems a bit to much as the club first and reserve sides then have to play on Saturday and fill swpl/jccl/ecpl fixtures,
  13. A sounds like it was a better of an opening fixture between Foxhole and St Mawgan
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