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  1. I've seen alot of people saying finish the season next season and shorten the 20/21 season, in theory it's a good idea, but there are alot of issues the main one being players, I know as a manger that next season I will lose 3-4 players if I'm lucky to work commitments, uni, and moving away from the area. These players were available for the duration of the current season and would have made a big difference to my squad. We roll this season into next season and I'm already down 3-4 players at best, to finish of a season that they are no longer available for. As a manager you always anticipate losing players at the END of a season for the same reasons and have time to recruit and replace, but losing players because the season has been cancelled the. Restarting at a time when I no longer have them available, just gripes at me a bit, especially when the club is not blessed with a huge budget to easily replace players. It's a complicated issue with an outcome that will not please everyone.
  2. Crucial and controversial decisions Dave, still lots to play for in all leagues, and depending what end of the table you are depends how much an impact each decision has. It has to be said it is the right decision to cancel the season, at the end of the day it's just football, we all love the game, but the health and wellbeing of everyone involved and the wider football community is far more important.
  3. Not sure what you mean by "that lot" I'm sure you're not insinuating that because it's the Army all they players are ill disciplined or difficult on the pitch 😂😂😂 but yes Rob is captain of the Army side.
  4. Great win for Everton

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