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  1. The Newquay voice are reporting that Craig Ainslie is to take over as first team manager. Good luck to Craig in his new role.
  2. I know mate its shocking, had a a few clubs while I found my feet after moving down here. Managed Godolphin to a fifth place finish and senior and league cup final, then played for and coached Godolphin reserves for 2 season wining a cup, league and another promotion. Came back and helped with bits and pieces after starting working down in Dorset during the week, so been at the G now for about 5 years now. Took the managers job again as no know else come forward to do it, but has proved to much as I still work in Dorset. But yeah I get what your saying I'll try harder neat time πŸ‘
  3. No the Midlands only has wolves, Vila and Leicester plus west brom, Birmingham, derby and forest who have all been there at some pointπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Take care mate, get well and I'll see you at Godolphin Way hopefully in the not to distant future. All the best from everyone at the G
  5. I've seen alot of people saying finish the season next season and shorten the 20/21 season, in theory it's a good idea, but there are alot of issues the main one being players, I know as a manger that next season I will lose 3-4 players if I'm lucky to work commitments, uni, and moving away from the area. These players were available for the duration of the current season and would have made a big difference to my squad. We roll this season into next season and I'm already down 3-4 players at best, to finish of a season that they are no longer available for. As a manager you always anticipate losing players at the END of a season for the same reasons and have time to recruit and replace, but losing players because the season has been cancelled the. Restarting at a time when I no longer have them available, just gripes at me a bit, especially when the club is not blessed with a huge budget to easily replace players. It's a complicated issue with an outcome that will not please everyone.
  6. Crucial and controversial decisions Dave, still lots to play for in all leagues, and depending what end of the table you are depends how much an impact each decision has. It has to be said it is the right decision to cancel the season, at the end of the day it's just football, we all love the game, but the health and wellbeing of everyone involved and the wider football community is far more important.
  7. Cheers Mate, we are improving and getting better each game, there's plenty of fight and effort in the squad it won't be long before we start winning again. Our No. 9 was Sam Blackwood who was excellent yesterday as were alot of the squad. My MOM went to our No.8 Ash Winkworth, but like I said I thought especially second half the lads were excellent. Blazey are a tough side especially with the forward line they have, although I presume Carl was just taking it easier in one of his old sides with that 3 or 4 yard miss at the end. Good luck to Blazey for the remainder of the season. Lastly brilliant comment from a Blazey support at the final whistle not celebrating the win but celebrating no yellow or red cards haha
  8. It's not just me mate, Paddy has been working hard with me to try get things turned around, as have everyone behind the scenes at the club. Saltash is never an easy game, but these are the teams you want to play against, the lads will give everything as they have in every game over the last few months. It's a long road but we are on the right path.
  9. 100% if you are up the G Saturday then pop over and say Hi buddy
  10. Jason have you not looked at St Newlyn East's squad? They look really strong and are my favourites to win it.
  11. The G don't need a recommendation, but you're getting one anyway haha. It's a great club, great people, training and facilities all there. This is a brilliant opportunity for the right person πŸ’™πŸ‘
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