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  1. I think that comment of not travelling 100 miles in midweek sort of somes up why clubs struggle Bazzer, some players expect money to play and then pick and choose when they want to play, but can't spare a thought for managers, coaches and volunteers who will travel 100 miles in midweek for nothing. It's no great secret the travelling to be done in the swpl or the fact there are midweek games, so why sign for a swpl club if you're not prepared to commit. I was there to help out a month or so go and 3 players just decided to not turn up with out letting the manager know. Not great times for the G and I'm hoping they can find away to turns things around.
  2. There will never be an easy solution to this problem, obviously I have some bias towards the G. It's a difficult time at the G with the firsts struggling a bit this always has a knock on to the reserve regardless what club you are. The G do manage to get a side out midweek mainly, from what I've seen, with players playing reserves on Tuesday and first Wednesday to get the fixture fulfilled and not to intentionally "strengthen" the side. Obviously this is not possible with both playing on a Saturday. I'm hoping the G can turn things around and get back on track. As for goal difference, fines etc I've seen this problem with out solution for the countless years I've been involved in local football. In the Bournemouth league it used to be a a fine and a 3-0 win awarded to the other team, which sort of kept all parties happy. I also feel the restructure of the league's has had a knock on effect with clubs maybe stepping up levels beyond their means or ability. Savo
  3. Not sure what you mean by "that lot" I'm sure you're not insinuating that because it's the Army all they players are ill disciplined or difficult on the pitch 😂😂😂 but yes Rob is captain of the Army side.
  4. Great win for Everton

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