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Tommy stepping down!

Dave Deacon

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Perfectly said Reno! Good luck Tom and all of us that are lucky enough to be a friend of yours know that whatever you do in life you'll be a success at. Congratulations on ten great years with the youth and good luck with your new position mate..............Legend x

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Well done Tom on all you have achieved with the county youth. A massive job, especially since the sad demise of the senior county team, nothing for the lads to aim for !!!

However, you have allways given it your all, as those who know you, know thats all you've ever done, whether playing or managing.

The CCFA will miss your dedication & the youth of cornish football will miss your ability, enthusiasm, knowledge & guidence.

I hope this will not mean we will not see you around the grounds any more mate, you will allways be welcome at Mullion FC.

Love to you & the family. X

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I've been pretty quiet on the forum of late but I would just like to say thanks to all of you for your best wishes.

It's been a fantastic 10 years and being entrusted with a group of impressionable and very talented players has been something I've been honoured to do. I hope that I've done them justice over my time and from the comments that I've had back from some of the players, it appears that they've enjoyed it as much as me.

I am well aware that the CCFA come in for a great deal of adverse comments but I can only say that during my time as manager I have never had less that 100% backing from all at the CCFA. David Bray has been a top class administrator and my thanks go especially to him and chairman Terry Richards and the county youth committee who have supported fully all the efforts we as coaches have made.

My grateful thanks also to others who have made it successful. Ronnie Barr, Ashley Tallon, two brilliant football men, Mike MacKenzie who always said "If I can't get you fit to play, you're already dead!"

More recently, James Ross, a really talented young coach who has a fantastic vision for young players and a passion for coaching. Pete Foxwell who has improved my knowledge and understanding of all things goalkeeping and a great guy to have around you, and of course Sam Boston who is simply the best physio I have ever been around at football and just gets it right in her approch and understanding of players requirements.

Finally the players. What a fantastic group of young men I have met in the last 10 years, many of whom will remain personal friends for the rest of my life. They have represented their county with pride and a magnificent attitude. They would have all walked behind the bus just to play for Cornwall and that underpinned the "Team Cornwall" attitude we had from day one.

Thanks to you all once again, I won't be leaving the game and hope to see all of you around in the future.

Best wishes to everyone for the future.


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