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It gives me great pleasure to announce that stage 2 of the Poltair Park regeneration has started and by January the 6th Poltair Park will have a brand new top of the range secuity fence around the perimeter of the ground. When finished and peppered with lots of new exciting sponsors on it Poltair will be half way there to our overall goal of a top South West Ground to be proud of.

What with our brand new mower new Supporter railings and in the not to distent future a clubhouse and stand to be proud off, iam sure the Lillywhites will be a force to reckoned with on and of the pitch.

A Big thankyou to all our sponsors and the tremendous work of the AfC St Austell commitee.

Sold all ready is 2 sides of the sucurity fence and awaiting conformation on the 3rd/4th.

Times are hard but hard work and determination pays off theres plenty of money still out there. So all teams who are struggling just dont take no for an answer football is a great advert.

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Well done Money Man. If you're who i think you are then your hard work in dragging in a phenomenal amount of sponsors and advertisers (with help from Coops etc) is much appreciated.

I'm sure St.Austell aren't the only club who suffer from vandalism etc. but being in the centre of town, near a public park and secondary school seems to add to the problems. It's soul destroying to spend time and money only to see things destroyed, grafitti, the stand being used as a youngsters drinking venue etc. This fencing should keep all but the most determined trouble makers out (not in Mr Justice!!!) and be the next step in the club's advance.

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Its sad that its got to the point where clubs have to have security fences. However, my club know only too well what it is like to be broken into, it can be heartbreaking when you spend so much time doing the ground up. The only way we were bale to stop it was to place at a substantial cost security around the doors and windows.

Despite the ammount of times it has happened you never catch them.

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Good news for all who have been lifelong supporters of the 'lillywhites'. :clapper:

Just need to get the old clubhouse sorted, no easy task in this day and age, but it can be done, just look at the facilities at Wendron.

The current Officers are doing the club proud. :thumbsup:

Oh, and St.Austell away to either Liskeard or Wendron in the next round of the Senior Cup. :c:

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Not according to the sponsors ascociated with the cub which stands at nearly 100 from high street names to small business. You obviously would find it hard to attract sponsors due to your obvious lack of respect for local football. All Local clubs depend hugely on outside support and your comments are not appreciated.

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I find it fascinating that almost everybody likes to get little 'digs' in against St.Austell! From little comments like "St.Awful" to larger comments from the likes of nemesis... I really would like to know what it is St.Austell as a club has done wrong.

Maybe its the fact that we went from the bottom of the league one season, to finishing 3rd and winning the senior cup the next? Maybe it's the fact that we have undoubtably got one of the best squads in Cornwall? Maybe its because we have in my eyes got the best changing room atmosphere, and the best bunch of lads outside of football in Cornwall? Maybe its because we have got one of the most dedicated and hard working comittee in Cornwall?

Admittadly there was the incident against Newquay that happened a few weeks ago, but this was through no fault of the club, and the club have dealt with the individuals. But clearly this can't be the only reason St.Austell seem to be either a love or hate team because this has been going on for over 2 years now. Nobody seemed to give St.Austell a hard time when they were bottom of the league...

Could one of you St.Austell 'haters' please explain your reasons?

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Guest Cappuccino

Sitting on the fence! A few points that have probably annoyed fair minded football people in the County - this was borne out when you read the numerous postings regarding the Newquay affair - that AFC St Austell were involved in the Callington fracas at the end of last season that caused a game to be abandoned. Then only months later the same club in trouble again and if my memory serves me correctly there was there was the Goonhavern affair three years ago.

Surely it cannot not all be coincidence that one club has figured in all three incidents - that is why I cannot think that AFC St Austell can be held up as a shining example of what is good in Cornish Football. They have never learnt from their mistakes and seem content to think they can ride roughshod over football.

The Committe are being lauded but they do have some responsibility for the behaviour of their players - it would be interesting to hear other views from fair minded football followers in the County.

Saying all that - well done for the improvements to the ground at Poltair Park.

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As a proud sponsor and former 2nd team player, i believe that this is a superb step for St Austell, and find it hilarious with the pathetic digs at the club. How many digs do St Austell fans or players make towards other clubs??

Yes, what happened a few weeks ago was unfortunate, Tough, deal with it, mistakes happen, thats life. St Austell arent the laughing stock everyone wants them to be, and neither are they a club with no class.

I feel proud to be a long time sponsor of a great club, and i can only hope resources aren't stretched, and people with business brains are keeping their finger on every detail.

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Indeed, recent memory does recall incidents v Callington and Newquay, same club and same player involved. In respect of the AFC change of name, it still seems a little on the iffy side and the removal of a manager who had taken the club from a nothing side to a cup winning one, still rankles.

What part of the above make the club a good advert for Cornish football ?

The Poltair ground needs drastic improvement. I for one hope that various footballing grants and private money can be found to give the club the chance to gain promotion in future years. Wadebridge have shown the way in ground redevelopment, it is now a nice place to watch football, although more seating in the main stand would have been better.

We have the very defensive people associated with the St Austell club blowing their own trumpets, perhaps after recent events, they should just quietly do the jobs required and announce improvements once finished. If they think that the footballing public of Cornwall have forgiven the club or forgotten what has happened, they are seriously mistaken. Coming onto a public forum just reignites the flames, go away, be quiet and let the football do the talking for a while, then perhaps one day you may be classed as a good advert for local football.

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You are know doubt grateful to earn your living by working in the town,so time to give some respect.

St.Austell as a town as very much on the up. The Eden Project has been a part since the early 90's we now a brand new town centre which is thriving and the new super holiday complex on the Pentewan Road which opens in February, and will no doubt bring extra cash flow into the town . We have much to look forward too, even though money is tight for everyone. :smiley20:

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St Austell......AKA.....St Awful.

Wether people on here like it or not, St Austell was refered to as St Awful for as many years as I can remember. Even years ago at school people would refer to it as that. It was all to do with the state of the town, lack of facilities etc. It had nothing to do with football.

So with with St Austell being St Blazeys local rivals its just a dig in a nice way. No hard feelings at all. As I wrote, it would be ideal to see St Austell with floodlights and back in the top SWPL. If I had nothing to watch, I would still go and watch the Town.

At the end of the day, the people of St Austell A.F.C will be more than pleased to see St Blazey win nothing, and struggle on. The day the people of St Austell dont want that is the day they follow St Blazey and not St Austell surly?

All the best. :thumbsup:

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It is nice to see that St Austell are improving their facilities, it is a long time since I have been to St Austell

The pitch used to be very bumpy & hilly, has anything been done to improve the pitch,

I know a long time ago there was talk about improving it,

I am still wondering what is going to happen to Falmouth Towns Bickland Park,

If you read this weeks Falmouth Packet there is a lot of talk about a new sports area at Falmouth School which would include a new ground for Falmouth Town,

I would suspect that this is a long way off as yet.

Hammers :c::thumbsup::c: :c:

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Leaner I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee !

When have you ever heard of local rivals being complimentary to each other. I actually found St.Awful funny. Surely it's all part of the banter between rival supporters. That's what happens on these forums.

10/10 Paul for keeping some humour on here :D

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I'm all for a bit of banter mate. But i think the constant insults towards st.austell go beyond banter. Without a doubt, no other club gets as much stick on this forum as St.Austell. Anyway, i guess things will never change. We'll keep winning games, and I will remain proud of the club I play for.

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Who dosnt get a bit of stick on here??

With everything thats happened with St Austell in recent months who can blame people for asking questions?

Look at things from an outsiders point of view....

St Austell A.F.C......

Going nowhere.

Bottom half of league year after year.

Clubhouse closed down.

Ground looking a shambles.


Along comes Rowett,

St Austell pick up good players.

Top 3 finish.

Win senior cup for first time in god nos how long.

(couldnt win a box of biscuits in a raffle let alone a cup!!)

St Austell hit top spot in SWPL west.


What ever was going on inside the club dosnt matter. An outsider will ask the questions. Then you have the Callington thing, the Newquay thing.

People will question things....human nature im afraid. :wacko:

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