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  1. No disrespects to the offer, But Falmouth town should not use a Truro city Coach which has Truro city written all over it, Town should Hire their own Coach as they have always done, & do not need to be beholden to Truro City, Again no disrespects to the Genuine Truro City Supporters, but If Falmouth take up the offer, Then SSS, will be spouting for ever more. Hammers
  2. Richard , February 27th could be a very cold , Wet or even a snowy evening, Very little shelter at the City ground , But With sumersetspur attending, once he opens his mouth it should warm up the air quite a bit!? HAMMERS
  3. Thank you mike, Sorry mountaineer, it was the second round of the FA trophy, But the ist round proper has stood for a long time now, so come on you other Cornish clubs, go one better, no record can stand for Ever, I see somersetspur is still talking the same old rubbish, still supporting the toothless Tigers who yesterday only drew with a team they confident of beating, Ha! Ha! Ha!, Hammers
  4. Sorry Mountaineer, you are wrong we were only talking about it on Saterday, Falmouth lost to OXford united in the second round of the FA cup 2-1. Hammers, :c:
  5. FA cup, Oh Dear so Truro city who according to the West Briton were favorites, to win, got beaten by a team a League below them, Always crow when you win, but hardly a whimper when you lose, Test Question for the wonderful City supporters, which is the only Cornish Club to have reached the Second round of the FA cup on more than one occasion ? Forgotten, this club may at the moment be having difficult times, but they will be back that I am sure of, Still don't know? , FALMOUTH TOWN OF COURSE, White Tigers, !! What a silly name, Now I know full well that Somersetspurs, & Theolderigetthebetteriwas, will delight in replying to this, because they both hate Falmouth Town, But I love a bit of friendly banter, it helps to keep me going in my old age, PS I was told yesterday, Liam Eddy left City because St Austell could afford to pay him more to play for them than Truro City. Hammers
  6. Somersetspur , only one comment City do need their own ground, but the present site planned for the club is a well known for flooding, So city could end up playing water polo ?!! So Watch this space, Have a nice summer, Hammers
  7. Somersetspur To start with Truro is a City not a Town, second, I moved to live in Truro City 42 yr's ago working for BT, But I am a Falmouth Man, & have Supported them from a teenager, & will continue to do so Until I leave this Planet, the only time I visited the city ground was When Truro was in the SW league, But to be Truthfull they were the best two teams in the County, very little to choose between the teams great games to watch. Hammers
  8. Somersetspur, You are the same old prat, I have never had any bad feelings towards Truro City, Only towards Keven Heaney who caused all of Truro's problems, & at the moment it seems that they are under good management, My question really, was Why leave the flood lights on for at lest 3 hrs after a match has finished? to me that is a waste of money, When there is no need to leave them on, It was my bad luck that a prat like you should Answer my question I was expecting maybe Dave deacon or the management of Truro city would give me the Answer, do us all a favour go back into your somerset hole, In reply to Ravon It was 11 15pm & I was upstairs in my Bedroom where I can overlook Truro City Ground, & I do not think I mentioned Light Polution!! Surely it just Economic sense to turn of the Flood lights once the Game has ended, & for theolderIgetthebetterIwas, at least unlike Truro Falmouth has a ground to sell. Hammers
  9. why is it that when Truro City lose a game, one has to wait to by the west Briton to find out the result but When you win the result is on the Forum almost before you can spell Truro City, I can see the football pitch from my Bedroom at Kestle Drive I would like someone to tell me Why do Truro always leave their Floodlights on for at least 3 Hours after the match has finished, are you now so flushed with money that you are quite happy to waste it & light up the whole of Treyew road ? Maybe you now have enough to buy back your Football Ground !!? Hammers
  10. So Steve Massey has done it again, We could have taken a safe bet that if things did not go the way he wanted he would leave Truro City Maybe now at last Truro city have learned not to trust Steve Massey ever again, Hammers
  11. John, You are quite right TOIGTBIW has always been a pain in the rear end maybe he believe that he is being very clever, he really thinks he's the greatest expert on football matters I do not know if he is married if yes Pity his poor wife having to listen to all the crap that he talks, if he is not married there must be a lot of very happy women out there who glad that they do not have to live with such a perfect man A with such a prat but John you are doing a great job at Falmouth well done Hammers
  12. Suzie, Yes good result for Falmouth, But on the Pitch Elburton were very Physical, typical of the way many of the Devon teams play, in my view they had at least 4/5 booked & were lucky not to have had a player sent off, I thought the officials were very good Which we do not see much these days, Falmouth are improving with each game, well done to John Dent & the Players,, Yours Hammers
  13. Moutaineer, Falmouth Town will never Ground share with Truro City, Wherever they may be playing in the Future, As for Mr Masters who recons that the Stadium for Cornwall is a step nearer, the Cornish Pirates who would be the main sports club to put money into a Stadium , have made it quite clear that Truro City would not now be considered as a partner to share the Stadium with them with them, Mr Heaney put paid to that idea, Hammers
  14. Somersetspur, I am sure that you will be delighted with what I am writing now, But I am not afraid to make comments about my own team Having just watched N Forest beat west ham 5/0 in the FAC, I have to say that in my view it is time for Big SAM Allydice to go, Why on earth pick a team with very little Experience to play against a team who are in line for promotion to the Premier League, they were Made to look like a none League team, If the Hammers are to avoid the drop they need to get rid of BIG SAM now, before it is to late, & while they are about it Caroll :SM_carton:as well $15 Million wasted, Not kicked a ball all season Hammers
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