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  1. Must point out that it did not rain continuously during the game just a couple of heavy showers , no problem for us 'pundits' 😀 under the shelter. St.Blazey need to curb their poor Disciplinary record, that's currently a running total of 4 reds and 30 yellows, gobbing off to the Match Officials will not win you many friends.
  3. Up Date. Middlesex 5 - 2 Berks & Bucks So only Devon remain from this season's South West Counties Under 18 bloc. They entertain Middlesex in Round 2. Date tba.
  4. Winners at home to Kingstonian in Round 2. Scheduled for Saturday 9th November.
  5. Good Days Indeed Tommy, different world today, you, Kev Rowett and James Ross had the best times.
  6. Yes Tommy the same 'County'.We had to journey around the M25 to Hornchurch FC. to play the fixture. Without checking for accuracy i believe we equalised late on the take the tie to E/T, i think tie finished 4 - 2 in of course our favour.
  7. Better performance from our neighbours. London County 2 - 6 Devon FA. Played today at Bromley FC.
  8. Thanks Tommy, good to get a reminder, i was just to start with pointing out the decrease in numbers of the Counties participation in the National County Competition. Hope the trend reverses in the next couple of seasons. Lets not forget that Cornwall has made the Final once and twice been beaten Semi Finalists,. Not bad for a so called small county.
  9. I am sure that lots of toddlers would love to have a kick-about with their Dads, but in this day and age a large percentage of Dads are working on a Saturday,
  10. Whilst the current number of participants entering the FA County Youth up has shown a downward trend the FA Youth Cup commenced this season with 364 Youth Under 18 Club sides taking part. With various exemptions until the first round proper after that the competition is numerically bolstered by the 'big (young) guns' entering the fray, the Liverpool and Man City youngsters etc etc.so numbers wise, no problem there. The FA County Youth Cup sees the ongoing 'tug of war' between club and county for release of the better players on a Saturday, and of course the same players are wanted by College and clubs alike during the week, A case can be made for 'burn out' but that is only part of the overall picture of the pressure these youngsters have to encounter who then loose interest in county rep football and stick with their club sides and a bit of pocket money on a Saturday afternoon. This may not be the case so much in Cornwall but certainly happens 'up country', hence the drop off of Counties in the National Competition.
  11. Dave as you realise every season throws up a new batch of players, a weak squad last season could well be turned on its head this season, Bedfordshire could well be a case in point, and the opposite could well apply in Gloucestershire. And a sobering reminder that this season sees only 28 Counties in competition, this is 6 down on last season and 10 down on the season before that. Having been involved in more seasons than i care to remember this must be the lowest numerically in a very long time, it could be the lowest in the history of the competition.
  12. Today, Sunday 20th October. FA County Youth Cup - Round 1. Gloucestershire 0 - 3 Bedfordshire.
  13. 220 mile trip there and back, in the FA County Youth Cup the FA insist you travel for a mid day kick off in order to return (within reason) before midnight.
  14. About time these irritating people were dispatched to Room 101. 👇
  15. Peter was fantastic company on away trips supporting the County U18's over the years. My sincere thoughts go to Anita, Mark and Nicholas at this sad time. Peter lived life to the full, and he has left me with wonderful memories of Friday night 'stop overs' that i will always treasure. RIP Peter, my very good friend and just a lovely person to know.
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