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  1. The Truro City Chairman Jack Richards made a statement in the Truro Voice dated 9th April on the reasons for slow progress at Langarth. Log on and read for yourself, not for me to comment on his reasons.
  2. My father played for St.Austell when they were in the P& D back in the late 1920's, got his medals.
  3. I have a couple of press cuttings harking back to the mid sixties these being League tables involving clubs in the Truro & District Sunday League. The T&DSL could well have been the first organised Sunday League in the County covering seasons 1965 to 1970, details on this league are very sketchy.
  4. Adam & Carl Nickson, Cornwall Youth Under 18's 1994/95. Like two peas in a pod, couldn't tell the difference.
  5. Well if I remember correctly, approaching from Liskeard , top of the hill turned left and somewhere along that road about 1/2 mile. Only played there the once, it was nothing special surface wise. Other times at Warfelton behind Kimberley, we are talking 50 years ago but we did play at Landrake in that particular season.
  6. The Mid Cornwall Sunday League standings as of Sunday 2nd January 1970. Riviera Coasters 12 played 23 points St.Minver 12 17 St.Austell YMCA 9 16 New Par 13 16 Fourways YC 13 15 Saltash Rovers 9 11 Pelynt/Polperro 13 10 Tintagel 11 9 Dobwalls 10 8 Callington 10 8 Fowey 12
  7. Mid Cornwall Sunday League 1969 - 1974 maybe a tad longer then folded.
  8. Just for the record...63 Club was based in St.Austell, located in North Street, behind the Market House. Can't say for sure where they played their home fixtures, anyone out there with the answer, maybe Par Running Track.
  9. Can anyone shed any light on just who played for the so called China Clay Aprentices X1. Would have thought the majority were registered for either Nanpean, Foxhole or St.Dennis, as a load of good players in the early 70's worked at Drinnick.
  10. Liked the hair styles and the flairs, reminded me of the time when I had hair. Seriously though you need to speak to someone at Torpoint Athletic, I can recall Phil Cardew telling me about the time the Dockyard Apprentices went to Wembley.
  11. Did a Scotchman invent the Jockstrap ?
  12. Alan, thanks for the correction, Bugle Orient were indeed a Duchy League Club for only 4 seasons, 1982 - 1985. League tables confirmation c/o Mike Newcombe's excellent 'Fifty Years of the Duchy League' .
  13. There was not a Club House until the 1980's ( at a guess ) certainly not when Coasters played there, a really sizeable building was erected opposite the grand stand, however vandalism and a serous fire put paid to the structure, a real shame and i don't think it was long after that that the Club folded, there was a Bugle Orient FC but they were a Sunday League side ? who did not last that long. Such a shame they were a good club with good people on the committee, when i played there, there was a high fence behind the goal as you drove into the ground that was there to stop the ball sailin
  14. Fond memories of Molinnis Park home of Bugle Fc. It's still there, just used for the annual Bugle Band Contest. Haven't looked in on what's left for quite a while, apart from a rectangle of scruffy grass not much else I would imagine, very sad demise. Riviera Coasters FC played their Duchy League fixtures there between 1974 and 1980, fond memories indeed. e
  15. Couldn't agree more, Merry Christmas everyone and stay safe.
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