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  1. Will be interesting to see how the new set up works. There could be a few dark horses out there this season, from what willy has said I’ve heard Carharrack have managed to turn things around and have some decent players, Pendeen have some of the old Penwith lads.
  2. Yes, a bit pointless saying they have signed if they are not going to be playing.
  3. £2000 might pay for the wages of a Helston Saturday fixture this season.
  4. Big Rumour Gavin Boon has moved from St Day to Perranporth.
  5. Lets just say the Combo had to fold by no fault of the own. Would the new Division be called Trelawny Combo and below that Trelawny Premier? The Trelawny Combo would still be a Step 8 league and play in the Senior Cup along side their ECPL counterparts? Also those in Combo currently have Level 5 County Refereess and are able to charge on the gate. Will those clubs now get shafted by being forced into the Trelawny League?
  6. I've heard rumours that ECPL committee members have been paid off with CCFA blazers if they agree to merge leagues. The've been told that if they dont agree there is not chance of being but on the CCFA committee. Prawn cocktail brigade.
  7. So teams have left the Combo to join a league which is basically still the combo plus a Trelawny League side. Will the winners take promotion to SWPL Premier?
  8. I can see a lot of teams moving up into the Combo League from Trelawny Premier. If the Combo has 15 teams so be it. Newquay Res moving across from ECPL.
  9. They could possibly do what Goodolphin Athletic (Newquay) FC have just done one SWPL P. Mousehole (Penzance) AFC
  10. So the St Piran West standard now will basically be Combo clubs that applied and Trelawny League sides.
  11. This could destroy Combo and ECPL. Having Trelawny and Duchy Sides in St Pirans league is a joke, makes a whole mockery over earning your place by merit.
  12. So it looks like Illogan, Perranporth and St Just decision to stay in the combination league was a wise choice after all.
  13. A bit too late now, the only way members can change that is at a AGM.
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