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  1. When has Stithians ever been the go to club? Excellent set up, thats debatable, pitch is like a cabbage patch
  2. That't the problem, a lot of players are now starting to establish themselves in sides and it's not easy finding players of SPL standard overnight.
  3. " Following several days of rumour and conjecture, I can confirm now that Porthleven AFC have informed the South West Peninsula League, in writing, that they are withdrawing from the Step 6 Premier West Division with immediate effect. We have, with deep regret, accepted the resignation although the club accept that a financial penalty will be imposed under standardised FA Rules. Porthleven AFC have been long standing members of the NLS having played in the old South Western League and then being founder members of the SW Peninsula in 2007. It is a very sad day for all football followers in the South West and our thoughts are with the current and past stalwarts that maintained NLS football over so many years at Gala Parc. Porthleven have reasons which are a matter of their internal club structures following resignations of club officers and managers, I am sure they as a club will issue their own statement shortly." https://www.swpleague.co.uk/blog-post/updates/
  4. Interesting debate. Can anyone from the match official community enlighten the forum on the effect sin bins have had on dissent in the lower leagues and if it has improved on pitch behaviour? Reading the above I wonder if it is worth the FA implementing sin bins higher up the steps.
  5. As many in the Cornish football community can see there is a severe shortage of match officials in the lower leagues. I believe one weekend this month there are no match officials available for the whole of the Trelawny League! I'm not suggesting the Peninsula League has been 'downgraded' but is it time the league started using clubs lines persons instead of appointed official linesperson's for fixtures?
  6. Well if it doesn’t meet the minimum pitch size the match official shouldn’t of played the game.
  7. The reality is St Pirans is now the Combo League and Combo League is now Trelawny Premier. Mawnan yes they have won the league but all these other sides coming in from other divisions is making the league look like a absolute joke.
  8. Where are FC Ciljah planning to play?
  9. Combo is now Trelawny Premier St Pirans League is now the Combo
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