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  1. The best thing the CCFA could do to alleviate the match official situation in the lower leagues is to get the SWPL to start using clubs linesman.
  2. Is this Morris in the shorts? http://www.aseasoninhelston.com/power-corruption-and-lies/
  3. Why were players still being offered money to play this weekend? What will happen to all those players that signed for Perranporth for cash?
  4. The St Pirans league is basically the old Combo League Tom. The question is will any of the teams step up to the SWPL?
  5. I hope those that moaned and said St Just lacked ambition are now happy!!!! You don’t know what you have got until you see it taken away.
  6. So teams have left the Combo to join a league which is basically still the combo plus a Trelawny League side. Will the winners take promotion to SWPL Premier?
  7. They could possibly do what Goodolphin Athletic (Newquay) FC have just done one SWPL P. Mousehole (Penzance) AFC
  8. This could destroy Combo and ECPL. Having Trelawny and Duchy Sides in St Pirans league is a joke, makes a whole mockery over earning your place by merit.
  9. So it looks like Illogan, Perranporth and St Just decision to stay in the combination league was a wise choice after all.
  10. As I have said in another post. A sensible decision by the Illogan RBL. They have had a taste before and can see what will happen. Personally I think there are quite a few clubs wanting to go up due to fear of losing their managers.
  11. Who were the Combo clubs that dropped their applications?
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