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  3. I agree both players would walk into the Truro team now maybe you could go back there Rocky you would do well in that side .Truro seem to be desperate for players maybe Glynn Hobbs should try there and they would get him in shape on his day hes unplayable i think hes a great player but not in the same league as my fav striker Adam Carter
  4. Maybe Tavis Josh Oak will go to Truro hes a lot better than Cory Harvey anyway ,i expect he will join his brother Tyler at Bath now
  5. We are challenging the insurance decision but it takes time to do and we need to start rebuilding in order to get playing this season!
  6. Dobwalls had a fire recently and to add insult ti injury the insurance company are not willing to pay the claim. The club will challenge this no doubt? The club are desperate to play at Lantoom park this season and are appealing for support from the community. Any plumbers,builders, electricians or anyone willing to contribute to the project please contact Peter or Lesley Mutton on 01579 320084 or any committee member.
  7. Nigel Dilley is a Top man ,He also sponsored Newquay by refurbishing their kitchen Well done in getting a sponsor so quick
  8. Fourlanes firsts playing in the Trelawny League Championship this season are looking for Friendlies on the following dates: Saturday 20/07 Tuesday 23/07 Saturday 27/07 Tuesday 30/07 Saturday 03/08 Can play home or away, any teams interested and refs that can officiate please contact Spencer Osborn on 07764 567030
  9. A lot of players will get their chance 2night when they play in a trial match for truro
  10. Well done Phil, not bad for an oldie! From someone whose even older. Yours in Sport
  11. Yesterday
  12. Have you considered involving a claims assessor to potentially challenge the decision taken by Insurers?
  13. Truro didn’t think I Rocky Neal was any good and look at how’ thats turned out . Cant make a judgement on 2 players just off a pre season game. I bet both the players your talking about would walk in the truro team now easily.
  14. I heard penryn are looking for a new manger. Mawnan have new management throughout, Falmouth 3rds looking to replace, ben Allen taking on Constantine for another 3 games, Terry jarvis returning to management. Pegs out
  15. Good advice...I'll be chasing that up...thanks.
  16. You can still use your pitch? Why don't you hire a portakabin for the time being and have you got a pub you can go back to.
  17. Desperate times at Dobwalls Football Club. The insurance company is declining to pay and it’s in dispute after the catastrophic fire. Anyone with a policy then please check your small print regarding PAT testing! We desperately need help. If you know anyone who can help- electric, plumbing, building, fundraising- then it is critical to football continuing at Dobwalls this coming season. The clock is ticking. Can’t stress how urgent this is. Please contact me if you can help.
  18. SWPL Press Release: Wednesday 26th June 2019 Subject: League Sponsorship We are delighted to announce that the title sponsorship of the league has been secured and that Kitchen Kit Ltd, based in Truro but covering the whole area, will be the new major sponsor. The league’s new working title will be the “KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA LEAGUE”. The league will be running two Step 6 Premier Divisions with 40 senior clubs representing towns from throughout Devon & Cornwall. Membership runs from Falmouth and Penzance right up to Honiton and Ilfracombe, with an SWP team in, or near, every major town & city throughout Devon & Cornwall. Kitchen Kit have agreed a five figure sponsorship deal for the current season with an agreed option to extend the sponsorship for an initial five years. The generous backing will allow the league to pay prize money to clubs in both Divisions with £9,500 being allocated to go directly to clubs who finish in the Top 4 of each Division together with a further 8 awards (4 in each Division) to those who top the Fair Play tables. Together with other sponsorships such as the Walter C Parson Cup, the total amount to be paid out will exceed £15,000. Managing Director of Kitchen Kit, Nigel Dilley, said “We are delighted to support local football across the South West and are looking forward to working with the league, to coin a phrase we are “cooking on gas” with the new sponsorship!” Company Secretary of the league, Philip Hiscox, stated “it is great to have a truly regional firm on board who share our passion for the South West and for promoting local sport, we look forward to a long and successful association with Kitchen Kit.” The league has now secured the majority of its sponsorship options with Kitchen Kit leading the way as the main title sponsors, Walter C Parson Funeral Directors continue to sponsor the league cup and Onesport, as official ball suppliers, taking the Ground & Programme Awards with the Golden Boot named in memorial to Colin Northmore. Only the FA Respect Award and the Best Referee Award remain, and any business looking to assist with either of these is asked to contact Company Secretary Philip Hiscox at phil@swpleague.co.uk or by calling 077888 97706. Kitchen Kit South West Peninsula League Premier East Division Champions £2000 Runners Up £1000 3rd Placed £500 4th Placed £250 Premier West Division Champions £2000 Runners Up £1000 3rd Placed £500 4th Placed £250 Walter C Parson Funeral Directors League Cup : Winners £1,500, Cup Runners Up £750, 2 x Losing Semi-Finalists £400 (£800), Plus £1,750 in travel subsidies for Away teams travelling more than 75 miles Rd Trip Kitchen Kit “Fair Play” Awards Premier Division East: Winners £300, Runners Up £250, 3rd Place £200, 4th Place £150 Premier Division West: Winners £300, Runners Up £250, 3rd Place £200, 4th Place 150 FA Respect Awards Premier East Winners £250, Runners Up £125 Premier West Winners £250, Runners Up £125 Plus, The Highest Marked Club Overall receives the “Sporting Trophy” Onesport will provide Awards for: Best Programme & Best Ground in Each Division (& Runners Up of each) The Colin Northmore Golden Boot Awards The highest scorer in each division will receive a trophy and two tickets to the end of season presentation evening. The Best Referee Award The highest marked referee (by club marks from a minimum of 10 games) will receive a trophy and two tickets to the end of season presentation evening. Visit the Official Website: www.swpleague.co.uk Follow Us On Twitter: @swpleague
  19. Cory Harvey,has refused to sign a contract extension,and said he is leaving Truro City.
  20. I’ve retired from Aggie 3rds (not that anyone knows me ) they are looking for someone to take over
  21. I saw Liam Eddy and Jack Crago play in pre season for Truro and they just werent good enough , i would like to see Adam Carter given a chance at Truro ,i will see what Truro are like next week when i go there to see them vs Exeter could be a struggle this season for Truro ,no ground team not strong enough no forward
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