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  1. Wasn't that Winston Churchills joke? Not sure who he said it to but it was someone famous. Any ideas?
  2. Best thread I have read on here for years! Keep up the good work all you groundsmen out there. Some of us fans do appreciate you and I suppose you do enjoy the challenge of it if you are honest. A big well done from me!
  3. All finals should be played on the "Wembley of the West" Bickland Park. There is no better ground for watching a match and retaining an atmosphere. Not very central but neither is Wembley!
  4. A few generalisations in there about "pop-up" clubs. I can only speak for Falmouth Community Youth when I say that they have some excellent coaches within their ranks, some of which are being encouraged to take the higher level coaching badges and at least one has managed at a higher level than most or all swpl coaches. As ever with Youth football it is very much dependent on the quality of the VOLUNTEER who gives up his time to run a team. They should all be applauded for doing so. At this particular club the coaches do much more than teach football. They try to take an active role in the emotional development of their players as well. Regarding why they were formed: They have been around for a long time in providing free football on a Saturday morning but over the last few years have organised themselves enough to start up some teams and entered them into the local leagues. They needed to do this because, of the local men's teams, only Wendron had a youth section. For instance, 2 only 7-a-side teams for U_10s in Falmouth/Wendron area a few years ago. At best offering football for 20 lads in the whole area! Without these "pop-up" clubs there would be minimal levels of youth football in the Falmouth area. Finally, Falmouth Community Youth FC are fostering links with Falmouth Town with a view to Town possibly providing a pathway into mens football after U_16s. Mutually beneficial in anyones eyes surely. Clubs such as this should be applauded for not only providing future players but also for getting children active and producing well-rounded young adults.
  5. Managed to catch the 2nd half of the Town v Penryn game. Town's chances ruined by double sending off early in the half. Pretty embarrassing antics from Mr Pope in the Penryn dug-out. I'd doubt Older or the other Penryn officials would have enjoyed that. Not setting a good example to the young fans or players. Not sure what was said or done to cause a reaction like that. For an ambitious young manager, he will have to reign that sort of behaviour in if he wants a job with a bigger club!
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