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  1. Or Falmouth considering how they have spanked Bodmin the last two games😁 There wasn't too many comments from Leeds about how "worried" he was about other clubs after those games!
  2. The Town Man


    it doesn't say it is mandatory but it does say there will be a penalty at the jurisdiction of the NLS if a club refuses promotion. Dependent on the penalty it might not be viable for a West Cornwall club to take it's place at step 6 if there is a chance they might win it! Especially as there is no mention of any help for geographically disadvantaged clubs from the FA.
  3. Thanks Big Al. Judging by your past predictions that should guarantee a Falmouth win!
  4. Hope you are wrong!! UP THE TOWN!!
  5. Brave prediction there! What do you think Big Al? (Please say Falmouth will lose)
  6. Does anyone have the attendance for yesterday's game? There was certainly lots of noise coming from behind the Torpoint goal and even some singing at one point! It was just like the old days. A great game to watch with lots of incidents and the Town keep rolling on. Big challenge next week away to Saltash. That should give everyone an idea of where the title may be heading this season. (Not forgetting Tavistock of course)