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  1. Could be an option now for Torpoint to come back into Peninsula League West? I think the league will need it to maintain the quality of football if they lose Helston and Saltash.
  2. They could always plough some money into Bickland Park for a few years until the Stadium for Cornwall happens (if ever!) Or if not, until it all collapses and they end up at Malpas! Hope for the original TCFC supporters that it doesn't all fall apart. I bet they are upset to hear rumours of going back to playing in Devon. Are the owners bothered about these supporters or the history of the club I wonder or is it all about the SFC?
  3. We know you are entitled to your opinion Big Al but would you mind arming yourself with a bit more knowledge of the subject matter before expressing it please? (Congratulations! You got a bite!)
  4. Just watched the game. Christchurch looked dangerous 1st half going forward with Town struggling to retain possession. 1-0 half-time a fair reflection although Tom Annear had an excellent chance after two minutes and the Christchurch keeper made a wonder safe halfway through. 2nd half and Town dominated the game but nothing would fall for them. Christchurch quite physical and street-wise with tactical fouls and massive time-wasting from the keeper. James Ward scored a trade-mark towering header with 10 to go and it was game-on. Disappointing rule about going straight to penal
  5. Just looking at the highlights, looks like Helston were a bit unlucky not to get something from this game. A few goalmouth scrambles and to be honest, a bit of poor finishing from the newbie forwards. I reckon Matty Buchan would have converted at least one of them. Did Matty or Liam Eddy even come on?
  6. Christchurch/Cribbs v. Falmouth/Bishops Cleeve. Falmouth knocked out by Christchurch last season! Tough game. Parkway home to Helston if Helston beat Fareham. Very tough game! Milbrook away to US Portsmouth or Brockenhurst if they best Bashley.
  7. Good day for Mousehole today with Saltash dropping points. Looks very tight at the top now in the league. Important for Falmouth Town to get a win at Wadebridge on Wednesday to stay in the race.
  8. Harry P is entitled to be fed up. He is one of the few of us who kept going to watch the Town play when we were struggling for many years. However, the club have become a victim of their own success. They have generated massive interest in the area to the point where they are challenging St Austell to be the best supported club in the league. Now with the lockdown restrictions, they find themselves unable to accommodate everyone safely. The club simply can't not host the away teams and their supporters and something has to give. As some children (not Harry's) find it difficult to social
  9. Well worth a read that! Quick history of Cornish football.
  10. Agreed. It is always good to play new teams in the vase. See you at Wembley.
  11. True. Interesting couple of weeks! Still winning though. And in normal time.
  12. Falmouth comfortably beat a Hellenic League side today with 10 men for most of the game, so you may like to hold your judgement until you get a bit more evidence Mr Rosenberg. Football fans are a fickle bunch!
  13. Could well be Le Boss! Fairly comfortable win for Falmouth even though they went down to 10 men about half-way through the 1st half. Interesting scenes at the end of the game when Helston's main striker, who was stood at the Packet end, was being wooed by the F-Troop. I think the chant was "Goldie, sign the forms!" To be fair, he would score a hat-ful with the service from our wide-men. Don't suppose Helston would be too happy though.
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