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  1. Sounds like the answer to the question should be: A: Do you decide not to volunteer any information given that it would be to the detriment of a fellow-Cornish Club? In other words, there is no need to go out of your way to pass on any hints to the opposition as all the evidence is out there in the ether. Not sure why anyone would bother to give the info over then.
  2. As a Town fan, it is noticeable that we create lots of chances but don't take enough of them. I would fancy us more with a Rappo in the team! Having said that, we do have the three leading goal scorers in the league!I Got to take your chances in these tight games though.
  3. Piran Films do an excellent job with their highlights. Very professionally put together. Can only assume that the editing is unbiased as not at the game. However, the commentary is far from unbiased. Watch the Oldland - Helston highlights again if you want proof. Have to say understandable though given that they cover them every week. They are bound to form an attachment at some point.
  4. Here is a scenario to ponder: You are a manager of a Cornish football team. You are faced with the opportunity to provide some intelligence on a fellow Cornish Team to a side from outside of the area ahead of a big FA Vase cup-tie. A: Do you decide not to volunteer any information given that it would be to the detriment of a fellow-Cornish Club? or B: Do you give this team the run-down on the fellow-Cornish clubs strengths and weaknesses? Discuss........
  5. Any more reports and results? The Helston result was a surprise given that Oldland Abbottonians play in the step below. Don't like this rule about penalties after 90 minutes. Absolutely no logic to it as the away team normally have travelled many miles and deserve the extra time to get a result, rather than the lottery of penalties.
  6. Falmouth Town 2. Bradford Town 1. Wow! What a game! Falmouth Town should have been out of sight by 10 minutes into the 2nd half after missing several excellent chances. What followed was classic cup football in front of a massive crowd of 570 apparently. As the kids don't pay and there were about 100 of them on the pitch at half time, the actual crowd was much bigger. Heady times for Falmouth. Back to the game and Falmouth went ahead from a Jack Bray-Evans header after a couple of minutes. Bradford gradually played their way into the game and the crowd could tell they were no pushovers. The rest of the half was fairly even with Bradford probably having the best of the general play but Town looking good on the break. Town scored their 2nd goal towards the end of the 1st half after the excellent Luke Barner was judged to have been brought down after tricky work from Luke Brabyn. 2-0 at half-time. The 2nd half started with a missed one on one from Brabyn. Bradford then started taking control with their #11 running at the Falmouth defence at every opportunity. Things started going wrong for the home team after about 10 minutes with a goalmouth scramble which resulted in a goal for Bradford. A scuffle ensued and the impressive Bradford #9 and, critica!ly, Kirk Davies being booked along with Falmouth keeper Ryan Barnes I believe. A few minutes later and the aforementioned Bradford #11 attacked down the left hand side. Kirk Davies made a tackle adjudged to have been late and he was off! Bradford stepped things up again and won a penalty with about 25 minutes to go. Cue Ryan Barnes with a game-saving stop to the delight of the F-Troop. Falmouth changed their shape and personnel with Alex Wharton and Scott Kellow on for Jack Bray-Evans and Tim Nixon. They then managed to control the next 15 minutes a little better. However, the last 10 minutes was all Bradford. Some amazing saves and clearances from Falmouth where James Ward, Toby Clarke and Andreas Calleja-Stayne were immense. An amazing game which Falmouth were in the end lucky to get through. Cup football at its best in front of another big home crowd. Let's hope for another home draw as this crowd really can be the difference in tight games like this. UP THE TOWN!!
  7. I bet that comment will inspire some loyalty amongst your supporters! You cant blame them for not wanting to travel, given the lack of thought given for them by your club when the decision was made to play in Devon!
  8. https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/sport/19640960.falmouth-town-manager-andrew-westgarth-250-milestone/?fbclid=IwAR2--IEcUlocVBGlYr9WNBQZvvbePO9ojtHxa-oikoKA-KINkv67RFaE_uU See above link to interview with Westy in the Falmouth Packet. Well done to Westy, not forgetting his excellent coach, Charlie Davis and the invaluable help from Westy Senior and James Miller. UP THE TOWN!!!
  9. It could be that Bodmin and St Blazey will have a lot of say in who wins the league this season. Both have probably dropped too many points to win it themselves, but as the players settle in and learn about each other, the teams will improve and be dangerous opposition to the likes of Liskeard and Falmouth. Falmouth haven't played Liskeard or Blazey yet so the opportunity to drop a few points is there. Still backing them to win it though!
  10. Considering they are owned by the Cornish Pirates, who tap in to the rich vein of Cornish nationalism as part of their marketing strategy, it is a bit of a surprise that they invested in a Devon football club. Imagine if The Pirates were seen to be investing in Plymouth Albion. How would that go down with the Cornish Pirates fans?
  11. Just like to say that I met one of the Callington stalwarts before the game with Falmouth a few weeks ago, and he was a really good bloke who just wanted Callington to survive. It probably doesn't help him or his colleagues cause to have all this negativity, so maybe we should lay off them a bit and see how they progress. Didn't it say on the Cornish Soccer podcast that Ryan Fice is now involved? He has been around Cornish Football for a long time so maybe he can help turn things around.
  12. Thanks for the invite but I would prefer to watch my local team, full of local players, playing great football in front of three times the size of the crowds Truro are getting at Bolitho. No rabbiting on either. Just showing a bit of sympathy for the genuine Truro fans who have been massively inconvenienced by the decisions made by the Truro City owners. Not sure how much money has been ploughed into Bolitho but I would have thought Bickland Park, Priory Park or even Penlee Park, over the road from the Pirates pitch would have welcomed the investment from their Cornish neighbours. A bit more travelling for the "Home" players though I must admit. By the way, Carnon Downs is not in Truro.
  13. It is a sad situation for a city the size of Truro to not have a local football team and, let's be honest, no realistic prospect of one in the near future as things stand. If I was a Truro fan of long-standing, I would be very upset with the turn of events over the past few years. Mind you they did win the FA Vase which was the Holy Grail of all Cornish clubs over the last 30 years.....but at what cost?
  14. Falmouth Town have announced the signing of Jack Bray-Evans from Newquay this morning. Also an article on the Packet website confirming this. Jack Bray-Evans signs for Falmouth Town from Newquay AFC | Falmouth Packet Looks like a quality addition to an already talented squad.
  15. Falmouth Town 5, Sticker 2. The scoreline did not represent the story of the game in this instance, as Sticker gave the league-leaders a fright in the 2nd half after drawing level at 2-2 with around 30 minutes remaining. Town opened the scoring within the 1st few minutes with Jack Bowyer "megging" the keeper cleverly. The 2nd Town goal came from a Broglino free kick which the otherwise excellent Sticker keeper fumbled into the net. The half finished at 2-0. Sticker came out firing in the 2nd half with their pacey front two. Within 15 minutes they had equalised and Falmouth were struggling to cope with their attacks. The really interesting part of the game was the resulting reaction from Falmouth. Throughout the game they didn't seem to play with any urgency and at times struggled to keep possession. However once their 100% record was threatened, the difference was clear for all to see. Jack Bowyer and Ollie Moody were removed to be replaced by Harry Clarke and James Ward and Luke Brabyn was moved back to centre-forward. Town swarmed all over Sticker and within a few minutes had taken the lead through a Harry Clarke strike from outside the box. Reserve team wide-man Reggie May came on for Tim Nixon and was then fouled in the box. The resulting penalty was scored by Brabyn to make it 4-2. The fifth goal was a header, again scored by Clarke after some clever interplay between Reggie May and Luke Brabyn down the right. In the end a flattering scoreline, but an impressive change in the tempo from Town when required, and further proof that having a strong squad is the key to their success. Sticker should do OK this season on this showing. They looked a young and talented side and if they can keep their players, they may be a force in future years. A nice bit of slapstick humour witnessed also, when Pikachu fell over the barriers after Falmouth's 4th goal and struggled to get back on the terraces, which added to the entertainment!
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