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  1. Think you need a new sat nav Panda, a trip over the bridge would add somewhere in the region of 10 x EXTRA miles on a journey, which could be shortened on the return journey using the ferry when timing is not so critical, don't forget to deduct the mileage taken when turning off down to the ferry
  2. Well done Sticker on your win at Godolphin, from what we have seen of your team, if you can keep them together they will be a force to be reckoned with, not that they aren't already.
  3. Well done £odmin on gaining 6 unexpected points, now only 14 points behind St Auste££ with a game in hand !!!! 👍
  4. Assuming that the game was played, is there likely to be any report on the match and its eventual outcome ?
  5. What a bitter stupid comment. I would be more worried about that crock of rubbish u follow Thought that was who he was talking about ?
  6. Yes we didn't think Sticker would let us down, if it's called off there, Noah will be on his way with the ark.
  7. Sorry a bit slow on the uptake there Because the inspection has been confirmed as 4pm, and just for the record, we are members of the public Al, and have always had a response from the C.C.F.A. when we have asked for one.
  8. There is so much miss information posted on here at times, simply because some people can't be bothered to go to those in charge of the situation and ask for the answer. Hence the phone number for the doubters, but good that an official reply has been forthcoming 👍
  9. 01208-269010 Pitch inspection at 4pm by referee, result of inspection will be on twitter as soon as it's known. Anyone in doubt about the validity of this post can verify the info by calling the number above.
  10. Checked with CCFA inspection not until this afternoon, our guess is that unless there is a monsoon it will be on
  11. Pitch Inspection this P.M. We were looking forward to this one, but will be suprised if Burngullow is deemed unplayable.
  12. Ah the good old urban myth, how many other myths do we unwittingly pay homage to in our national game, that are just that, a myth?
  13. Anyone got any opinions on the game, did anyone see it as a worthwhile exercise ?
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