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  1. Seems that Rappo is intent on carrying on his written assault on anyone who has an opinion that appears to different to his with his latest contribution being above. "We Two '' would indicate that two people are responsible for a forum published opinion, and the opinion that he was referring to was written by my wife. She has explained that it wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but it has attracted the comment above with pathetic, gobshite numpties, idiots, and troll thrown in on various posts for good measure. Although we were 50 miles away and therefore it seems didn't qualify to comment on various posts about the Penryn v Sticker match, it appears to be O.K. to chastise someone you have never met with unpleasant vitriol. This forum should be for people who have an interest in Cornwalls football, and not a means to exchange unpleasantries, whereas banter is always acceptable. In an attempt to put this paticular item to bed Rappo, and accept our differences so that others who appreciate your contributions can continue to do so, can we draw a line under this episode. and in the interest of local football move on with no hard feelings on both sides of the fence.
  2. We have always ( fairly we hope ) commented on various subjects and posts on this forum and will continue to do so without the need to resort to insults and name calling because of someone disagreeing with our views. We have no connection with refereeing in the slightest, but we do recognise their importance to the game and the effort they put in to allow 90 minutes of football to be played. If Rappo,s reaction to our original post is typical of the ex football fraternity, and opposing opinions are frowned upon, maybe it's not such a good idea for some retired footballers to take up the whistle after all. As already mentioned earlier, Rappo was never named in our post, he chose to believe that it was posted about his report, and reacted in the manner he did which was entirely uncalled for. Lets hope we can draw a line under this subject now and continue to enjoy the football in our county.
  3. What a shame that a post appears to be taken on a personal level rather than a general observation that had no intention of commenting on a particular individuals views. But if the cap fits as they say, don't blame others if you identify yourself with comments made, not a good idea !
  4. Oh dear Rappo, the only thing stated on our post that referred to you was your predicted 6-1 score to the home team, and we certainly didn't mention anyone by name. Sorry that you see criticisim of how the game is in general, as being directed at anyone, and in particular yourself, as others have also posted.
  5. Well said Older, for an unbiased comment from a Ryn supporter through and through.
  6. We were not at the Penryn match and can only comment on the reports of the match on the forum, some of which appear to be opinions tainted by who the poster supported rather than facts. Having beaten Sticker 8-1 a couple of weeks ago, Penryn may have thought that the game was theirs for the taking, ( fatal thinking ) but instead have to explain to their supporters why they lost. Yet again the ref comes in for a slating, even their fees are questioned forgetting that without them there would be no game played, unlike the fees received by some players whos moans about the refs performance is really only an attempt to cover their own mundane efforts. Unlike the experts who can identify every mistake made in a game, ( they should take up refereeing ) we must learn to accept that anyone can make a mistake, players included, and some you benefit from and some you don't, which in general evens out over a season. On the face of it, well done Sticker, it turns out that you were not the whipping boys you were expected to be as reflected in Saturdays prediction section where there was not one win predicted for Sticker, even a 6-1 loss predicted. We went to see Dobwalls play St Blazey, a team we thought would do well this season, well we all make mistakes 😜 🤾‍♂️
  7. Well done Sticker reserves, looks like there could be some promotions to your first team on the cards!
  8. Support and praise of your ability in any section of life is always welcomed by the recipient, whether it's on the football field or in the classroom, in fact in any area where it's warranted. It greatly loses it's strength of purpose to offer support / praise, when the recipient joins in with posts of self appraisal, trying to explain just how good they think they are.
  9. £60 if you ref in the S.W.P.L. or £40 if you are a linesman, not money anyone who chooses to do the job would want to lose through being downgraded with poor marks given by biased club personel. Looking forward to a new thread from you Older that doesen't involve referees, just keep it INTERESTING ? for a short period. 😜
  10. The point of referees administering the laws of the game, is explained in full above. Rev Trunks performance on the pitch was only possible because he used the laws of the game to impose his authority on the match he was officiating at. His religious beliefs may have influenced his administration of the game, but he was only able to use the rules of football. These same rules do in general still exist, it's just that they are not administered by some present day refs who,s performance is affected more in fear of the marking system, than it is of imposing the rules of the game. Referees are paid according to their level of ability which in turn is hugely affected by the marking system, would any of the people who advocate large sums of money being paid to some mediocre players, blame refs who want to maintain their income in the present system ??
  11. Perhaps banning detailed descriptions of a referees alledged failure to do his job well, ( especially by losing teams / supporters ) on this forum would be a substantial start. Refs should not be beyond criticism, but as stated before, much criticisim, or lack of it, is sadly coloured by the result of the match.
  12. The marking of referees system is at considerable fault for inconsistent refereeing because of marks awarded by clubs whose marks awarded are heavilly influenced by the result rather than the referees performance. We regularly read reports by supporters on the forum whose team has lost, that the ref was poor and the loss was down to him. ( following the players theme ). Whilst accepting that that the refs performance is bound to affect a match as he is involved in the whole 90 minutes of a game, consistent poor marks are followed by the ref being assessed. Abandon the club marking system and rely on the report of an anonymous assessor or indecisive refereeing will continue.
  13. There are good and bad players and like good and bad referees they can have a definitive effect on the quality and enjoyment of a football match. The difference is that referees are regularly held accountable for poor performances, by players who see it as a way of deflecting criticism of their own poor contribution during a match. The telling confirmation of this fact is borne out by the lack of perfect players who never put a foot wrong, but are seldom willing to put something back in to the game at the end of their playing career, by exhibiting their talent of perfection as a referee. Having been involved in various levels of football, the ref who is perfect in the eyes of both teams has yet to come in to focus. In the end the sobering thought that needs to be considered is, no ref, no game, no good !!
  14. If the team you support loses, invariably the referee will have put in a poor performance and will be mostly be to blame for the loss. Some players will walk away and actually believe that it was the refs fault, and that their performance was exemplary and was in no way to blame. Thats life unfortunately Keith B, from politicians down it's called "pass the buck''
  15. With the amount of goals they are conceding, Sticker appear to have a rather nasty defensive problem. Scoring does matter, and it's an area they seem to have a reasonable success in, but they need to plug the holes in their defensive system.
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