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  1. What a fantastic gesture by both the SWPL sponsors and of course Mr Hiscox and his committee who administer the SWPL, congratulations to all of you. How lucky we are to belong to such a forward thinking group. Perhaps there's a message there for the F.A. to take note of.
  2. No need to identify individuals, just that we have invested in our community will do to show the doubters that we do care. Only seen one club come up trumps, and we all know who that is. It proves the point really that that the reaction they received was popular in the local area and beyond and other clubs would benefit from just making it known that they care about what happens in their community. At the end of the day it was just a suggestion that an opportunity existed that would benefit the perceived nature of football communities in general by some who wrongly see us as a problem rather than an assett..
  3. The way we see things is that a positive attitude will always come to the top eventually. There are plenty of cynics in this world who will assume that because you haven't told them what's happening they will assume that nothing is happening, and a golden opportunity to show the good side of the game we all love will have been missed. Nobody wants someone coming on here bragging we did this and that and they did nothing, that's not the idea at all, just let people know that we are not the insular uncaring fraternity of people that some see us as.
  4. Why not? surely that would be a way of creating goodwill within a community, there's no harm in letting people know that you care about them. All too often we complain that local interest in football is on the wane and Joe Bloggs does everything or the club would fold, well now could be the time when those who have helped their community have an opportunity to show their worth. If you've done something to improve the lives of others lets celebrate that, there no shame in not being able to help in the present climate, but if you are able, and you have done so, spread the good news, we could do with some ! ! See the reaction that greeted Helstons gesture and you will see that a club who have taken a lot of criticism on this forum, have won over at least some of their critics, us included, and certainly the people of Helston.
  5. In short no it isn't, and the attitude displayed by clubs who advocate taking legal action against the F.A. show just what their priorities are when it comes to considering the wellbeing of their supporters. Perhaps they should show a bit of humility towards others, and if they don't understand the meaning of the word put them in touch with Helston F.C. No we're not Helston supporters but we genuinely feel that they have set the standard for others to follow
  6. Well done Helston ! that should put the lid on the suggestion that next season will see you bankrupt because of your investments this season past. What a lot of naughty boys you have there, running up fines of £6,000 ! or were they just contributing to one heck of an end of season bash. Are there other clubs able to do this sort of thing ? if so lets hear about it. No excuses ! if correct it appears that this money comes from the players, not a wealthy benefactor as some are likely to suggest.
  7. We certainly feel that the action taken was in good faith and for the safety of all concerned not just those of us who love sport. There is no way that anyone can forecast the end date of this virus, especially if the idiots who choose to ignore professional advice continue with their "it won't happen to me " attitude, and treat the advice with cotempt. With no guaranteed end date, the F.A. had little option but to expunge this seasons results and start from scratch next season, Imagine the outcry if the F.A. said the season will restart in whatever guise on a date in August and the pandemic is still with us, what then? finish this season whenever possible and cancel next? No we wouldn't be over the moon if our team was top of the league and missed out on promotion, but we would accept it with good grace and concentrate on helping those in the community with real problems. If football is not ressurected in the near future, has anyone got a chrystal ball that can identify the date for the distant future ?
  8. The cups could in theory still happen, good luck to all the contestants left in the cups, you can expect some bumper crowds if they do happen !
  9. Common sense applied for once and we should be gratefull for it.
  10. The only sensible decision that could be taken, what football match is worth risking a life for? It's unfortunate for the clubs who have invested in the game at our level, but one would hope that they understand the situation we are all involved in and accept the fact that it's nobodys fault.
  11. It's quite intriguing how a perfectly straight forward post such as " I don't think promotion should be gifted '' can be turned around and be interpreted as a slight on Helston and Steve Massy as a coach and as a person. Perhaps claustrophobia is having an effect on some peoples thinking Just don't ever apply for a job as a diplomat !
  12. Sorry you don't understand our point of view Le Boss, must admit we don't understand your comment either. Lets just admit we don't understand each others train of thought and move on 👍
  13. As is always the case, but doesn't alter the point we were making.
  14. Maybe you are missing our point Le Boss which in essence was that if clubs are spending money that could cripple them financially and gamble the future of their club if they DON'T get promotion, they should think again before going down that road. We have no issue at all with accepting whatever outcome the F.A. decide on, be it to extend the season in to August or finishing it as it stands. The earlier suggestion on this thread was that Helston had spent £75,000 on trying to get promotion and it was unfair to deny them that opportunity. We felt that that was a risk that they were aware of when the season started as promotion is never guaranteed and money spent should not be a consideration if the season is terminated forthwith. As it stands Helston are top on merit and although as we are all aware things have a habit of doing the unexpected, they would get our best wishes in the higher league if they were awarded the championship by default. They appear to be financially secure and would probably be one of the few cornish clubs who could afford promotion.
  15. The Corna virus is a serious issue that thankfully ( for us old timers at least ) has been dealt with sensibly as far as sport is concerned under the prevailing circumstances. What it has also exposed is the hand to mouth existence of many of our clubs who now find themselves in financial difficulty having no back up funds to help them through the difficult time ahead. If we accept that players shoud be paid to perform what should at best be their hobby, can we also educate them to see that their hobby will no longer exist if they don't make some concessions with regard to their expences. Football at local level was intended as a sport for those disposed to playing the game, and as entertainment for those watching, not as a means to paying the mortgage. Unfortunately if clubs are prepared to pay players more than they can reasonably afford at the expence of general upkeep and putting aside a few quid for the unexpected, whatever that may be, then they are guilty of signing their own death warrant. As little as £10 per head would fund most travel expences until clubs were able to get back on a reasonable financial footing again. £10 pounds worth of fuel will get you to most places in the county, and as many lads travel together the total income for a group of four would equate to £40 worth of fuel. If we are being asked to believe that money paid to players is for expences not wages, can anyone give a breakdown please of how a figure of say £50 would be arrived at bearing in mind that food is usually supplied home and away, and apart from the occasional pair of boots what other weekly expence is incurred playing the game you are supposed to love. It's to be hoped that when they eventually cease being able to play, they don't take up bowls or golf, the financial shock may be too much for them.
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