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  1. It's not possible to sensibly debate a subject with someone with such an irrational train of thought Keith B. As he says his thoughts, that he is entitled to are his own thank goodness, and not those of the majority of people of either persuasion regarding the pandemic.
  2. Sometimes it's difficult to believe that people can dismiss the advice of world renowned medical practicioners as paranoia, we wonder if the families and friends of people registered as convid19 deaths in Falmouth (they exist) would agree. Total disrespect towards other beings.
  3. If you are the sole provider for your family Al, why do you advocate the risk of spreading the pandemic by starting football and increasing the risk of a life threatening illness. Not including anyone who has lost their fight for life outside of a hospital enviroment, 90 people in Cornwall and their friends and families may disagree with the cavalier it won't happen to me brigade. No one can deny that this virus is a killer which will be all the harder to eradicate as long as we dismiss it as someone elses problem.
  4. So forget all the scaremongering press reports and look at the World Health Organisaton figures that state that in excess of 500,000 people wordwide have died from covid19. 43,475 of those deaths were in the U.K. , nothing to worry about there then, ( unless you happened to have lost a family member or friend ) Lets run the considerable risk of a spike in covid 19 deaths in Cornwall, provided it doesn't affect me it doesen't matter about the rest of the community. No brainer it seems, or maybe no brain?
  5. Well said Older, the existence or otherwise of a club matters little to those who have died of a terrible disease. Maybe we older ones and those suffering from Covidphobia, should stand back and let the younger ones in our midst run the clubs, it would be interesting to see how many clubs folded then, far more than those who are financially stretched through not having a game to supplement their income methinks.
  6. If Helston can afford to pay high match fees, good luck to them we have no problem with that at all. Affordability is the key word, the ones that won't get our sympathy, are the clubs who spent every penny that came in the gate on average players, and are now crowdfunding to try to cover their basic needs to be able to continue. One thing for certain is that they won't be getting a single penny out of us! We have been taken to task on occasions for suggesting that clubs were paying out money to players without any regard to putting a bit of money aside for a rainy day and any unexpected expenditure that may occur. Obviously the current situation was never envisaged, but it certainly proves a point.
  7. What ship has never arived in the ports of Liverpool ? The Premiership has started going rusty out in the bay waiting to dock!
  8. Paddy was towing a horse box on the motorway, when he was pulled over by a traffic cop for speeding. What's the hurry said the cop, where are you going in such a hurry ? I'm taking the horses to the races says Paddy, but the horsebox is empty said the copper.I know says Paddy,i'm taking the non runners first !
  9. Where is the problem when clubs have been given the option to cancel without penalty? If ( understandably ) clubs feel there is a risk to their players or supporters and officials, they have been given a clear option to cancel their game ! or have we got so used to living in a a nanny state that we want someone else to make the decision for us.
  10. Maybe this shows just how the top F.A. officials see grass roots football and its supportersin terms of importance ?
  11. Taking in to account all the bodily contact during a match, especially in rugby matches, the lack of a prematch handshake seems of little consequence in the greater scheme of things. The handling of newspapers, money notes and coins, supermarket trollys, posted letters and bills, are all potential carriers of the virus, not many of which can we avoid for any length of time.
  12. Perhaps a Sponge is needed to clear up the rainwater ??????
  13. We decided to visit Sticker as their St Pirans game against high flying St Austell reserves appeared to be the only one being played locally. When we arrived it was obvious that many other people had the same thoughts as us and parking was at a premium and spilled out on to the surrounding entrance area. Despite the gale force wind, rain, sunshine, and hailstorms that greeted us we found shelter and with what must have been a record crowd for a St Pirans game played in such conditions we awaited kick off. Two sets of heroes plus officials took to the field and the expected onslaught from the saints young team was awaited. In a nutshell, and recognising that weather conditions can be a great leveller, the unexpected happened when Tom Hocking scored for the hosts to give them an unexpected confidence boost. It was a position not enjoyed for long as we think it was a Sticker old boy Matt Searle who soon scored the equaliser. With the saints table topping team, having only lost two and drawn one all season we waited for the floodgates to open. Thankfully for the hosts the only floodgates that opened were in the sky and the rest of the game was played out to a draw with no more goals in the second half which Sticker will be more than happy with. Both teams had their chances to seal a win, but a draw was a fair result on a weather affected day. Both young teams should be appauded for playing the game in such conditions, and we include the hosts in that statement, where we have always been made to feel welcome. Good luck to both teams for the rest of the season, and thanks Sticker for giving us an excuse to not to be couch potatoes. To whoever is responsible for the condition of the playing surface at this club, well done is an understatement.
  14. Any updates on the St Mawgan game? from what we have heard the season of good will didn't extend as far as St Mawgan with both teams having players sent off, two for St Mawgan and one for Sticker, plus enough yellows to pay for the C.C.F.A. New Years party. Perhaps the ref forgot to send any cards for Christmas, and decided to hand some out at St Mawgan ! 😜 Not funny really, whatevers gone wrong with the game?
  15. That is a sad reflection on the clubs who should hang their heads when they have the opportunity to right all the perceived wrongs they see every week, but don't have the stomach to face the people they criticise week in week out. Yes there are good referees and poor ones, the same applies to the players and thats why referees are needed. Our advice is to get off their backs and allow them to officiate to the best of their ability, or if you feel that you can do better, with the present shortage of referees, you will never have a better opportunity to join their ranks. Its worth mentioning that neither of us or any of our family are referees, so our opinions are a result of our love of the game, and the realisation that no ref = no game.
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