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  1. Big crowds indicate support for a club and an interest in what happens to them during a season. If Newquay v Sticker drew a crowd of 140 that is the sort of loyal support that some others can only dream of. Of course everyone would like to win a trophy, that is a bonus for all concerned and should not be frowned on, however the biggest bonus is when your achievment is appreciated by the majority rather than the few. Newquay and Sticker have the rest of the season to improve, and long may their respective support continue.
  2. The difference this year is that instead of finishing top and going nowhere, you can finish bottom and go nowhere !😂 No one WANTS to finish bottom, but if thats what happens to whoever, they will live to fight another day. Sticker have lost the heart of their team to others, but with only 4 games played and the rest of the season to go to sign players who want regular football, not just sitting on the bench all game, it may be a tad early to say who is going to be bottom.
  3. No relegation battles this year Leeds. Keep up ! 🙄
  4. We Two


    We feel no shame that we have time to invest in sport and making what we feel is a valid point about it. Criticism for the sake of it is one thing, offering a constructive opinion is another.
  5. Phil Hiscox has one of the most unenviable jobs when weather causes the disruption we all experienced last season, and in no way is this post intended to criticise the effort he puts in to his job. It appears on the S.W.P.L. Premier League seasons fixture list, that after a home game on the 29th of December, Sticker will only have three home games before the end of the season scheduled for the 19th of April, almost four months. Bearing in mind that it has often been said that if Sticker is off, everthings off, it seems a little odd that most of their home games are so early in the season instead of later when their ground is one of the most likely to be playable if we have a repeat weather debacle. It's to be hoped they are on a sound financial footing as footfall during the latter part of the season is going to be limited, and with away games at Plymouth Argyle, Ivybridge, Elburton and Exmouth during the latter part of the season, finances could be stretched . A potential opportunity missed to secure more games played during the monsoon season perhaps ?
  6. It's where you finish that usually matters, but even that doesen't matter this season, very doubtful that anybody will be going anywhere, certainly not down unless they choose to. Everyone should go in to a game wanting to win, but we can't help feeling a little bit of enthusiasum has been lost with the no relegation situation.
  7. You will see a lot of familiar faces, both behind the scenes and on the pitch at Sticker !
  8. We heard it was a bus full of holidaymakers that had got lost ! Joking really, well done Exmouth 😁 you have set a standard that will be expected wherever you go now.
  9. We Two

    Transfer Deadline News

    And we all know how popular fish and chips are ! Some really good players in this league, who would walk in to Premier league sides if they only showed a little more ambition.
  10. We Two

    Witheridge withdraw!

    Thank you Dave for withdrawing the abusive post, hopefully that is the last we will hear of him. We are guessing that if he writes under another pseudonym, a close eye will be kept on his forum input.
  11. After viewing from afar and keeping us all in suspense delaying his promised BIG announcement, Leeds is back on the forum. Bodmin won !!
  12. Stickers pasties are pretty good according to the Plymouth Parkway fans who caused a local pasty famine when they came down. Made by Pearce butchers from St Austell.
  13. Our point is, what happens when the money source runs out, all the mercenaries depart and the club and their supporters suffer. No we were not referring to Blazey in particular, there are plenty of others who have bought success but could not sustain the financial burden entailed to achieve it. THAT situation is what is worrying for football down this way, time will tell as it has done in the past, if it will happen again. For the sakes of Tavy, Parkway, and Truro ( who appear to have a few problems ) lets hope not.
  14. This ( if that is correct ) is not a situation peculiar to Bodmin. In view of the number of big ?? teams that have fallen off their pedestall due to spending big bucks, and then losing their players when the financial pot is emptied, clubs should realise sooner rather than later what the consequences are.
  15. 11 was the score was it ? we thought it was the attendance 😂