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  1. We didn't refer to any particular individual making a report, we thought that supporters of teams might comment
  2. Supporters regularly offer their opinion on their teams performance in the Kitchen Kit forum, and that of the oppositions performance. Comments usually get a reaction from others, which in turn makes the forum interesting adding an insight in to the games rather than just basic facts. Sorry if that information is classed as being ungrateful.
  3. We were looking for a report on who scored, when they scored, and what entertainment if any was delivered by the teams. Just seeing the scoreline isn't very informative about if the result was a deserved one. .
  4. A few reports on the matches played would be interesting, along with a teams position in their group.
  5. The above MAY be true but unfortunately if they are unknowingly a carrier, it doesn't stop them from transferring the disease to others of varying ages in their normal day to day travels and contact. Most comments that are in favour of ignoring current Covid19 rules, choose to ignore the FACT that a player can unknowingly be a carrier of a killer disease, as can many others of us.. The truth of what many anti Covid19 followers really believe was exposed when demostrators outside a hospital were invited to go to a covid ward and declined. Not really confident then, just obstructive!
  6. We would normally assume that people who get in excess of tens and in several cases 100s of thousands of pounds a week to ply their trade, are above sucking their thumb and poking their tounge out in public, when they appear to eventually achieve what they are getting paid for.
  7. Our daughter in law says that some children do both of these things in their pre-school playgroup. Perhaps Lingard and his peers have not left their infantile habits behind them yet ?
  8. With social distancing and no football training, it would be interesting to know what their keep fit programme involves
  9. Wherry twins played for St Austell as did the Pollard twins at one stage.
  10. That word went out of fashion some time ago, along with a lot of other things Keith B. Someone posted the idea that children who will have no school lessons until mid February, could be taught some home living, like how to cook, sew on a button, clean, dust, and tidy their rooms and some basics that will crop up in their later life. First reply back said, who is going to instruct the parents on how it's done in the first place. Point taken !!
  11. Our young friend is delighted with the comments about his idea made on the forum, so much so that his mum says it's doubtful he will sleep tonight. The more we think about it the more we feel that with a positive attitude, clubs could make it work and achieve a limited but worthwhile income. le boss suggests a "Go Fund Me " page which is fine if someone wants to make a gift. The voucher system suggested would not be a loan, but a purchase that is only redeemable as an entry ticket on match days. We admit that our opinion is going to be biased in favour of the lad, but how refreshing to
  12. We offer this idea from the active mind of a 7 year old who is genuinely concerned that his favourite local football club may not survive the financial implications of another season being at best disrupted and at worst cancelled. After much discussion, he asked us to put his thoughts on the forum, so in the interest of promoting young ideas here goes. Why can't clubs issue vouchers for one match that are entrance fee value and are redeemable at any future league match, during this or next season if this season is cancelled. On the face of it we thought it worthy of debate as if promoted
  13. I certainly don't jest about the pandemic, but it is time we lightened up a bit and took a more positive outlook. We are in a better position now than at any other time in the pandemic, with a vaccine that will at the very least improve the situation we find ourselves in. Purveyors of doom and gloom do nothing to improve peoples outlook, especially those who have a problem with a downturn in their mental condition.
  14. If what you say is correct, then Saltash officials need to be looking over their shoulder to see what size their substantial fine will be. Substatially more than they made on the day.
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