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The side was formed a couple of years ago but only this season entered the league and 2 cup comps'. The following players make up the squad who have no fixed home pitch as yet and have been grateful to Mevagissey for allowing us to play and use their facilities so far;

Gary Penhaligon

Paul Kendall

Andy Batt

Pete Billing

Neil Oaks

Andy Parr

Adrian Street

Andrew Street

Gary Dyer

Gary Barnhard

Nick Isbell (Mav)

Jerry Solomon

Rob Lucas

Glyn Hooper

Rich Dorman

Dave Morgan

Steve Hicks

Kev Ratty

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Thanks Jenksy, I think so too! Its brilliant working with them too as they are all proven quality footballers who like to play the game the way it should be. Great to watch and with only 3 of them under the age of 40 we are within the rules as you are permitted to have 3 in the squad.

We have played 4 competitive games so far and have scored 22 goals in the process! Tough test this Sunday though v Hayle away, so we will find out how good we really are!

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They played us yesterday losing 7-0 and turning up with only 9 players include a scotsman who was only interested in fighting and arguing with everyone, including his own team ! The game was well reffed by a young lad who stood up well to the intimidation by the aforementioned player, not sure of the young lads name but he was at least 20 years younger than most of us!

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