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  1. Who are the Top 3 favourites for each Trelawney Division this year?
  2. Looking for a vets side, I’m local to Redruth Camborne area
  3. Hi Rappo, hope your well m8. Do you print photos as well? I have a Facebook Photography page called Sport in west Cornwall by Steve Winters Photography. I cover the trelawny league and senior leagues. Cheers m8
  4. There are Photos of the game on my Sport in West Cornwall by Steve Winters Photography page on Facebook.
  5. There are picture's of this afternoon's game on my facebook page under Stephen winters.
  6. There are pictures on my facebook page of this afternoon's game, under 'stephen winters'
  7. Go Rappo go!!!!!! Be playing you soon m8! hope your form dips by then. All the best.
  8. What is the name of you team? And where do you play your home games? Ta.
  9. Hi Jamie c, For £ 30 you would get a team picture and single shots of all your players. You can then sell the pictures to your squad and make quite abit of money for your team. You would have sole rights on the pictures so have unlimited copys to sell to family and friends,, eg more money. All you I need is a memory stick off you.
  10. I am a local photograther ( Pool, Redruth ) If you require someone to take a team, individual player or action ( game) pictures contact me one here or on Facebook under Steve Winters Photograthy. Thanks.
  11. I am a local photographer ( Pool Redruth ) if you require someone to take team,individual player or action (game) pictures please contact me on here or under Steve Winters photography on facebook.
  12. anyone got any info on the new penwith exiles team and contacts? They are new to the league this season.
  13. I think this is a good idea. When i lived in switzerland every player had an ID card. Before the game started the ref would come into the changing rooms and check every players ID. In all 5 mins work. We british dont like change do we!!!!!
  14. Thanks guys for the feed back. What i dont like is the inconsistancy in this rule! out of 560 odd games in the last 15 years, ive been stopped only once!! some rule!! Once again guys thanks for the feed back.
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