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RESULTS - Wednesday 29 March 2023

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Brixham          2-1              Elburton Villa    



Bude Town    P-P             Callington Town

Mullion        3-2              Penzance

St Blazey      P-P              Sticker  




Axminster Town  P-P          Okehampton Argyle

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20230329_194519.thumb.jpg.9a4e369678a7d4109b2bb874dc8f44e5.jpgCongrats to Mullion, thought the new lights were fantastic!! With the new surround barriers as well, Clifden Park looking a picture and proper SWPL club these days! Lovely evening after an awful days weather!! Good to catch up with loads of old friends amongst the 130/140 Odd crowd!  Loads of old Mullion legends there! Spanner, Stevo, Al Carey, Graham Allen, Meags, etc!!! Even assistants George Pattison and Neil Rudkin were top players for the club many moons ago!! They were pretty fair tonight though!! 😁👍️  Decent first match too! Especially 2nd half, where 4 of the 5 goals were scored, kind of fitting the hosts won the game 3-2 with 3 excellent goals! A Dan Stidwell 25 yard free kick, a Chris Wormington bullet top corner header from a corner, and a George Molcher 25 yard daisy cutter rocket strike that took a slight nick on the way through! Penzance always in the game with Mark Cheesy Vercesi at the back seeming ageless! Still class on the ball. Well done to all involved, was lovely to see! Well done the Seagulls 👏🏼

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45 minutes ago, BrummyBarry said:

How the hell did they manage to get a game on with the amount of rain we've had.well done mullion

The Pitch was very good and didn't even turn to a bog. Mullion has always had a good natural drainage and only rarely do games get called off. Also well done to the groundsman.  The new lights also look very good.

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