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junior cup predictions

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Guest Garry Kay

I think Truro have enough quality to edge past Mawnan.

I also think St Keverne have enough ability in the whole side to edge past Portreath.

Two predictions against the favourites maybe.

Sorry Darren.

Good luck though.

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I dont know much about truro city but from what i have been told they are a more than useful outfit and will give mawnan a decent game. Would also seem like sour grapes after mawnan beat us so mawnan to win 3-1. experience will count

St keverne are obviously a good side and most people seem to think that home advantage will tip the tie their way, but portreath have got players who have been there and done it and that counts for a lot. If darren can keep their decent striker quiet i think they will pinch it 2-1. (not at all biased cos my mates play there!)

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Hi Spenny sorry mate they don't play me as a centre half now they play me at right full back, so bret and shovsey will have to mark this guy. although i would relish the challenge as you know i would, kept many a good striker quite in my career.

Thanks for the confidence vote we will try it's going to be very difficult as they are a good side.


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Both games look as they could go either way but I think the youngsters of Truro will beat Mawnan

It will be tough for Portreath down at St Keverne with the pitch and partisan crowd as i'm sure the whole village will be watching but I think Portreaths experience will prevail to win

As for the final I predict Portreath will represent the West against the east.

Just want to make a comment on the old topic of Fal/Hel league V Mining league. I believe the Mining league is much stronger over the last few years and yes I know I'm opening myself up here for abuse as their is 3 to 1 in favour of Fal/Hel but whatever happened to the representitive sides playing each other?? If it does happen its not very well advertised!!!!

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Pitty, that's a brave statement mate. The top sides in mining one regularly beat the bottom sides by close to double figures, where as in fal/hel you are lucky to win away at the bottom sides by any score.

We have wendron on sat and i reckon they would beat most of the lower half of mining one.

I agree that the rep. games between league's was a good laugh and always gained the biggest crowd of the season. perhaps someone should try to re arrange the fixture?

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Spenny I agree mate Even our own club (Holmans) feel the FHL is slightly stronger as we have a team in each with the 2nds in FHL and the 3rds in Mining 1 however I disagree with the statement that the bottom teams are getting walloped by the top teams every week,occasionaly a cricket score goes up but its not that often and sometimes thats not to do with the standard but the players available that day and that scoreline appears in the FHL from time to time also

It's the age old arguement with the FHL/Mining that if the top 10 from each league were to play each other who would come out on top and i think it would be a pretty even split bring back the rep games i say so we can have some proper banter on the subject:D :D:D:D

ps best of luck to all 4 teams today wrap up warm!!!!!lol

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This representative game has always tried to be arranged between the sides but im led to believe that tha fal/hel commitee are not interested. shame.

One thing I havent learnt Gaff is not jump to conclusions. I beleive if such event was to be organised its upto the clubs of the FHFL and Mining leagues to vote for it at their respected AGMs not the committee.


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