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  1. I didn't know Ernie personally, but I have heard so many people speak so highly of him, I informed my Father of the news today and he was genuinley gutted. My Father spent many years playing under Ernie's leadership at Illogan and has nothing but good stories to tell me; said that he was a true gent and a great motivator, he also said that if Ernie spoke, you listened! Me and my family send our deepest condolences to you Andy, and the whole family.
  2. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, as most people do interpret things on this forum and I don't want a club v county or club v college row. I know how organised and well run the college programme is, the experience and qualifications that the coaches and educators hold; the opportunities and skills that the students gain from it. However, as a coach/assistant manager at an amateur football club, who spends a limited amount of time with the players, I still have an obligation to look out for my players and safeguard their health and wellbeing, be it mentally or physically. I take great pride in doing my best for others, I am probably better and more concerned about looking after others, than looking after myself and I am sure that the 1000's of people that I have assisted/helped over the years in and out of work would agree. I have been fortunate to have undertaken multiple qualifications and gained some invaluable experience, in and out of work or sport, which has enabled me to identify those in need and to support them wherever possible. On a football front this has included fitness programmes, coaching, nutritional advice or even a simple chat. I have also spent time in the past watching college sports programmes and attending professional football academies with a family member, who assesses them for the FA, as well as making friends and spending time quizzing them at their academies, around subjects like strength and conditioning, nutrition and mental health support. All of this does not make me an expert, nor does it make me more qualified than anybody else. It does however give me some good knowledge and an understanding of what players go through and the stresses/expectations placed upon them. We as a club (St Day) will do all that we can to support and remove any stressors that may affect our players, and would never put any pressure on anybody to play recreational sport/football, or choose one team/opportunity over another. So, I do not expect those with far superior experience and qualifications at college, to place undue pressure on any youngster to pick them over their club, or say that they will be dropped from the college team, if they choose to play in a match at their club a day or two before the college plays. If a player wants to play 5 times a week then it is their prerogative, then the coaches can monitor them and keep a close eye on them for signs of burnout, mental or physical fatigue etc. And I would do the same, looking out for my players, be they a 17 year old college athlete or 30 year old working 8-10 hours a day on a busy building site. No more replies from me. Take care guys, see you on the pitch.
  3. Ben is good goalkeeper, with lots to learn, and he's improving with every match. Everybody at the club is delighted and proud of his selection to represent the county in this match. We are however disappointed that Truro college are putting pressure on Ben and other players, not allowing them to play for their club sides, if they want to be selected for the college. I understand that they are trying to protect them, but they undertake daily training sessions at college which are prolonged and rigourous, as well as often playing multiple college matches in quick succession, which can also take its toll on the players. But, the decision should be with the players, who will be best positioned to make such decisions, without the added pressure from the college.
  4. Not a bad report Darin, we used no more than the 3 subs allowed. Loved the Foxhole fans at 5-2 down, chanting "see you next week for the replay" and waving their phones around, thinking they had the FA rules for rolling subs on their phones. Foxhole are a good bunch of lads, and we wish them all the best for the future.
  5. Fair play, Ludgvan. Perranwell are never an easy side to play against. 👏
  6. Although I wasn't there, I heard the lads were superb and I'm so proud of the whole squad. Everything you could want from your players, they showed. Passion, focus, work rate, togetherness and great energy levels 👏 One match, especially in August doesn't decide anything. But, it can add or detract a great deal from a team. We all know that perran will bounce back from this and be up around there, come May. Which makes it an even better result, well done lads. All the best to everyone at Perranporth for the rest of the season.
  7. I did message you 😂. We're available either date.
  8. Exciting times, as the revised opening fixtures for the inaugural season have been released 😊
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