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Cornwall v Durham video highlights

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Dave (and Mark) - enjoyed the post match interview, amazing what an impact Glynn has had with the players and how much they love playing for the County and him and team.. Would really be nice if the County put out feelers for a couple of coaches - there were 250 there at Blaise Park and I' m sure a lot would travel to the final.

Would also be nice if SWPL helped out again with fixtures to ensure as many players as possible had no conflict - St Blazey must have loved it as 6 Camelford players playing and the rest of Reg's squad travelled to watch the game - and put a LOT behind St Balzeys bar - I'm sure, given the chance they would be on a charabanc up to Middlesex!,

Great day on Saturday - history made, now time for the lads to have fun and enjoy it

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