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For those of you who didn't know him, Peter Thorpe was a referee who lived in Falmouth after moving down from Bristol with his family. He was, I believe, a Station Officer at Falmouth Fire Station. I got to know him first through refereeing, and then when we were both on the committee of Falmouth Town AFC where for several years he was club secretary. Peter was always one for sticking to the rules, and he knew them inside out, even taking on and beating the Cornwall FA over who had first call on Falmouth Town players when a County match clashed with one of Town's FA Vase games. Peter was right and Town's players played for their club that day.

One of his favourite sayings was "I'm surrounded by fools and idiots", but if you listened to Peter then you were not an idiot for long.

He played pool for the Falmouth Town Social Club and he was very good at the game, often saying "Trotter, it's all about angles my son". After a Friday evening playing pool, I often walked home with him, partly for the company and partly to make sure that he made it home as on the odd occasion he rolled down the bank by Watson Marlow's factory.

With Peter's passing we have lost a good man, but I think that those who knew Peter will have had their lives enriched. I would not be surprised if he isn't refereeing a game right now.

My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife (She who must be obeyed) and his son, Stephen.

Rest in peace, Peter. Thanks for being my friend.

Charles Fittus

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So sad to hear the news, during my five years as a player at Falmouth Town Peter was the secretary and a more efficient one you would not find. As Quiet Man has said I too remember him taking on Cornwall County F.A. with regard the Vase match.

My condolences to Peter's family

R.I.P Peter

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Sorry to hear more terrible news. Peter was a great secretary and thoroughly decent man who gave up huge amounts of his time to Falmouth Town.

There's no coincidence between a good secretary and a successful team. He was always ahead of the game in terms of rearranging fixtures when there was a likelihood of a pile-up due to our successful FA Vase runs.

We had a great side and he played his part behind the scenes helping relieve some of the pressure of extra fixtures.

I hadn't really seen him since he moved away but he was someone who was well-respected in local football.

RIP Peter.

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Peter succeded Mike Rowe as the Falmouth Town secretary from 1986 to 1991 and was a perfectionist in his administration duties.

I will remember him on match days when he would do a complete walk around Bickland Park to greet all spectators with the latest club news and answer any questions.

He left his Falmouth residence for Newton Abbot and was seen many times on the touchlines when Falmouth played in the Devon area.

So sorry to hear this news to a most likeable person

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A fitting tribute Charlie, well done mate. Feel the same as the lads, really sorry to hear such sad news. Peter and Neil Phillips came to my house with the forms when I first signed for Falmouth and left a couple hours later after our 4th cup of tea!!! You could not turn those gentlemen or Falmouth Town down!!! Peter as mentioned was a fantastic secretary and perfectionist at the job and there was nothing he didn't know! He phoned me up that season on a Friday night and said " Congratulations on your first Cornwall call up Rappo ". I said the squad ain't out until next week Pete! He said I know but between you and me you're in it!! Had my letter on the following Wednesday! That was Peter though, there was nothing he didn't know, also remember after a great first few games and about 8 goals my 4th match was against Bodmin and we lost 1-0 at home. I had a nightmare and was walking up the steps after the game and he was there with his clipboard and said "just remember you're playing for Falmouth Town now Rappo!! " Made me feel even worse than Trev's bollocking!!! Real old school gent but what a lovely man, RIP Peter x

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