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  1. You're a bad man, Older, but we love you.
  2. Hardest day I've had in years, Dave. But what a finale? Not a game for the purists, but at the end of the day, a win is a win and well be listening to the radio come Monday 1.00pm.😁
  3. At a guess, between 450 and 500, but quite a few were non-paying guests. Good day all round, fantastic atmosphere in the ground and the bar busy from 11.00 until 21.00...at least. Gone homeexhausted. 😁😁😁
  4. Get in there. What a come back by Falmouth Town.
  5. Bickland Park has been declared playable so come on down and lend your support to Falmouth Town in their FA Vase game against Longlevens.
  6. I'm sure that the club would give you free admission just to have you back in the fold. You may even enjoy the singing and banter.
  7. Pitch inspection at midday I believe but it hasn't stopped raining all day here in Falmouth so unless it stops and we get a heatwave along with high winds I can't realistically see it going ahead. Would be farcical. Update. Just been called off. Sensible decision imho.
  8. A Hitchcock film springs to mind...The Birds,,,,,or seagulls, ha ha.
  9. Money doesn't always buy success. You need the players and the manager.💛🖤💛🖤💛
  10. Good referee in charge of the Sticker v Falmouth Town game. Looked quite young, bit handled the game well. Hardly noticed him which is always a good sign. Missed the odd incident, but nobody is perfect. The boy did good.
  11. Different Town, Al. Falmouth Town were away to Sticker and won 5 nil. Callington Town win 5-1 At home. Hope that clears up the confusion. Can't rely on Radio Rugby. 😁
  12. Good on yer, Al. Won't be long before you are back on the terrace behind the goal. UTT.
  13. No threat there, Al. Just thought that you would have loved to see the club that you have supported for so long winning again.😁
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