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  1. Were Helston not in the Vase today? I don't see their result. Thought they were playing a side a league below them. Guess I'll have to wait to watch the Piran Films video.
  2. Where did you find that, Mike? Not on the Peninsula or FA websites.
  3. Does anybody know what happens if a team from Tier 1, 2 or 3 are drawn against a team in Tier 4? The reason that I ask is the winner of the Christchurch v Falmouth Town tie will be away to United Services Portsmouth who are in Tier 4. As I understand the new laws travel into or out of a Tier 4 area is prohibited unless essential. I can't see this being essential in the eyes of government so would US Portsmouth be awarded the tie as their opponents cannot turn up?
  4. Falmouth Town 2-1 Bishops Cleeve 1. Very good game unfortunately spoiled by a bad tackle on a Town player and after the ensuing fracas 2 Bishops Cleeve had 2 players sent off.
  5. Yes, because I believe that given the effort a solution of some sort will be found. However, AIDS was not as widespread as Covid19 due to the different way that it was passed on. The whole world is throwing it's resources into a solution to Covid19.
  6. It's irrelevant how many walk in because the bars won't be open. How can they be if we want to safeguard people? As much as we love the beautiful game, I'm sure that we don't water to pass on this pestilence to our family and loved ones. If it means next season doesn't happen, so be it. I have a feeling that a remedy to Covid19 will be found but until then, let's safeguard everyone that we can.
  7. Have to agree with you, Dave. There just seems to be so many insurmountable problems to overcome. Hopefully leagues here in the South West do not force clubs/players/officials into potentially dangerous circumstances. A duty of care has to be recognised everywhere.
  8. Personally, I cannot see football returning for quite some time. On a local level, think about this. How do defenders put up a wall against a free-kick? You can't have 2 metres between players. After a throw in do you really want to head the ball? Possible transfer of virus. How do you raise funds to pay expenses for players and officials if you cannot open clubhouse? It's all very well saying just get on with it, but do we really want to put lives at risk? We all miss the game we love, but is it worth dying for?
  9. So instead of standing in the fresh air watching football, we are going to stand next to each other in clubs and pubs moaning about it.
  10. Will the FA now allow the league to finish later, like sometime in May, or will they still insist on it finishing on April 26?
  11. What has had the biggest effect on non-league football this season? Coronavirus or the incessant rain. I would say the latter.
  12. At the end of the day you can have all the stewards/security that you want but if someone is intent on committing an offence, then they will. Flares were set off at the Tranmere Rovers v Manchester United game and I reckon that there was security at that game but it didn't stop it happening.
  13. Flares are one thing, but when someone throws a beer glass through the window of a passing car that is criminal. Could have caused a serious accident. If you think that is ok then you really do need help.
  14. Didn't need to field a stronger side. 5 nil is good enough.
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