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  1. So instead of standing in the fresh air watching football, we are going to stand next to each other in clubs and pubs moaning about it.
  2. Will the FA now allow the league to finish later, like sometime in May, or will they still insist on it finishing on April 26?
  3. What has had the biggest effect on non-league football this season? Coronavirus or the incessant rain. I would say the latter.
  4. At the end of the day you can have all the stewards/security that you want but if someone is intent on committing an offence, then they will. Flares were set off at the Tranmere Rovers v Manchester United game and I reckon that there was security at that game but it didn't stop it happening.
  5. Flares are one thing, but when someone throws a beer glass through the window of a passing car that is criminal. Could have caused a serious accident. If you think that is ok then you really do need help.
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