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Falmouth Athletic yesterday unlucky not to come away with all three points in a game that they were 3-1 down going into halftime. Athletic went 1-0 up from Ross Bowden and after that the game went a bit flat with not much either way. Three goals for Mousehole in fifteen minutes stunned the players and the crowd alike. Going in half time and us at Athletic knew what we had to do second half and we came out all guns blazing but only scored one more in our search to come back and win the game. Goal line clearances, some great saves from the Mousehole keeper ( MOM ) in my view and some solid defending form the mousehole back four gave them a vital win in the end and although disappointment for Athletic as only secong loss of the season, spirits were heightened by the lifting of the league trophy.

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Perranporth 1 vs Portreath 1

first off i would like to say, i havent been done to perranporth in afew years, such a lovely pitch down there and some really nice officials down there too.

Before i make any comments on the game i think it was a fair result.

First off when we arrived at the pitch and kitted up, walked out on the pitch to see a couple of first team players ready to play against them, which i know not every one agrees is right, but in all honesty the people that moan about it are the teams who wish they had that pleasure.

but in all honesty if they were first team players then it didnt really show on the pitch.

Perranporth started the game at a much quicker pace and there forward Lee Dark was making some great direct running at our back 3, but didnt get any clear cut chances due to our centre back jason fenton keeping him quite, would also like to wish him a speedy recovery as he had to go off late off in first half, by what i could hear was his knee sounded like it popped off, what surprised me was the lack of attention perrenporth gave to him while wiggling around on the floor, so 2 of our players picked him up and helped him off as he couldnt walk.

once Lee went off perranporth really didn't threaten the portreath goal at all, but lucky for them they had scored early on from a lovely mis-kick from there striker, sorry i dont know his name.

The second half was a much better game, with end to end stuff for both teams but no clear cut chances from either team, portreath's wide man Rob penfold was causing lots of trouble but with no real direction, portreath scored early on in the half from a header from a corner.

The Portreath team were playing like a different team today and enjoying playing on such a nice pitch, taking advantage and keeping everything on the floor, something which they do regularly.

i think the two players that perranporth pulled down today deserve a special mention, if wasnt for them we would have run out easily to a victory today, but good on them for having those players avaliable, so well done to

david rawlings

lee denton

With today result it means portreath are left in the bottom 2 of the league and facing relegation, if it is the case as i am unsure with the new league coming in to place next season.

but would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has helped me out at portreath this year, people such as steve putman for regular sponsorship, St.Rumons club in redruth for helping us out financially, leon gilbert and jason fenton for coming in and helping out rebuilding a team and a big thank you to mark fenton coming in half way through and taking training and helping out with the team on match days.

but most importantly all the players that have helped me out this year, you have been a cracking bunch this year and i hope to retain all of you for next year.

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