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Got a good question for the statto's out there!!? Played an annual end of season friendly we have between

Trispen fc and St.Erme cricket club today and in the Trispen team there were 3 sets of father and sons

playing!! Rob Sharpe and 16 year old son Josh,Daz Lawrence and 19 year old son Sam and for the last

10 minutes my 11 year old boy Jack came on!!! (With his shirt down by his knees!! Bless!)I was

wondering if this has happened at a decent competitive level?? The only one i can remember is Gudjohnsson

replacing his dad in an international for Iceland.Any father and son combo's in senior leagues in

Cornwall can anyone remember? Be interesting that one!? ^_^

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My son Kyle now 16 played with me last Tuesday at Culdrose he had to play right midfield and me in goal as we were short. He also replaced me in goal against Helston the week before.

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Not 100% sure on this one but Cliff and Liam Heenan?

Not sure about for aggie but im pretty sure they did for perranporth! Also tony Rogers and possibly both his sons scott and glen! defo scott in the old swl!

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