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  1. If you do that Older the youngsters won't be able to keep up with you!
  2. Not to mention the long distances the away fans have to travel.
  3. You also seemed not to like the lack of an attendance figure! Anyway I will always be grateful you getting me through an o-level retake! Your lessons were always good fun. I may be wrong, but did you once play in goal for one of the teachers v pupils football matches? 1st grandchild on the way.
  4. Your getting very grouchy in your old age Tom! Where's the carefree hippy that rolled up to RCGS in the early seventies?
  5. Less likely that the Inland Revenue will look at it nowadays. They've had huge staff cuts and just haven't got the manpower to do it. Also, due to the increased use of the internet a lot of local tax offices have closed.
  6. Loads of goals scored so far this season. Is there a shortage of defenders or are they just rubbish?
  7. Going to be a lot of rain today, but should clear just before the kick-off.
  8. As Manuel in Fawlty Towers would day ' you know nothing'
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if he can remember every goal he scored playing Subbuteo!
  10. Get over it! People have got lives outside of football (thank God!). Will probably be the only match they miss in what is now becoming a ridiculous 10 month season. Hope they enjoyed the concert and ignore the football anoraks!
  11. You could offer to make the tea Tom!
  12. Whatever the make I think a lot of players need a ball that controls itself!
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