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  1. Goldeneye

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    The attendances to watch Truro at Torquay have, understandably, been extremely small. I wonder who has been paying the players wages? Perhaps it was Santa Claus, aka SSS!
  2. Goldeneye

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    For a fair comparison you have to take into account overheads and if the admission prices are being subsidised. If Truro were charging £1 some of the supporters find something else to moan about!
  3. Goldeneye

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    A lot of supporters that would have gone to Treyew Road between August and December have not gone to Torquay, so I'm just wondering what you've all done with the money you've saved?
  4. Goldeneye

    Why are they employed

    Can't agree with Warnock being on your list! Took Notts County to the 1st division with 2 successive promotions. Got Huddersfield promoted. Got Plymouth promoted to division 2. Took Sheffield United to the semi-finals of the F. A. Cup and the League Cup. Won the Championship and Promotion to the Premiership with QPR. Got Cardiff promoted to the Premiership earlier this year.
  5. Goldeneye

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    No need for name calling As for last season I seem to remember that at the beginning of the season you forecast that Truro would be on a relegation battle!!
  6. Goldeneye

    FA Trophy draw news

    Will help to pay the players wages, while playing at Plainmoor
  7. Goldeneye

    NLS - Saturday 27 November 2018

    Well done all at Truro FC. I think I'm right in saying that only one team has a better record than Truro over the last 5 matches.
  8. I thought I would never say this, but I agree with Older when he says that this forum is like being at a football match! However I think it's far more important that the atmosphere at matches improves so that more people turn up to watch (particularly families).
  9. Goldeneye

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Things should speed up now as Spuds have instructed top-notch builders to finish the project. They've brought in the management team from Lego!!
  10. There has been a general negative attitude in cornish football for years!
  11. Here we go again! Why are a large number of Cornwall football supporters always so bloody negative? Please cheer up and be positive! You know it makes sense!
  12. Today's time says you were wrong!