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  1. Seems that clubs are doing all they can to attract new spectators to the game!!!!
  2. You bought a pint! I'd have to see it to believe it! One for the archives. What was the Falmouth lineup last night?
  3. Amazing that some people know what sort of season sides will have based on a few friendlies! Liverpool have lost 3 pre-season friendlies so they obviously going to have a poor season!!!!
  4. That explains why so many of them were off work the next day!!!!
  5. Credit to Camelford travelling to Penryn for a friendly
  6. I note that you haven't said which year! Anyway your always wrong!
  7. That probably explains some of the idiotic posts on this forum.
  8. I know some who moan about admission prices, but spend a lot more on beer!
  9. Older it's a toss up as to which is more dangerous for the ladies - playing football against you or eating your sausage and chips!
  10. I agree Keith. Also I would hate playing against women - I just wouldn't be able to go into a full blooded sliding tackle on a woman! Just not in my nature!
  11. America were the best team by far - better control of the ball and their passing was far more accurate.
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