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  1. Hope the little dears enjoy their upcoming winter break!
  2. That's not hoing to happen at the current level. Anyway a lot of people no longer enjoy going to matches and have found better things to do.
  3. 3 hours of football in 2 days with a rest every 45 minutes. Hope they survive!
  4. Spot on! I just get fed up with top footballers moaning about playing 2 games in 3 days, when many earn more in one year than I earn in a lifetime!
  5. What would you have regarded a 'good gate'?
  6. Most workers are expected to give their all for 5 days a week 48 weeks each year!!
  7. Other managers have mentioned it aswell. In the premiership the players could club together and pay for the away coaches. I'm sure they could do this without having to sell their Lamborghinis!
  8. Here we go again! Klopp is moaning about having to play 2 matches in 3 days! I'm sure everyone looking and posting on this site would play 3 games in 3 days for the massive money they're payed!! Button it Klopp!!
  9. Just out of interest BIG AL, where and when was the last match you went to?
  10. I agree - shocking that a lot of players walked out on the club!!
  11. That would be the same with any club. Just see what happens when a non league club draws a premier club in the FA Cup.
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