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  1. I've started building an ark Older. Would you like me to reserve you a place?
  2. Live streaming is fine - as long as it doesn't lead to VAR!!!!
  3. I heard that Older had applied to be the head chef at the S4C!!
  4. You need a sense of humour transplant as soon as possible!!
  5. The best roads in Falmouth are those leading out of the place!!!
  6. I see that Taunton and Truro equaled the English record for a penalty shoot-out. 34 penalties taken with Taunton coming out on top 12 - 11
  7. Just a guess but I expect a lot more supporters will travel the 12 miles from Helston to Falmouth than the 220 miles from Hartley Wintney to Truro!
  8. Glad you agree Dave, although I was suggesting comparing the demographics of towns and villages not counties.
  9. It's not so ridiculous if you consider the demographics of the area!
  10. The villages of Blackfield and Langley are very close to Southampton, so I expect attendance was affected by the home match against Everton yesterday and the awful weather lately.
  11. You wouldn't be baking on the show, you would be washing the dishes!!
  12. Or, alternatively you could go into the clubhouse and ask! Older, any truth in the rumour that you will be on the next series of The Great British Bake Off?
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