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  1. When new managers are appointed it is always said that they come with a long term plan! It's usually the same old, same old plans!!
  2. Arnie came back as Governor of California! I suppose you could come back as the Governor of Kernick Road, but it hasn't got the same ring about it!'
  3. It's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you.
  4. Great post Fenman. totally agree with you.
  5. They would make more than that selling your gourmet food Older!!!!
  6. If all roads lead to Bickland Park how does anyone get home?
  7. So they're going to chuck loads of money around to win £2,000 in prize money! Sounds like an ego trip to me!
  8. I agree with Older about the cricket. Nice to see players not swearing and respecting the umpires. Some play both sports and I can't get my head around a player ranting at the referee playing football and that same player giving an umpire the upmost respect when playing cricket. As for premier football It's obscene clubs paying players up to £500,000 per week. I've lost interest in it due to that.
  9. Is that because other grounds won't let you in!!
  10. Fair enough 👍 Just thought he might have wanted to play at the higher level. Gate receipts and advertising boards not enough to cover outgoings. I know it's a novel idea but all clubs at this level should work within their means and not rely on being bank-rolled!
  11. Mountaineer, my post was nothing to do with your post - just a general point of view. If I had several million in the bank the last thing I would do is invest in a football club!! A lot of people who used to watch non league football no longer do so and your never going to get them back. Non league football reminds me of the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch.
  12. Perhaps the player wanted to leave and the club reluctantly let him go.
  13. 'You can make a small fortune from football, but only if you start with a large one' Football supporters ignore this as it's not their money that's wasted!
  14. Leeds fans know nothing about football, but lots about sliding!!
  15. Are we sure that BIG AL is not Victor Meldrew or a very close relative!😀
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