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  1. That's football - even if every side played great football and had the same quality of players, managers and coaches etc some would still get relegated! I think it must be boring if your side finishes mid-table year after year! A friend of my was so upset when his side was relegated, but was ecstatic the following year when they won the league below! Always look on the bright side.😀
  2. You would make a good politician! Made for the job.
  3. You shouldn't be informed at the same time as the Club!
  4. I'd forgotten most of that! Probably because I was partying away at college!
  5. Thanks for that Whistle Blower, I couldn't remember if it was one season or part of one season and part of the next.
  6. Remember watching Truro play Penzance at Kenwyn. If my memory is right Penzance won 5-0 and Tony Kellow scored all 5!
  7. Darren, Did you decide they were errors straight away or after you saw the slow-motion replay?
  8. You might be on to something Darren. Clubs should charge less if the pitch is bobbly! Anyway my last word on the subject is that that you could be I the bobbly inspector! 👍
  9. I'm not bothered about advantage - I was just saying that a lot of pitches are poor at this time of year, even at a few levels above Truro.
  10. Have I understood you correctly? You won't be watching Truro again because the pitch is bobbly! Which pitches in Cornwall are not bobbly at this time of year? I wasn't calling you perfect, (your far from that! ha, ha), but that you seem to want everything to be perfect when you go to watch a match! I've no doubt that those preparing for the match did their best. They could probably do with some help, if you've got some spare time.
  11. Newport played Man City on a pitch that was worse than Treyew Road!
  12. I knew that 'Mr Perfect' would find something to moan about!
  13. Glen Campbell loved football - he was the Whichita linesman for years! 👍
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