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  1. Goldeneye

    NLS - Saturday 13th October 2018

    Great post Prazeyrunner.
  2. Goldeneye

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Spot on CornishWall. Let's wait to see what's said. Whatever happens please remember that there are a lot more important things in this world than football, although you wouldn't think so from this forum!!
  3. Goldeneye

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    With so many 'football experts' on this forum I just cannot understand why Cornwall didn't have a football club in the football league years ago and why Daniel Levy has not found a place for Somersetspur on the board at Spurs!
  4. Goldeneye

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Alternatively Dave you could have put together a consortium to raise the required funds!
  5. Goldeneye

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Never thought I would hear you agree that Spurs are history! Well done!
  6. St Darren is often on a different planet to the rest of us!!! ?
  7. Darren, the notice of the meeting does not mention draught beers! Will probably be chilled cans.
  8. Goldeneye

    F A Cup

    My favourite comeback is from 2001. Spurs playing Man Utd at home were 3-0 up at half time, but lost 5-3! Loved it ?????
  9. I would love to see you in charge of a National League club! You talk the talk, safe in the knowledge you won't have to walk the walk! Every decision is easy, until your the one who has to make it!
  10. The bad behaviour of Managers, Coaches, Subs in the dugouts really does need sorting out. The culprits have zero respect for the game and those watching. They need to grow up!
  11. Goldeneye

    Who would be a manager

    That really is a long week! ?
  12. Goldeneye

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    The Spuds new ground is taking so long that some of those working on it may receive a 'Long Service Award!' ?
  13. Goldeneye

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Keith, I'm not calling the Premier League a shambles - they are doing the right thing. The managing of the project has been a shambles. It looks like it will overrun by 6 months or maybe more!
  14. Goldeneye

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    .... and Levy seems to have no idea when it will be ready!! The Premier League may now order Spuds to play at Wembley for the whole of this season to remove any uncertainty for travelling fans, policing, tv coverage etc, etc. What a shambles!
  15. Goldeneye

    Football Coaches

    Liverpool FC have employed a throw-in coach? What other 'daft coaches' will clubs take on in the future? The world's gone mad!