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I'm not trying to take away all the hard work CTB puts into his website but the combination league now has an official website the same as the Falmouth & Helston league and Mining league with results, forthcoming fixtures, league table and ref appointments.

The FHFL has had 13000 hits & Mining 9000 hits since starting in September and the combo is currently on a lowly 900!!!!

The Website can be found at:


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Who says things move slow in cornwall ? I wrote to the League Officers from the league 5 years ago telling them about the FA Full Time website and even offered to do it myself free of charge but as alweays got no reply, thats why I started my own one and then CTB did his..................

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Just out of curiosity, how do these FA linked sites work in as much as who feeds who the information.

Presumably the league has to decide whether they want to be involved with the FA option. And if that league has what they consider either an official website, ie the Duchy have their own, or one which is perfectly adequate, ie the ECPL does their's via Mitoo, they don't need to bother?

Who confirms the accuracy of the FA based ones?

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