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Guest The Patriot

Great Pics mate, I'm sure winno is actually off the ground in one of them! :D

Thanks for the dead leg Spider..I've still got it now :(

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hey rappo ,here,s me thinkin that was your daughter :P ,i,m with you on a united win as i,m 4th in the telegraph euro champions fantasy league with 8 utd and 2 barca (messi & iniesta) including the utd back 5 i,m praying for a utd clean sheet.with my winnings hopefully be able to buy those books i lent you years ago :angry2: but not that one" there,s footballers and there,s goalscorers" as very limited copies ;)

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Sorry Per!!! got them here! bob wilson and kenny dalglish wasnt it! get them back to you at a game sometime.you can keep the david oleary one!! might be a collectors item when leeds are in the conference in a couple of years mate!!! :lol: hope your all well bud.only a couple of us got that 1000 cornish goals book hey mate!!! :thumbsup:

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