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just delete the ones of me please phil!!!!!!!!!!! the mrs is gonna stick them on the fridge! diet starts tomorrow mate!!!!!! you picked our worst game of the season to come and watch!!! congrats to st.dennis though :clapper:

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Hayle Vintage Brew Team.

1- Denis Fallowfield.

2- Peter Pascoe.

3- Heinse Chinvill.

4- Dean Mooney.

5- Steve Winters.

6- Darren Steadman.

7- John McCullum.

8- Barry Andrews.

9- Lee Norman.

10- Andy Trathan.

11- 'Polo' Mathews


Mark Rapsy.

Dave 'n' jie.

Mark 'sky' Allen.

Paul Birch.

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Good game yesterday, close but dont think any of the teams really got going, however there was moments of stuff coming close to being football, thought we probably just shaded it but come under loads of pressure last 10 minutes and our keeper did well to keep stuff out with his feet, ass or elbow.

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