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One win from three games will keep Elburton in the top division and Newton Abbot Spurs will be relegated.

Two draws should(will) be enough as they have a superior goal difference.

Saturday 2nd. May- Home v Wadebridge Town

Wednesday 6th.May-Away v Falmouth Town

Saturday 9th.May -Away v Witheridge

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Guest plainmoor

foul on our keeper for villas second,ref had a shocker!!!!!!

What he had a shocker for the whole 90 minutes? your lucky he didn't abandon it!

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Bloody hell theres some really bad refs out there. All you ever get on this site now is how bad the ref was and that he had a shocker. When will players man up and admit they where the ones who had a shocker, they made mistakes, they didn't put the ball in the back of the net. Anyone would think you want the ref to score for you, defend for you and rub your back in the showers after. :P

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Yes Dave, there is no way I would come on here and give my personel opinion of any player, this also includes any game of football I officiate at, I cannot let any likes or dislikes of players, managers etc, whether they have given me a slagging on here or not effect my game, which I think one of your contributors would back up. I do have lots of opinions but they are kept strictly to myself.

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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

also we as referee's can get in trouble by the county if we make comments bout players and team etc. same for the teams really (well certain teams i have got in trouble this year) should i keep that quiet hay idm. but guys u really do have to stop belating the ref's else soon u won't have any. everybody makes mistakes and i will hold my hands up i normally have at least one mistake in a game but im not perfect. no one is

if you missed a open goal from 6 yards out do i shout at u nope. foul language... do i come up 2 u in work and swear at u or on the pitch nope so y should refs take it. (bit off the subject but it's true

i'll see you at falmouth town elburton as im on your line so behave yourselfs


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