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  1. Why not gracefully disband both Leagues and form a new one(The Caradon League?) consisting of all remaining clubs ,with a Premier division based on ground grading facilities ;and say 3 other divisions. I suspect the biggest obstacle would be getting willing volunteers to administer the thing. Would you be available,Paul?
  2. Thanks,Nick. Where do Chaddlewood and Plympton play(I presume they are P & D outfits) ?
  3. Nick,why haven't Plymstock applied for Step 6 ?
  4. Fully deserved,I understand : although Torpoint are only a shadow of what they were in recent seasons,a magnificent result never the less.What would be the odds on an all division 1 Final (St.Minver v St.Stephen) ?
  5. Also,I believe that they played at HMS Fisgard-opposite side of the road from Raleigh. The pitch at Maker is behind Maker Church.
  6. In other words,Paul, merge Duchy/EC and Trelawney/Combo :with each new set-up having promotion/relegation with the new League. This,surely,would make life easier for everyone in the county-Clubs and Administators: IF there are enough to fill the posts. your thoughts,Paul ?
  7. So Liskeard,Wendron,St.Agnes and St.Just will not be considered.Can it be assumed,Steve,that the other 2 will probable be St.Blazey,and Dobwalls ?
  8. That's 12:where are the other 4 coming from : Ludgvan? Bude ? ? ? or the next 4 on the points average- Liskeard, Wendron etc. ?
  9. Steve Could you please tell this forum your thoughts that your new League will probably decimate the 4 remaining, long-standing and proud Leagues in Cornwall. This,surely can't be something that you are proud of !
  10. The biggest problem for Combo/EC Clubs is this: IF they decide to uproot, and after one season decide(which I suspect) it was a bad move-WHERE COULD THEY GO ? With Combo/EC League having no connection with the new set-up the only option would be Trelawney or Duchy ! Furthermore,have these defecting clubs stopped to think what damage will have been caused to the Leagues they have been proud members(some even founder members!) of for many,many years ? Matt P summed this up perfectly: "What happens when the novelty wears off?"
  11. Leave out regulars when 1st team has no game:or even worse,ringers. How do you think St.Stephen knocked Saltash (played mid-week!) out of the League cup ?
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