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  1. Spot on,Rayvon: I recently met one of the best and most respected centre half of the 70s(himself no Angel):he told me he took his grandson to a S.W League game and was forced to leave after 30 mns because of *********'s continuous filthy language.
  2. Adlestrop

    New Step 7 League update

    All things considered,Older, there can be no comparison ;and I have to agree with you.At least CCFA will listen and are good to deal with.The same could not be said for JR !
  3. Adlestrop

    New Step 7 League update

    Aah! those were the days:John Ryder used to run CCFA from his home.Now we have an office full of admin staff.I have no real complaints with this but would pose the question: "Is it any better now?"
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    Many thanks,Dave.
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    Dave,any chance of providing a link(as last month) for those of us not too technically gifted please ? Thanks i.a.
  6. Now that's what I call genuine support.
  7. know of at least one player still around who will remember being coached at Carharrack back in the 70s in our 1 training session per week. It is possible to do quite a bit, a little at a time, through the season Tom,thinking back to the 70s,I seem to recall Carharrack had a manager/coach/officer by the name of Phil Paynter.Does this ring a bell with you?-
  8. Adlestrop

    Players wanted

    Bere Alston ?
  9. Late 70s/early 80s ?
  10. My unreliable memory obliges me to recall a very fine centre forward they had : I believe his name was Bailey.Can anyone confirm please ?
  11. If the ECPL go for only I division,it could surely not be fair to tell some Clubs that they would have to revert to Junior status and kick them out! All these problems would be solved at a stroke if the ECPL/Duchy amalgamated- although my understanding is that one of them would never in a million years have agreed to merge.Sadly that intransigence would appear to have backfired!
  12. This refers to Combo and ECPL -nothing to do with the new set up
  13. It's open season for every club in the county:expect several Trelawney/Duchy teams to move to their respective Senior leagues.This has to be good news for Peninsula sides (Sticker,St.Dennis Godolphin, Penzance and Helston etc.) with their Reserves not in the Junior set-up having ludicrous qualification Rules for being able to move freely between 1sts & 2nds. I can only assume this is the reason why CCFA wanted Trelawney/Combo and Duchy/ECPL to merge.
  14. Morwenstow v St.Minver and Lanreath v St.Blazey off
  15. Adlestrop


    Another (non) grammatical gem: A young lady commenting on the heatwave said :...."being hot,the ice cream certainly pleased me " Has anyone ever ate a hot ice cream ?