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  1. Adlestrop

    Duchy & Cup - Saturday 8 December 2018

    Where are you going to,Paul?
  2. The message I replied to,from "windmill on the shirt", regarding you manager's sacking has been deleted.I,m not sure why(didn't seem to be insulting!),perhaps D.D. could advise.
  3. I'm sure "middleman's mate" (hose contributions to this forum are always sensible)will enlighten us.Over to you,Fletch.
  4. I,m pretty sure Sticker is only a village,Dave.
  5. Adlestrop

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    He needs to be a motor mechanic to tighten up the wheels that are coming off !
  6. Adlestrop

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    "problem is the quality gap between the old reserve players and the first team, the gap was too big so when the reserve players did step up in the past they were ludicrously out of their depth. One of the players they have brought through from their youth, the young lad Rhead, was actually representing Devon on Saturday " Yet it worked perfectly well with Saltash and Torpoint last season !
  7. Adlestrop

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    It will work until a player "helping out" gets an injury - will he be covered by Parkway's Insurance ? Regarding a reserve/development side,Parkway had a successful second string last season but ludicrously they ditched them. It seems ironic that they (rightly) decided they were too good for the CSWPL-yet they now may be helped by that League,s players
  8. Adlestrop

    Neil Curnow

    Fair point,Mike:a glaring omission on my part ! Shaun played both for the highest Leagues.However,Neil would surely have graced the SW Leaague had he not been so admirably loyal to the Tinners.
  9. Good to see Neil being features in the next Mag.I've been thinking for some time now,and meant to have raised this topic previously. I consider Neil to be the best Cornish all-rounder in my time for football and cricket:and I'm hard pushed to think of anyone else coming closeAnyone agree?
  10. As Bolitho Park would have seemed perfect for Truro's home games,I wonder if this was viable.Obviously Parkway had to upgrade the ground to meet the Western League's standards: so just how much more was required to meet the new Standard ?
  11. Hello,Rodney:I visited St.Teath last Saturday for the Senior Cup;and sorry to relate the Tinners were completely outplayed-in fact 6-3- flattered them!Neil Curnow is certainly the engine-room but lacked support:although cricketer Kelvin Snell looked good.It was my first sight of St.Teath and was most impressed.Incidentally,the pitch was superb-on a par with Penryn.I was hoping to introduce ...