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  1. Difficult as there is a St Pirans game on there. Plus Combo is grass root football.
  2. Drove by today and apart from the access road there doesn’t appear to be any activity.
  3. Older. I always used the sinbin for dissent but some referee`s do not use it, I was on a Peninsular game as an assistant and was told by the referee that he didn`t use the sinbin as it affected his club marks. also We Two you cannot use the sinbin for foul and abusive language that is a red card offence, the sinbin is for dissent only.
  4. Keith many many years ago now I reacted to foul language from behind me i turned around and sent off the the player, it wasn’t until after the game it was pointed out I had got the wrong player, big lesson learned, now in that situation I need to hear clearly what is said also I need to see the player actually mouth the words.
  5. Keith, you cannot use the yellow card for foul and abusive language, it isa red card offence.
  6. What a coincidence Ian , two weeks ago I had to make the same decision. 47 years very difficult decision to have to make.
  7. It’s not always the losing team, I have been congratulated on my game by a neutral observer also two of the winning teams supporters approached me and thanked me for a good game and guess what their team who won put in an adverse report about me.
  8. Well from my personal experience I never ref any game differently, in every game I tried to do the best I could ( note the past tense) , also I have refereed at what is these days level three.
  9. I was lucky , I managed to get a good view of the Newquay game.
  10. 100%cornish they can’t advertise it as there should be no spectators, but pleased you enjoyed it, the standard of football was very good considering the long layoff we have had.
  11. I am in total agreement with you Dave regarding VAR.
  12. I a waiting for Darren to take up the whistle and show us all how it should be done, it’s the easiest thing in the world to sit on the sidelines and pontificate as to how it should be done.
  13. Way of the Park, I use the sinbin as per our instructions a few seasons ago, but it does not seem to make any difference to the players attitude, another point is I had a referee tell me he doesn`t use the sinbin because it affects his club marks.
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