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  1. Nick, sorry to be pedantic but swearing is not dissent, that is foul & abusive and is a red card offence the sinbin is a yellow card and is for dissent only.
  2. Don’t panic, the way the weather is I am sure referee’s will become available and Paul Murphy will be able to allocate one to your game.
  3. footballfollower20, its 32p per mile , sorry to correct you. but again that figure is well below what the AA and RAC quote for mileage expenses. All I am saying is that if you are going to quote figures please get them correct.
  4. footballfollower20, I hate to spoil your fun with the match fee paid to referee`s, yesterday my match fee was £18 anything over and above that was in travelling expenses, Now I left home at 12.30 and did not get back home until 17.30 , which I calculate to be 5hrs so that is an hourly rate of 3.60 which if memory serves me correctly that is well below the minimum wage. So just maybe not as lucrative as you made it sound. Also I do not do it for the money I love football and it`s my way of staying involved.
  5. Hi Steve, thanks for your comments, it was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we will meet again during the season.

  6. Hello, hope all is well? I know we'll be seeing you tomorrow at Grampound but on Sunday we may be hosting a games against the threemilestone vets and are looking for a ref, would be an 11am kick off at the trispen pitch again.

    Would you be interested in reffing that, should be a stroll in the park to ref!

    Cheers Elliott

  7. Spot on with your post on language Keith, Scousemouse etc seem to think it's a black & white problem , but it's a very big grey area.

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