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Tim Hyslops Comments in The Sunday Independent

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Having read Tim Hyslop article in the Sunday Independent today about end of season presentations it made me think who would really invite him to one.

Tim is well known for slagging off fellow referees, when from what I've been told and what I read on this forum really wants to review his own performances. If your that good Tim why aren't you refereeing Premiership matches you seem to think you could be a better job.

His contribution to the Sunday Independent is a weekly embarrassment to the paper.

Anyway going on to his analysis of end of season presentations. A lot of clubs run on a budget where players pay subs every match. The people who organise the presentations most have family's with full time jobs. To slate the awards available is unbelievable, The Players Player award is a absolute privilege for the person who receives it recognises the effort they have put in over the season. Managers Player of the Season is a privilege also. I can't believe you think Clubman of the Year is a joke, my club has a groundsman who not only deserves the award this year but deserves a OBE!

To say end of season presentations are now an excuse to get drunk, darn right they are its a lads night out to enjoy yourself after a hard season. Again players get time off work to make sure they can play on Sat afternoon.

To say there are more medals than a champions league final again is unbelievable its a token of appreciation from the club to the players, some of them maybe only 16 and in their first season. I know I've always kept mine be it my forces trophies or club medals from Carharrack or St Day FC. They are fond memories considering some of the players I have played with are no longer with us.

So Tim, tell us how would you run a end of season presentation? I can tell you one thing you want be getting a invite to ours!

I bet if Tim had his way everyone would have to turn up, sit down with a glass of water and listen to Tim talk about how great he is all night before quietly going home with no memories of the evening.

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Hang Hyslop high ! Give a medal to the player with the strongest rope ! His comments about St Just Cricket Club have also been noted for future retaliation.

Self-centred, right-wing establishment lickspittle dwarf ! Ruined a good game when St Just visited Lanreath in the Senior Cup when he was only linesman !

Thanks to this wonderful website for everything it is doing to provide good topical information about Cornish football and put the Sunday Dependant where it deserves to be...out of business. It was only a few years ago that it ran a racist campaign to preserve Padstow's infamous "Darkie Day".

Hyslop....a good mate for Potham...he was at the same match ! Ructions ensued.....they were fortunate that the whole place was not sacked and burned to the ground. I shall be supplying the whole squad with Viking helmets next season. :D

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Guest Uncle Albert

Mr Hyslop is a prize plonker, I'm afraid.

I've seen him officiate on a number of occasions, and not one of those games passed without Mr Hyslop getting involved when it was unnecessary for him to do so. He was, and is, a poor official.

I think the Sunday Independent only persevere with his column because it is so bad that it is bound to attract comment.

He's as good a columnist as he is a referee. Enough said.

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In defence of the Independant [not Mr.Hyslop] - I think they do a very good job in an extremely limited time-span.

There is a very good coverage of all sport [particularly football & rugby] from Cornwall & Devon and considering the matches/games are mostly finishing around 4.30 to 5pm I don't know how they manage to get all that content ready and printed for 1st thing on Sunday morning. All the games/results/league tables/forthcoming fixtures & match reports...!! Takes a lot of doing and a lot of organisation.

Inevitably some mistakes are going to occur - but on the whole I think they do an excellent job..!

Where else could we get that amount of local coverage in time for our sunday morning read...??

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Guest Peppermint

I am another person who does not bother buying the Sunday Independent anymore but I cannot understand why Tim Hyslop is allowed to get away with some of his comments in his column. If an official, manager or player stated some of the things he says they would be in trouble with the FA.

When he criticises clubs and players and sometimes it is obvious who the club is then surely the next time he officiates at that club they are going to fear the worst.

His comments about Presentation Evenings and Dinners are laughable - the delight on someone's face when they receive a trophy is great to witness and sometimes trophies are awarded to unsung heroes of clubs. Long may these dinners continue and shame on you Mr Hyslop - maybe it is jealousy because he has never won anything. I seem to remember he is a very average cricketer playing in a minor league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest plainmoor

Biggest chump going apart from Cloakie!

Isn't this the same ref that shouted at the Launceston manager 'unlucky' after he had a perfectly good goal ruled out for them earlier this season?

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