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  1. Good Feast entertainment at St Just and a deserved point apiece in a game dominated by teams with the wind behind them. St Just's prolific strikers Jack Willis, with a raking drive in off the post , put the Tinners ahead. Direct from a corner , Ellis doubled the lead on 24 minutes. The balance of play was challenged by two late first half goals from Pendeen strikers, one a good free kick from twenty yards. Ellis scored his second and St Jyst's third from close range three minutes after the restart. Thereafter Pendeen, with the wind, pressed but lacked composure, the only reward for territorial advantage a second goal from the Mousehole No 9 on 70 minutes.Competitive Derby in lovely St Jyst Feast weather played mostly in a good spirit and excellently reffed by Ian Roberts.Glad I wore my Mac and gloves on the line !
  2. Good game at Mullion, which could gave gone either way till the last ten minutes. Tinners took the lead after an og in the first 5 minutes . Good Mullion equaliser inside the box just before the break. Andrew Curnow header from a corner on the hour, slightly against the run of play, put St Just ahead. Ashley Ellis seemingly made it safe on 77 minutes, but a good finish from the Mullion striker was followed by a saved penalty on 80 minutes. Ellis completed a hat trick as Mullion tried to push on in the closing stages. Entertaining, sporting,very well reffed. Excellent passing game from St Just.
  3. isaac rosenberg

    If the ECPL can do it so can the Combo

    CTB...how many did Jack Strick get for St Just ? I remember 35 in one season, but nay have included Senior Cup goals. Playing late sixties and early seventies. Neil Curnow...top scoring one club player still in the league. Brilliant loyalty.
  4. I take it St Just will be awarded the three points following Porthleven Reserves failure to fulfil their fixture. What do the rules say, CTB? Three hone games have not taken place at St Just so far. Helston because of no referee, St Teath and Porthleven failing to raise a team. Nothing negative in thus post on Non League Day. St Just wanted to play allvthrre and the pitch us in excellent condition. Just quoting the facts.
  5. Apparently 4 3 win for the Tinners at St Agnes. This has cheered up the Forest Green Rovers coach immensely on the way back from our first loss of the season at Northampton Town.
  6. Sorry, my mistake, you've reformed as Mousehole Development Squad, my friends have advised. Don't suppose County Hall care that much who uses a council pitch, but will be glad to have tenants who can afford the rent. Nice to make the second round if the Senior Cup. Don't despair, one day you'll be in the hat one day with the bigger Penwith clubs. You are a microcosm of Turkey in 1914: the sick man of Penwith. That ended well. Now they're run by Erdowan..
  7. In that case. Gentlemen, given your extensive media influence, contacts and role as opinion formers, start your campaign now to persuade clubs not to pay their affiluation fees to the FA. Set up an alternative organisation. One more year before I retire; then I could come and help you.
  8. This sad situation of cancelled games will become more frequent as a result if the F A's hamfisted interference in league structures, loathed all over the country, but especially in Cornwall. It is not lack of ambition, but economic reality of a culture where the 9 to 5 five day working week is no longer how the majority of young people sustain themselves. No supporter wants to see their club following Ludgvan from success to possible extinction as Penzance filch their players. Not surprised players follow the.money,: in Cornwall, there's not much if it around and people who would not get into Bristol pub teams behave like Ronaldo's agent. No good being sentimental about loyalty, because it only remains in exceptional clubmen like the Curnows. The solution is for Cornwall to secede fromc the English FA. The Senior Cup ? Oh, get real ! In every other county, the county cup is a midweek or end of season add-on. Watched Forest Green play Cinderford in a final in front of150 a while back....putting out their under 18s and charging a pound entry. Love the Combo League, despite dodginess of fixturing and loading up if teams with ringers, again due to daft money-driven "restraint of trade" nonsense imposed by FA to defeat common sense of one player, one club. A local league where lots if friends are made in familiar fixtures, a Cornish institution. About to he destroyed vy the FA. Why ? Because their structures are basesd on the demographic conditions in cities with extensive municipal pitches, artificial surfaces, floodlights and sponsors, players and fans who can afford the swingeing fines they impose. By contrast, they will decinate rural, village football. A survey of the "grass roots" established that 82% of public opinion saw the FA negatively. When it is time for revolution, reorganisation and withokdibg of all ubdaur taxes, why do my countrymen lie down and accept this parasitic organisation which respects only FIFA ? FIFA !!!!...don't get me started !!!
  9. isaac rosenberg

    St Just

    Randall....nice one. ! Still in St Just, still an accomplished butcher !
  10. St Just's 2000th game was competitive. Congratulations to Falmouth: a well taken goal by Gavin Perraton, was followed by a second on the hour by their Number 9 against the run of play following a series of St Just chances to equalise . Man of the Match oerformance by young St Just centre half. I was told there was some kind of presentation to St Just before the match by a league officer who then left imneduately to go to Penzance, to somebody called Mr Pickle who has recently joined the St Just committee. Unfortunately nobody else noticed. It would have been nice if the occasion had been publicly commemorated and had involved Steve Curnow or Will James or Ben Way or skipper Neil Curnow, all of whom were present, or anybody known to have contributed to the club. However, we have been in the Combo long enough to know how it operates. Never mind, there was a good game to watch..Thanks to all concerned., especially the excellent managers and players from both sides, as well as Alan Hoon for another splendid performance in black. Nice to see some old faces back at the club too.
  11. isaac rosenberg

    St Just

    Hi Rougvie, my e mail is john.beer@ newcolkege.ac.uk. you have a great moniker....I remember watching the wonderful Deadly Doug Rougvie following in the great Chopper Harris tradition at Stamford Bridge in the late seventies.
  12. Surely Mr Roberts will be paying a visit to Lafrowda on 29 September to make a special Loyalty Award to the only club ever-present in the Combination League on the occasion of their 2000th match. By the end of the season there will have been more league matches played by the Tinnerrs than years since the birth of Our Lord. Come on, John, do the right thing, y.ou know you want to ! ?
  13. isaac rosenberg

    Long Service Award

    I shall be there ! Anything to shake the hand of an old friend !
  14. Well done Tinners. 2000th game home to Falmouth Town next Saturday on the best drained pitch in Cornwall. The slope is only from the top wing to the centre spot...from there to the stand is flat. St Just wind is special, of course, blowing in the fog.