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  1. Congratulations to NAS Culdrose on being the second club to reach the 2000 game milestone. The precedent for dealing with this was that John Mead was dispatched to the 2000th game of the first club, where he shook hands privately with a chap from Tregeseal and left before the game started, presumably to return to Penzance, without making contact with St Just's then officers, managers or players. Presumably, all clubs being equal in its impartial eyes, the senior officers of the League will want to organise something similar for NAS Culdrose. Let's hope for another balmy day on the Airbase.
  2. The usual dictatorship without representation from the English FA. All sorts of officers required for this and that national initiative designed to brown-nose some panjandrum trying to launch his own career with his "initiatives", but no refs, nothing for facilities and teams folding.. On the day the Combo shuts down, the FA's greatest concern will be to extract any monies due from leagues, clubs, players or officials...all filched to subsidise higher levels of the game, the expense of VAR, the England team, the myriads of prawn sandwich and freebie chasers and all the bullshit they generate. Once upon a time there was a Cornish Rebellion. When there is no more football to divert the pisspoor from the fact they are used, abused and laughed at, maybe they'll stop voting Tory. For Crissakes, Cornwall, get up off your knees !
  3. John Mead knows that I speak the truth, perhaps in a florid style on occasion. Unlike other critics above, he will at least recognise that the historical perspective from which my "obsession" is channelled is not superficial. With apologies to Leonard Cohen: "They sentenced me to thirty years of boredom/ For trying to change the Combo from within:/I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them..." Such insincere sympathy reminds me of the cliquey nepotism of my beloved native backwater, which in so many ways I have surmounted, in fields more expansive than Cornwall could offer. To be fair, the community gave me a decent educational foundation, which I think I adequately repaid between 1993 and 2009 before going on to better things. It still pays me well, for which I'm grateful. It's nice to be compared to St Nicholas, too. I am indeed generous in bestowing so many words on those who display folly. St Icker forever, eh ? Could be a one horse town of only it weren't full of donkeys. Ho ho lol. Amusing to see how uncharacteristically quiet CTB has gone after his initial blooper. And of course the latest generation of orthographically challenged adolescents from Penlee Park is appropriately articulate. Is 72 your IQ, Daren ? Sorry, did I misspell your name ? (probably not). Run away, chilblains, before you are sucked into boggy, briny mediocrity for ever. Penwith is no longer the rural idyll I was lucky enough to experience. It is a prison of narrow horizons. Incidentally, if you are foolish enough to vote for Brexit, your financial and cultural poverty will deepen. Get out while you can. "Other waves from ocean deep/Are surging in to land." No wonder so many pitches are waterlogged. It is symbolic of an intellectual condition.
  4. True. What's wrong with that ? Those of us who want to leave, leave. Those who want to stay can stay. Secede from the English FA and a set-up based on proximity to big clubs, populations, money and training facilities. Stop paying ridiculous levels of taxation to a distant government (the FA) which does not represent your interests at all; and is dominated by international plutocrats. Restore some community to football. Otherwise, in this poor Extremadura of the heart, it will die out altogether. In 1497, the Cornish faced similar choices and fought back. Maybe they cared more about identity and starvation than most of us do about local football. Fair enough. Fight or die, your choice.
  5. Don't like the messenger, so reject the truth he tells and smear him with something he didn't intend or say ? What are you, a Tory media mogul or something ? If I said that, in our era, FIFA World Cup bidding processes are corrupt and Qatar's stadium construction flouts human rights, that would not be a slur against the late Jules Rimet. If I said that there was limited interest in the Cornwall Charity Cup, that would not be a personal attack on the late Durning Lawrence. I have no opinion of the late Mr Gardner and have not expressed one. I didn't know him. Conversely, I have a strong opinion of the contribution made by representatives from Helston, Penzance and Porthleven to the demise of a once-great league. Read my words. By all means disagree robustly with them, but try not to frame lies about my intention. If
  6. Indeed, John, who cares ? As long as Penzance win, eh ? As long as you and others continue to exert influence in their favour, on committees, CCFA and everywhere else, as you have ever since the days of Dave Wadd, and the magnificent club policies of pillaging the whole of West Cornwall because you were then the "senior club", weren't you ? The brown envelopes could fly to Plymouth and the locals could sit on the bench. I remember my first visit to Penlee Park, when the Tinners weren't playing, instructed to cheer for Yeovil, who won 7-2. Dad was from Marazion, where they were no fonder of Smacktown FC then than we were up Newbridge Hill.In those days you even had a crowd and more than three committee members. What a surprise, Smacktown FC have banned me from spectating now, because I complained about their manager tapping up Tinners on the touchline. What a surprise. Can't take debate. And of course, one rule for the thieving Magpies and one for the village clubs. Who cares, John, you doyen of CCFA and expert on rules, so quick to invoke them when it is in your interest ? CTB tells us that there were missed tackles and people were getting teasy, so the ref blew up early. But now we have the word of a superannuated bank manager that CTB's watch was wrong. Perhaps he has a mystical link to the head of the referee. Well, if that's what Dave says, it must be true. We always trust the banks, don't we ? Too big to fail, they are. That's why the country is in such an excellent condition. I expect if St Just had been playing there would have three off and a county payday. Maybe you would have appeared as a witness to our terrible, unsporting behaviour. How many cards did the ref dish out to Penzance and Perranwell Reserves, if the game was so tasty? Have they all been put in ? Yeah, who cares, John ? Between the Jersey Wives Holiday Club of CCFA and the Dave Gardner Trophy Alliance that between them stitched up and destroyed the Combo, who cares ? It was only local football, John. Good job I live in Gloucestershire now: we might still have some to watch in ten years up here. Not sure about Cornwall, though. Who cares, John Mead, Mr Football ? Done you any good, has it ? What a club. Great past, no future. Lol.
  7. St Just remain unbeaten and have turned over three teams from higher leagues in cup competitions. Super start, keep it going.
  8. So, 7 extra seconds played ? How many second half substitutions ? I absolutely agree that the referee's decision should be final and that his watches are the only ones that count. That being the case, will he perhaps admit that he made a significant timekeeping error ? Or was the second half without any substitutions, injuries or other stoppages except for 7 seconds ? I know they slither on and off fast at Penzance, but that fast ? If the game had been without a referee and a club representative kept time in an identical way, would there be any complaints from the opposition ? If not...well, you saw the precedent here first !
  9. Yeah, right, CTB. Just a supporter, knowing the exact time of birth of a young player, of the only club that retains representatives on league management committees of leagues it has been relegated from. That was a game against Perranwell too, I seem to remember. A St Just trouble maker, maybe. But JUST a troublemaker ? Show some respect ! To mix metaphors, while skeletons are rattling in your online closet, don't throw stones. .
  10. As readers of CTB's report on the Trelawny League fixture between Penzance Reserves and Perranwell Reserves will be aware, the referee allegedly ended the game at least four minutes early and without any addition of time for substitutions, time-wasting, ball out of play or injury because he "did not think either side would score again". CTB is a sterling servant and supporter of Penzance AFC, whose 3-0 lead after 86 minutes, if treated as a final score, could change the destiny of the Trelawney League title. It is outrageous that he should sanction such an action and support his club being allowed to take the points. Surely CCFA and the League need to investigate this matter and demand that the match should be replayed over two equal halves as the Laws of the Game require. Otherwise, in a situation in which so many matches are now being refereed by Club representatives, there is a clear precedent for them, when their team is clinging to a vulnerable lead, to do the same as the hapless individual in charge at Penlee Park ! If this result is allowed to stand, Cornish football will retain no credibility whatsoever.
  11. "The referee decided it looked as though no more goals would be scored and blew up early !!!" This result could determine the destiny of League One ! This is outrageous. The game is not over till two equal halves of 45 minutes have been played, plus appropriate extra time. But as usual, Penzance FC and its supporters claim some kind of privilege to flout the rules. Please advise what evidence there was for the referee's assumption ! Were the 24 supporters about to cause a riot if they couldn't get home in time for Strictly Come Dancing ? Was this likely to threaten player safety ? St Just were once playing at home to Wendron, then under the management of Tony Kellow, and losing 0-3 at 90 minutes. Dave Burt headers in the 91st, 92nd and 94th minutes made the final score 3-3. No game is legitimately over after 86 minutes ! Was there no time to be added ? No second half subs ? Out of your own mouth, CTB ! If you acknowledge that this is what happened, the match should be replayed, according to rules. I advise the Perranwell secretary to put in a complaint in a report to CCFA and the League. Even if they don't, perhaps St Just will !
  12. Blast ! That was my second choice tonight after Truro City got rained off. Thought Vidal might gave needed a linesman.
  13. Down here for three days hoping to see cream of Cornish football, but sadly St Just have no midweek game.
  14. Is Truro's game against Blackfield and Langley still on tonight ?
  15. Yes, Davud187, because, to appropriate a quotation from a different context, "when you place a Cornishmsn on a spit, you can usually find another Cornishman to turn him." In practice, the archaic distinction between senior and junior, a relic of the past like so much in Cornish football administration. Is no longer much of a barrier. My heart will support whoever strives to help St Just come back up through the leagues. The particular players selected are up to that manager to determine. So your question about what existing senior players will do would be better addredsed either to the new management, in the event that they wish to discuss their plans with you, or to the players you have in mind. Since you are clearly a Penzance fan with no benevolence towards St Just in the first place, I would be quite surprised if they chose to hold that discussion. But do feel free to try and stir it as much as you like.
  16. Thanks, Kevin, that's kind. We all do our best and, like life itself, football introduces us to the full range of human behaviour, ranging from the sublime to the obscene, mostly somewhere between. St Just can be quite an extreme place, not only geographically. As you say, I am somewhat Marmite too. Growing up there as the son of somebody who taught some of my fiercest critics at primary school but sent me off to prep school elsewhere had its influence on how I was perceived from the age of about 5. As a passionate fan from the age of 7, I only ever wanted St Just to do well. As Darren says, 75%, at least, of the clubs in the Combo before this year's dramatic shake-up have had individuals attached who paid other individuals from time to time. Why this led to my getting more flak than most others doing the same I am not sure. I don't want to be negative about anybody, but back in the seventies and eighties St Just's performance, considering that, before more recent managers, some players seldom trained, was sensational, but it couldn't last. There are two or three "stalwarts" who, to the bottom of their refilling tankards, bitterly resented their replacement by the likes of Andy Trathen, Ben Leonard, John McCallum, Andy Dyer, Shane Richards, Gary Edmunds, Gary Bell and Jerry Ede, several of whom were based in West Penwith or just beyond. Only in St Just would that be regarded as "foreign". I was once called out for "outsider" abuse because my father had actually been born elsewhere....all the way over in Marazion. To pay players or not to pay them...the debate goes on. The purist "loyal village players" position would be great if we didn't live in a poor economy where the ambitious still tend to leave the county during prime footballing years. I was away from 18 to 34 too, but not much loss there ! And back then, Dave Wadd's Penzance sought to entice the best of St Just, Marazion and Mousehole to "higher standard" football. And yes, they offered brown envelopes. Even those who epitomised club loyalty, like the sainted Will James, much older than me, were also seduced into a spell as a Magpie. That village spirit has gone now, partly because most people buy cars, most jobs require travel, and education, for all the degree courses I used to help to develop at Truro and Cornwall Colleges, is mostly up the line. It has been a long time coming. In 1969, I had to sing the verse underneath as part of the Humphry Davy School Song. Even then, our identity was defined by a melancholic awareness that we were over the hill: "As mighty waters ebb and flow Against the granite shore, So we, an ebbing tide, must go, This place be ours no more. For other waves from ocean deep Are surging in to land, Another race will take our place And bear the torch in hand........... By memory's chain we linked remain Whatever may befall Our (club) be still the first and last, Our motto "One And All."
  17. Many excellent points made in the posts above, as well as some mis- interpretation of motive and fact in relation to St Just. When there is competition for places at a club, the best players step up their game. The likes of Stuart Nicholls. Jon Bird and the Curnow family, none of them paid, did exactly that. Weaker players either train harder to regain their places or go to the pub, moan and leave. Often that weskness is a measure of character rather then football ability. The certain person targeted by david187 is obviously me. Many of his assertions are exaggerated and sone are untrue, but I get whete he is coming from. Okay. Two Combo Cups and league runners-up for slightly more money than quoted. donated by me, but also five to seven thousand a year raised through the organisation of workplace lotteries, supplemented by such activities as my dressing up as my mother on Lafrowda Day in Market Square reciting the poetry of TS Eliot while inviting passers by, for suitable sums, to throw eggs or water at me. Worth £800 to the club at the time. I have never been responsible for taking a single penny of St Just AFC funds to pay any player and I never would. In fact. My earlirst payments to players saved us from relegation, in the days ehen John Roberts was trying to organise it; and a former manager had taken 16 players to Penxance, as CTB knows well. The post, the bar, the late Andy Trathen' and a seventeen year old keepet I drove down from Polgooth saved our Combo status by a hairsbreadth in a 2 1 home evening win against Illogan.What now matters is for the club,at whatever level, to survive and thrive in the grim contemporary environment of Cornish football. To that end, whoever takes it forward with alternative ideas which promote this goal has my absolute support. I will in future occupy no official position, but in case of acute need the club knows where I am. Just one word about localism. Better communications and greater social mobility have rendered the narrower parochial loyalties of the past defunct. The "outsiders" I introduced came in most cases from a 20 mile radius. Yet Penzance, in the days when they could hoover local talent and were a successful club, paid Plymouthians and seated that talent on the bench. Perhaps because I am an exuberant communist gobshite who despises the hierarchical establishments of Cornwall, in football and elsewhere, I, as an insolent St Juster, take more flak than them.
  18. I will not dignify david187 with an answer. He is a sad man, deeply antipathetic to the interests of St Just AFC. St Darren is uncannily accurate....I left Cornwall in 2009. As a point of information, I was not the sponsor under debate in this thread. While I may make occasional donations, they are not in that league. Every little helps: perhaps le boss would like to show the same spirit of generosity to Carharrack. My only future involvement at St Just will be as an occasional supporter: there is no "black cloud" from me. After a very helpful chat to Joe Sturgeon, I wish him and his family well in taking the club forward. Just one observation about the contrast between Cornwall and elsewhere. Here in Gloucestershire, I have watched an entertaining series of pre-season friendlies between Forest Green Rovers, Cirencester, Brimscombe, Yate Town, Slimbridge, Shortwood United and Chalford. All are within 15 miles of the others. All have proper referees. Most have excellent facilities and are solvent, despite some crowds not being much bigger than we see in Cornwall. There is the same tooth-gnashing angst about the awful, awful imposition of changed league structures from a London-based FA. Cornwall needs somebody to communicate that its geography and demography are not typically English and to articulate this at the upper reaches of the FA. In Gloucestershire, there is an air of local co-operation and comparative affection between neighbouring clubs. I am not alone in watching all of the above, probably attending 80 matches a year. By contrast, the interplay of Cornish clubs is more like a group of reptiles trapped in a sack biting each other to death for the last gasp of air. The standard of football in Cornwall is comparatively so abysmal that, in all honesty, a club importing the best four players from my entirely amateur local side in Brimscombe every week would have won last year's JCCL by twenty points. I appreciate that things are so tough that for many young men in Cornwall even £20 to play football keeps the wolf from the door, Expense begets expense. I heard of a player yesterday, offered that amount by a local club, who on hearing that the rest of the team were also to receive the same, insisted that, as he thought he was better, he would now demand £40 a game. Of course, this is all unsustainable. Ultimately the unbridled development of capitalism permitted by the nonsense neo-liberal economics which gave us austerity and the SKY TV business plan have dominated the policies of the FA at every level of the game. In simple terms, the rich are richer and the majority are scat. Unsurprisingly, the youngsters prefer getting fat playing FIFA and watching the best players in the world from their sofa to going out in the fog down St Just. It's a cheap, isolated activity, if your diet is pickle flavoured crisps. A lot of them are understandably quite depressed... That's the world you are in, folks ? Gonna keep fighting each other to death, or try to change it by biting your way out of the sack co-operatively ? Change the politics.
  19. I have discovered today that Neil Stephens, who was the most dynamic lobbyist for change at St Just, has decided to step away from the club. He agrees with me : the decision to drop the first team 's status would not have been his either. I wish him well. Since neither he, I, nor any of the Curnow family were present at the unconventionally called EGM and the one dissenting voice present, agsinst a majority of five, was putative new manager and vice. Chair Terry Sturgeon, I respectfully suggest that oymight be in the interest the club to revisit this decision. While I aplte iatr that Mr Carpenter and others cannot now allow flip-flopping...and I thank him in particular for his tolerant forbearance... It would be worth revising the decision regarding sponsorship and engsging ore people with proven experience and acuity in club administration For information, Keith, I understand that The Tinner newbie is Joe Sturgeon, our new Chair.
  20. Firstly, thanks to Rappoi and others for their kind comments about St Just, past and present. In answer to the question about responsibility for the application to the St Piran's League, I took emergency Life President action to meet the deadline and asked the Club Secretary to ensure that appropriate notification was given. The subsequent AGM and EGM were held without any notice as required by club rules and I did not know about either. However, it is not my intention to raise politica,legal or procedural objections to this. It is in the interests if St Just AFC that those who have striven to take control of the club from previous stalwarts now step up to the positions of responsibility they apparently wanted. I would much prefer a junior club to no club at all. In moving to this new situation, however. I think the new hierarchy should avoid suggesting that the timing of Steve Curnow''s relinquishing the role if manager had anything to do with the current difficulty. Steve has not received good off field support for some time. He would prefer to remain actively involved in the club. After hus quarter- century of recent service, suitable commemoration and thanks should be provided. Looking forward, as a supporter, I am puzzled by the committee's decision to turn down a major team sponsor, but look forward to their creative funding ideas and campaign for the Trelawny League and Junior Cup. Those St Just youngsters who refused to step up to the first team will, I hope, now that the committee has sanctioned their actions and put them at the heart of the club, reward the faith the committee's localism implies with loyalty, conscientious training, club spirit and engagement. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them success. I now plan to step up my involvement with Forest Green Rovers instead. Had the decision been mine, St Just would be embarking on a senior season with an experienced manager and a lucrative sponsor. I understand the counterarguments and I hope Mr Gray, the younger Mr Sturgeon and Mr Stephens prove that their alternative views are better for St Just AFC. Come on you Tinners !
  21. The rule affecting goalkeeper movements at penalties is interesting because according to the letter of the law, it renders any shot directed firmly towards the cornet of the net impossible to save unless the keeper is nine feet tall. Most of us in tin-mining country find it convenient to be shorter than that.
  22. I could say plenty. But for once, I won't. I would have taken a different path, but it is now up to those who decided to becomd a junior club to show that their decision was in the longer term interest if football in St Just. I genuinely hope they are right and I am wrong.
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