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  1. Prosecuted for what ? Treason? Telling the truth about the bull**** Bagehot saw as necessary "to excite the reverence of the common people"? Keith, you couldn't illustrate my point about the threat to free speech for me more effectively! Thank you. CTB, I think you know I am a Corbynista. I won't follow in the elephantine footsteps of your braying-tabloid wit. Please accept my pity and compassion with good grace. I know you need it.
  2. Thank you, my friends, for your well-meant advice. Keith, of whom do you think I should be careful ? We live in a place and time in which the principle of free expression is under dire threat and I think it is increasingly important to have the courage to express dissenting ideas. My "detestation" of the hereditary proponents of undeserved privilege is entirely political, despite my colourful language. I think it is my moral duty not to hide it. I would, incidentally, stick up vehemently for your right to be a Conservative Christian, a Brexiteer or even a Penzance supporter, should such w
  3. Sorry to disagree, I know it's not like me! I would understand the postponement of football as a gesture of respect to someone who had contributed enormously to the game in Cornwall. I will refrain from detailed comment about the 99 year deer-hunter, arch-conservative and racist in question, in case he has been mowing the pitch at Penlee Park or something and I just didn't realise ! The slavish devotion of ordinary people to the very forces that oppress them politically and economically grieves me politically and personally. Suppose it's just a matter of time before Duchess Camilla o
  4. The problem, Borat, is that those who are infected cannot know they are till it is too late to avoid infecting others. People therefore cannot "know the risk" to others and the full chain of transmission which they may encounter or initiate. There will be occasions when rules seem pedantic, unfair or unduly restrictive. Without them, however, as currently in Brazil, deaths will escalate beyond all control. Sadly, some people will "use their own judgement" in selfish and blinkered ways. Even Johnson, whose early libertarian stupidity and delay contributed to the highest fatalities in Europe, no
  5. Much wiser than endangering myself in that infected council paddling pool you call a pitch. The poor chap who banned me, oh dear ! Hasn't done him any good, had it ?
  6. Well done, CTB. Nice to see your reports. Looking forward to one from your game against St Just on Saturday.
  7. You need a smile after your Spurs boys were demolished by the mighty Joelinton ! Last time he scored, Botofogo Reserves were playing Real Kelynack on St Just Airport ! Do you ever think Roman might be still paying Mourinho a retainer to screw up our rivals for places in Europe ?
  8. I know Always been a millennium ahead of my time, the Galileo of Cornish football. Or maybe more like Fiver from Watership Down. Talking of rabbits, have they hollowed out enough bunkers under the St Ives pitch to host the world leaders' summit safely now ?
  9. I remember Mullion playing in Sky Blue in about 2970 before changing to their traditional red and white shirts. I also recall Culdrose, usually in pale blue, wearing red and black. eAF St Mawgan at different times, wire both yellow and white strips instead of their traditional blue and white.st Dennis, normally all blue, switched at one time to green: I recall St Just once having to play there wearing a weird yellow and purple change kit with no numbers on it. Penzance, one season, wore a very fetching pink kit under the guidance of the late Mr Mewton. St Day, usually in yellow, had a season
  10. What's this ? The Pitch Rollers Union ? You're just a small suburb of Falmouth !
  11. Too right, Geoffrey, that 0-1 was Luggy's best result of the season. You must have had Roger Toms or Salvatore Barbegallo up front ! Nice little warm-up for Penzance to get them ready for next week, anyway. Spectators banned from Truro and Penwith College property? Not sure that would include double-vaccinated alumni who were founder members of College Management, m8 ! Behave ! That's like being the educational equivalent of John Mead, virtually royalty !
  12. Cheers Asterix ! Shayners is a top man. Did wonders down west, he did. Half of St Just running round with Troon genes now ! Signing those Troon boys caused the biggest shift in the local population since the Spaniards burned Penzance in the sixteenth century ! Legends ! Tell him to ask Matt Harris when he's going to put the stand back up!
  13. I love the way that football's run, An everlasting source of fun. The Rule of Law controls its dance Except when it concerns Penzance. So after all our dreadful losses, Trump, Brexit, covid, Tory bosses,. There's still John Mead to tell us fools. He doesn't know Trelawney Rules ! Yeah, right. Relax, enjoy the Spring,
  14. None. Nothing to do with me, though it is amazing how many carloads of Step 5 players fancy free weekends in Cornish holiday houses. You don't even need to offer them free pasties.
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