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  1. Good battling win with a 90th minute goal, in windy conditions. Game turned in City's favour after home team rightly reduced to ten men. Great to see a Cornish team doing so well up here, turning round a half time deficit. Well deserved result. Entertaining afternoon.
  2. 12-2 to the Tinners at Illogan sounds fairly conclusive: well done. The first league goals St Just have conceded, so well done to Illogan on scoring both of them.
  3. Usual Spurs, I am afraid. Occasional brilliant games, a but like Bale, but overall, may just slip into the top six and won't win anything. Jose is one job from oblivion. Bale will probably fall out with him.
  4. I think my political affiliations, based on dialectical materialism and including opposition to mysticism, are sufficiently well known already, comrade.
  5. Stupidity, dear Magpie Clubman, is your province. Your recent public reference to our political representatives and guardians against covidiocy as "rectums" has not gone down well. You really can't afford to offend your council pitch landlord like that. Such a pity. Looks like you might have to play away all year. Perhaps for a few grand you could have groundshared at Pendeen ?
  6. Wow ! The Pies are back in Town, the Pies are back in Town, they got a point at home, they got a point at home ! Top draw indeed ! Three fantastic leaps, one fantastic report ! COME ON YOU PIES ! Again, I fear, we'll never see Such lyrical grace as CTB Imparts in every throbbing line To show bold Magpies stood so fine 'Gainst fearsome odds. Stare in amaze ! They wrenched a point from Mighty Praze ! Congratulations and thanks from all your old friends up in Pard Country.
  7. Be under no illusion : my allusion was to your attempted elusion. Glad to see your strikers are available and in the best if health.
  8. Course you don't, Donald, you very stable genius. And now you are the Messiah, so you are immune to the rule of law. Hope the disinfectant injections are bigly therapeutic.
  9. Hmmm. Pity your players' WhatsApp has an incompatible explanation. It's like the difference between Trump's doctor and his chief publicist. Good job there's no fake news in Cornwall, eh ?
  10. Clubman, do you know that tests took place or are you merely speculating? Having cancelled a game on September 26 as a result of an alleged outbreak at Praze FC, presumably the League Officer concerned will have ensured that contact was made with Test and Trace ? Given the extensive fines now applicable if quarantine protocols are not observed, it behoves us to take this very seriously. The good names of the League and of its sponsors are at stake, to say nothing of the potentially fatal implications of players, even if they are asymptomatic, being allowed to risk transmitting the virus to oth
  11. How did Praze manage that after cancelling last week's game because of coronavirus ? St Just 1 Constantine 0.
  12. Fond memories. Marazion Blues were still at Rosudgeon in the late nineteen sixties, when, as a ten year old, I saw my first ever Tinners away game there...a 2-1 win with goals from Mike Lawry and Malcolm Lawry.
  13. Boring ? Of course not, Smiler, but potentially life-saving. I merely hope that if four of your players had covid-19 symptoms, as your League President was informed by your club last Thursday, that all will be healthy before you take any risks that could proliferate the virus. In a week in which the infection rate in Cornwall has climbed to 31 in 100,000, I trust that all relevant sections of Praze FC are undertaking a 14 day quarantine. I trust that the CCFA and your local Test And Trace facility have been fully informed of the seriousness of your situation and that all Praze players are livi
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