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  1. CTB, you could at least pretend some neutrality. Not really the best time for anybody from Penzance FC to lambast my past financial contrbutions, is it ? Glass houses, eh ? See you are playing the usual Penzance game of trying to destabilise players from elsewhere. There you sit on your council pitch subsidised by council tax payers from the whole of the previous Penwith area for decades. Without that, why would Ezra Chapman be bailing you out ? After the glorious complacency of Penzance's win-nothing-for-decades history, based on its assumption that the best players of Penwith would be sucked into its top club, though so often those people sat on benches watching mediocre mercenaries.How many managers have you had in the 24 years Steve has been running St Just? "Growing" and "developing" local talent ? Brown envelopes, me ? Sure. And your club ? Unlike St Just, why is Penzance bust, CTB ? Neither Steve Curnow nor I ever took a penny out of St Just club. I put rather a lot in. I am looking forward to Money man's input. Heretofore, it has never been the right time to submit any invoices, but none of us know the future. As a Penzance supporter, David187, you seem surprisingly concerned, if not quite knowledgeable, about St Just's internal workings. All this barking ! Whose dog are you ? I would welcome the arrival of reliable people who would benefit the development of St Just AFC. We've had some great committee members in the past. Perhaps some of the best people booted out of Penzance would like to lend a hand. I actually crave very little. I'm very lucky in many ways. These days I am quite strongly involved in supporter representation at a League Two club; on the committee of another club at Step 5; and diversifying my work interests as I approach retirement. A return to political engagement, charity work and governance also beckon, though not in Cornwall. Illogically,, given its coruscating poverty, my party enjoys little success there.But St Just will always be my first love.
  2. Thanks, Steve. I'm sorry, Mr Throbjaw,, but I don't identify with low-culture daytime television references, as I imagine that you do. I don't think I've heard the W word, once favoured by East Londoners, since the 1970s. You're clearly one of the poor old NHS tourists who have come down to spend their declining years camped on Cornish council tax and I wish you well, especially in getting that sunshine to cure your poor old arthritic bones. Bet you've got one of those lovely, tasteful 42 inch TVs on your wall. You take care now.....
  3. Never deceitful. Your analysis in paragraph three is incorrect, except insofar as I brought money into the club from sources which those like the bed and breakfast bloke from Smacktown Seapies failed to keep up subsequently through uselessness. You are obviously a mouthpiece for a couple of the resentful local ex-players who spent time in what was then a real reserve team because "outsiders" came. Shock, horror, they came all the way from Camborne or Falmouth. I lived in Summercourt at the time. When you have real commitment, distance is no object. Strange that such a criticism comes from a supporter of a team that has always brought in mercenaries. "Building" and "developing" them ? What do you do with people who drink heavily on Friday nights and live on crisps ? Look at them. They've certainly built themselves since they stopped playing. Go away. You're starting to bore me.
  4. "And when we come to London Wall, A pleasant sight to view, Come forth, come forth, ye b******s all, Here's better men than you..." (Revd.R.S.Hawker, Vicar of Morwenstow, "The March of the Cornish Men.")
  5. Only slightly ? Perhaps this is reflective of the degree of dignity the FA interference with Cornwall deserves, then. Been dealing with two jokers in the Combo for years, Mick, who are as amateur as you can get. Old habits, eh ? I'm not a warrior either; more an absurdist philosopher. Your mathematical symbol appears to be the wrong way round and I suppose apostrophes are a bit old hat when your emoticons are so expressive. Never mind, eh ?
  6. St Just FC would like to reanimate their application and to join the Western Section of the new St Piran League, Steve.
  7. hi Steve, St Just FC would like to rejoin the Western Division of the new St Piran League, rescinding previous withdrawal. I understand we have already paid the necessary subscription . Kind regards, Rod Beer, Life President.
  8. WHAT Committee ? Where are they ? When I arrive from Gloucestershire and have to put out corner flags and run the line ten minutes later, then run round collecting gate money at half time, the question is especially pertinent. The order of precedence at most AGMs is that the election of (Life) President precedes that of committees. All I will say in response to your incorrect questioning of my election is that I wonder whether those whom you allege not to have supported me failed to turn up by the advertised start of the meeting and wandered in after this part of the business had been concluded ? The subsequent minutes were displayed and circulated according to the normal methodology. Do you think it is possible that some of the complainants didn't read them at the time ? Shocking lack of due diligence ! Alas, your complaint shows why politically naive Cornwall is always stuck in the Dark Ages. Nobody has ever asked me to relinquish the position. They could always murder me, of course. Is that what you are advocating ? It is particularly amusing to me that you suggest I am reactionary, when my relationship to change is generally extremely welcoming. No doubt you are one of the idiots down there who will be voting for Farage on Thursday. Thank goodness for Europe to save the Cornish from themselves. Without Poles and Latvians to crimp the pastry, you couldn't even get a proper pasty nowadays. I don't know whether you will appreciate this allusive (but not abusive) analogy, but try hard ! "What cared Duke Ercole , that bid The mummers to the market place What the onion sellers thought or did ? So that his Plautus set the pace For the Italian comedies." (W.B.Yeats: "To A Wealthy Man Who Promised A Second Subscription To The Dublin Municipal Gallery If It Were Proved The People Wanted Pictures."
  9. "If you think I am merely stirring why not ask them their thoughts prior to the AGM " Happy to talk to anybody, but here's the thing. Nobody in St Just has ever said an adverse word to me, nor I to them. All the noise comes from Smackholers like you. AGMs are a marvellous place to go if you want to see people looking at their feet and pretending not to be in the room. Perhaps we should invite Terry Burgess.
  10. The likes of Me ? I assure you, I'm unique. Stand up to me and do what ? Glad you've found "many" watching us. You recently alleged the crowd was 9. These committee members "craving" control, as far as I know, melt away whenever the time comes for them to exercise leadership themselves. You lived a decade in St Just without supporting the Tinners rather than the Seapies ? I think that makes my point that you are a malicious stirrer with no goodwill towards St Just AFC whatsoever. Kindly confine yourself to the needs of Smackhole in future. Smackhole clearly needs you very badly.
  11. Sorry, Older, that's just how confident I am in Liverpool. I don't want you to be unprepared for disappointment, so soon after Perranporth clung on to the Combo title ! As a sensible fellow- Remainer, I am sensitive about your feelings !
  12. Here is your agenda. You are a supporter of the new merged council pitch void, Smackhole Seagulls FC. You are trying to stir up trouble. You would like to see the whole of west Cornish football plunged as deeply in the brown and sticky as you are.St Just will not be merging with anybody. I, conversely, have a number of residual property interests which lead me to have quite a lot to do with the sainted place and I will always be a St Juster, wherever I go. Unlike rival outfits, we never engaged in silly games with Leeds United. Talking of history, just consider Revie, Ridsdale, Bates, Spygate and Sardinian Businessmen and you will understand the imprudence of that. Two years ago, I fought a rearguard action against individuals who wanted to sell our 100% owned ground for building. Tragically, one of them is now dead. Please leave St Just alone. You said on another thread that you were looking forward to returning to watch SWPL. I think you should never have moved away from it. I hope there will be some left for you to watch next season without your needing to go all the way to Helston. Can you afford the petrol ?
  13. Remember a home defeat at St Just when Falmouth Docks came down and won 6-1....five from a left winger, I think Winnan, and one from Kenny Jackett. Same year, we then beat them 1-0 away. I think it might have been around 1970.....CTB can confirm. The only other Tinners home defeat that year was also 6-1 against Newquay. After we had conceded the fifth the temperamental keeper Fred Prigg was so irritated that he threw the next cross into the back of the net.
  14. What a surprise. I don't usually look at this thread. Wow, the same stirring Smacktowners, David187 and MoneyMan. Hope the latter found enough to cover Penzance debts, I hear of £30,000. Bye bye ! Never been any good since you stole David Burt. We hexed you, don't worry. Never won a sausage since. Advice to Mousehole. Carry on as Mousehole. I like Mousehole. Don't become Smacktown, there's a curse on them.
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