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  1. Anybody got the Perranwell v St Just result in Division 1, please ?
  2. Oh, what a terrible shame. I'm gutted. No CTB report this week, then. Still, some consolation. At least he's in charge of the Combination League now.
  3. Wot, no CTB match report ! Did those glorious, unconquerable mini-Magpies got worthwhile opposition? Not bad for a village team, as we say at Forest Green Rovers. Once for sorrow, twice for joy ! I expect St Just was a bit windy, Maybe it was even raining a bit. Never mind, eh ? Only a game. Merry Xmas to the Merry Band from Penlee Park.
  4. Congratulations to NAS Culdrose on being the second club to reach the 2000 game milestone. The precedent for dealing with this was that John Mead was dispatched to the 2000th game of the first club, where he shook hands privately with a chap from Tregeseal and left before the game started, presumably to return to Penzance, without making contact with St Just's then officers, managers or players. Presumably, all clubs being equal in its impartial eyes, the senior officers of the League will want to organise something similar for NAS Culdrose. Let's hope for another balmy day on the Airbase.
  5. The usual dictatorship without representation from the English FA. All sorts of officers required for this and that national initiative designed to brown-nose some panjandrum trying to launch his own career with his "initiatives", but no refs, nothing for facilities and teams folding.. On the day the Combo shuts down, the FA's greatest concern will be to extract any monies due from leagues, clubs, players or officials...all filched to subsidise higher levels of the game, the expense of VAR, the England team, the myriads of prawn sandwich and freebie chasers and all the bullshit they generate. Once upon a time there was a Cornish Rebellion. When there is no more football to divert the pisspoor from the fact they are used, abused and laughed at, maybe they'll stop voting Tory. For Crissakes, Cornwall, get up off your knees !
  6. John Mead knows that I speak the truth, perhaps in a florid style on occasion. Unlike other critics above, he will at least recognise that the historical perspective from which my "obsession" is channelled is not superficial. With apologies to Leonard Cohen: "They sentenced me to thirty years of boredom/ For trying to change the Combo from within:/I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them..." Such insincere sympathy reminds me of the cliquey nepotism of my beloved native backwater, which in so many ways I have surmounted, in fields more expansive than Cornwall could offer. To be fair, the community gave me a decent educational foundation, which I think I adequately repaid between 1993 and 2009 before going on to better things. It still pays me well, for which I'm grateful. It's nice to be compared to St Nicholas, too. I am indeed generous in bestowing so many words on those who display folly. St Icker forever, eh ? Could be a one horse town of only it weren't full of donkeys. Ho ho lol. Amusing to see how uncharacteristically quiet CTB has gone after his initial blooper. And of course the latest generation of orthographically challenged adolescents from Penlee Park is appropriately articulate. Is 72 your IQ, Daren ? Sorry, did I misspell your name ? (probably not). Run away, chilblains, before you are sucked into boggy, briny mediocrity for ever. Penwith is no longer the rural idyll I was lucky enough to experience. It is a prison of narrow horizons. Incidentally, if you are foolish enough to vote for Brexit, your financial and cultural poverty will deepen. Get out while you can. "Other waves from ocean deep/Are surging in to land." No wonder so many pitches are waterlogged. It is symbolic of an intellectual condition.
  7. True. What's wrong with that ? Those of us who want to leave, leave. Those who want to stay can stay. Secede from the English FA and a set-up based on proximity to big clubs, populations, money and training facilities. Stop paying ridiculous levels of taxation to a distant government (the FA) which does not represent your interests at all; and is dominated by international plutocrats. Restore some community to football. Otherwise, in this poor Extremadura of the heart, it will die out altogether. In 1497, the Cornish faced similar choices and fought back. Maybe they cared more about identity and starvation than most of us do about local football. Fair enough. Fight or die, your choice.
  8. Don't like the messenger, so reject the truth he tells and smear him with something he didn't intend or say ? What are you, a Tory media mogul or something ? If I said that, in our era, FIFA World Cup bidding processes are corrupt and Qatar's stadium construction flouts human rights, that would not be a slur against the late Jules Rimet. If I said that there was limited interest in the Cornwall Charity Cup, that would not be a personal attack on the late Durning Lawrence. I have no opinion of the late Mr Gardner and have not expressed one. I didn't know him. Conversely, I have a strong opinion of the contribution made by representatives from Helston, Penzance and Porthleven to the demise of a once-great league. Read my words. By all means disagree robustly with them, but try not to frame lies about my intention. If
  9. Indeed, John, who cares ? As long as Penzance win, eh ? As long as you and others continue to exert influence in their favour, on committees, CCFA and everywhere else, as you have ever since the days of Dave Wadd, and the magnificent club policies of pillaging the whole of West Cornwall because you were then the "senior club", weren't you ? The brown envelopes could fly to Plymouth and the locals could sit on the bench. I remember my first visit to Penlee Park, when the Tinners weren't playing, instructed to cheer for Yeovil, who won 7-2. Dad was from Marazion, where they were no fonder of Smacktown FC then than we were up Newbridge Hill.In those days you even had a crowd and more than three committee members. What a surprise, Smacktown FC have banned me from spectating now, because I complained about their manager tapping up Tinners on the touchline. What a surprise. Can't take debate. And of course, one rule for the thieving Magpies and one for the village clubs. Who cares, John, you doyen of CCFA and expert on rules, so quick to invoke them when it is in your interest ? CTB tells us that there were missed tackles and people were getting teasy, so the ref blew up early. But now we have the word of a superannuated bank manager that CTB's watch was wrong. Perhaps he has a mystical link to the head of the referee. Well, if that's what Dave says, it must be true. We always trust the banks, don't we ? Too big to fail, they are. That's why the country is in such an excellent condition. I expect if St Just had been playing there would have three off and a county payday. Maybe you would have appeared as a witness to our terrible, unsporting behaviour. How many cards did the ref dish out to Penzance and Perranwell Reserves, if the game was so tasty? Have they all been put in ? Yeah, who cares, John ? Between the Jersey Wives Holiday Club of CCFA and the Dave Gardner Trophy Alliance that between them stitched up and destroyed the Combo, who cares ? It was only local football, John. Good job I live in Gloucestershire now: we might still have some to watch in ten years up here. Not sure about Cornwall, though. Who cares, John Mead, Mr Football ? Done you any good, has it ? What a club. Great past, no future. Lol.
  10. St Just remain unbeaten and have turned over three teams from higher leagues in cup competitions. Super start, keep it going.
  11. So, 7 extra seconds played ? How many second half substitutions ? I absolutely agree that the referee's decision should be final and that his watches are the only ones that count. That being the case, will he perhaps admit that he made a significant timekeeping error ? Or was the second half without any substitutions, injuries or other stoppages except for 7 seconds ? I know they slither on and off fast at Penzance, but that fast ? If the game had been without a referee and a club representative kept time in an identical way, would there be any complaints from the opposition ? If not...well, you saw the precedent here first !
  12. Yeah, right, CTB. Just a supporter, knowing the exact time of birth of a young player, of the only club that retains representatives on league management committees of leagues it has been relegated from. That was a game against Perranwell too, I seem to remember. A St Just trouble maker, maybe. But JUST a troublemaker ? Show some respect ! To mix metaphors, while skeletons are rattling in your online closet, don't throw stones. .
  13. As readers of CTB's report on the Trelawny League fixture between Penzance Reserves and Perranwell Reserves will be aware, the referee allegedly ended the game at least four minutes early and without any addition of time for substitutions, time-wasting, ball out of play or injury because he "did not think either side would score again". CTB is a sterling servant and supporter of Penzance AFC, whose 3-0 lead after 86 minutes, if treated as a final score, could change the destiny of the Trelawney League title. It is outrageous that he should sanction such an action and support his club being allowed to take the points. Surely CCFA and the League need to investigate this matter and demand that the match should be replayed over two equal halves as the Laws of the Game require. Otherwise, in a situation in which so many matches are now being refereed by Club representatives, there is a clear precedent for them, when their team is clinging to a vulnerable lead, to do the same as the hapless individual in charge at Penlee Park ! If this result is allowed to stand, Cornish football will retain no credibility whatsoever.
  14. "The referee decided it looked as though no more goals would be scored and blew up early !!!" This result could determine the destiny of League One ! This is outrageous. The game is not over till two equal halves of 45 minutes have been played, plus appropriate extra time. But as usual, Penzance FC and its supporters claim some kind of privilege to flout the rules. Please advise what evidence there was for the referee's assumption ! Were the 24 supporters about to cause a riot if they couldn't get home in time for Strictly Come Dancing ? Was this likely to threaten player safety ? St Just were once playing at home to Wendron, then under the management of Tony Kellow, and losing 0-3 at 90 minutes. Dave Burt headers in the 91st, 92nd and 94th minutes made the final score 3-3. No game is legitimately over after 86 minutes ! Was there no time to be added ? No second half subs ? Out of your own mouth, CTB ! If you acknowledge that this is what happened, the match should be replayed, according to rules. I advise the Perranwell secretary to put in a complaint in a report to CCFA and the League. Even if they don't, perhaps St Just will !
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