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  1. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    Sod popular, I'd rather be honest. If I retire down there I shall move to Troon.
  2. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    "As they no doubt will." What a very Cornish assumption, supported by such typically Cornish evidence. Will they ? There's a first for everything. Whatever. I hope so. 😁
  3. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    I do love a bit of sanctimony, especially preceded by redundant apostrophes. Are We Too some kind of footballing parody of Gilbert and George ? Let's hope no-one resurrects the idea of building on the ground. The last one to come up with that, sadly, is no longer with us. Plenty with more cash than me; just less resilience, fidelity or conscience. Complete perestroika unnecessary. Great manager, secretary and players, The club's just a bit groggy today, like anybody would be who has had a gangrenous limb drop off. Most clubs would give their children's eye teeth to have assets like their own ground and the Curnow family. When I was there, they were appropriately supported. They will be again, don't worry. Hope 1ofthekids enjoyed his alcohol. Jagermeister, maybe ? Perhaps that's more hamartia than catharsis.
  4. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    No problem, David187. In Shakespearean tragedy, it's called catharsis. It leaves you purged of fear and pity eventually:it's a good thing. You can't make an omelette without cracking eggs.
  5. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    The annual harvest auction, once known as "Feast", always ran in my day. So did a disco on Feast Monday night. It was an older feature than the clubhouse. So if your lost leader did not delegate responsibility for organising it this year, who exactly do you think should have done ? How about you ? As for your CCTV, it's really surprising that it was of no use in uncovering the precise source of 9% of bar takings disappearing, mainly in the form of free Jagermeister. Not one to name names on a public forum, but the decent thing would be for the responsible adult to dip into their pocket and repay. This is the main reason why, having made donations many years in succession, I stood down as Acting Chair and have not given any money to the club at all this year. Any donations I make in future will be direct to the manager of the first team. So in the past I paid some players. And ? Can you name more than three Combo clubs or connected benefactors that have never done so ? Before me, St Just had won one trophy in 27 years. In 2004 and 2005, we won two successive cups and came third and second in the league. As an earlier correspondent says, move on. Sadly, football is driven by money from top to bottom. If you can't beat them, join them. There will always be individuals chagrined because they are not among the best 11 when a team is doing well. The biggest grumble from some of the up-and-coming was that they were not being paid to sit on that bench. Strangely,some of them would go to Penzance, when they had a claim to be better than St Just, unlike now, and sit on the bench there for ever, told they would be paid, and then not get paid. .Interestingly, my first payment of players was the only thing that kept a team 18th in the league at the time from the trapdoor. At the time, John Roberts was licking his lips.We survived because our 17 year old goalkeeper from Sticker, Ryan Holland pushed a shot on to the post and then the late Andy Trathen scored at the other end. Then, as now, some of the St Justers were more down and going than up and coming . I drove 300 miles a lift transporting players. Unlike Axl, your hands aren't tied, Newbie, especially your thumbs. I suspect you have done more than anyone to stir that Whatsapp pot that split the club in the first place. Unfortunately, when you and your friends are offered the chance to take charge of the club, you prefer to go and prop up the Trelawny League and play with your mates. No hard feelings. Unfortunately, that's the way of the world now.
  6. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    "Conservative" and "defensive". Wow, I've been called some things in my time, but never that ! You sound like somebody's wife, bless you ! Agree with you regarding recruitment. Sat in too many badly attended AGMs where those who have gobbed off all year are mysteriously absent or peer at their hands when volunteers are needed. Doesn't matter what I say now. I live in Stroud. All I now offer is any help required when I turn up on the occasional match day, quite often away from home (nearer to Stroud than St Just). All I hear is that the first team are reduced to bare bones by the present regime in every possible way. It is appalling that not one committee member has come forward to run the line consistently since I left the area in 2009 and that, however many committee there are meant to be, none of them seem available pitchside, leaving Steve Curnow to do everything. As a result, a fine from the league every week. And these are the people complaining about the odd player owing £10 ! What is lacking is off-field leadership. You'd have to clarify what you mean by large egos and the concern only for the here and now. Who, me ? Surely not. If you have a problem with somebody else, try talking to them. Most of the committee leaving? Only a couple, I understand. Of the dear departed, one had potential. He was a good fundraiser, scooting about like a roadrunner, but refused to be Treasurer and didn't have the sophistication to do other than dictate. Unfortunately he wanted to be in charge on the field and off it at the same time. I would have had a lot of time for him if I thought he had resilience and stickability. He didn't. He's just proved my doubts about him correct. No good dictating to Tewsters. They nod their heads and go and do the opposite of what they tell you they will. . The other good ol' boy, whose real name I could never remember, was harmless and just did what the roadrunner told him to , but giving him the Chair at St Just was like having Private Pike running Dad's Army. Give him America instead; he'd do less harm than Trump. So where does this leave the club ? Have Brighter Future and Janner123 got any suggestions ? Or how about their sons and husbands too ? If you try and make me come back this time I shall charge the club 40 pence a mile for attending meetings and donate all my expenses to Steve and Neil to buy the first team a minibus. What's that ? You want John Roberts for Life President of St Just ? (By the way, read the AGM minutes from 2017, which you unanimously approved ). Yes, I am prepared to offer him my purely ceremonial position if he meets me at Headbutt Corner on Valpurgisnacht, as long as he agrees to give the club a new teamsheet book. Le Boss, you must be clairvoyant ! That's why Penryn are doing so well . Carharrack, not so much...!
  7. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    Not bad for a first try, Janner123. You're not a toychucker's Daddy by any chance, are you ? Manchild, me ? If so, you'd better not keep abusing me ! Yes, I may be childlike.....it's more cheerful than acting old before my time, like there's nowhere left to go but dead, and letting the fog down Carn Gloose bewitch me into believing there's no alternative ! . Agree with you about moving on too, but I don't think I harp on about the club members of old... it's the first time I've mentioned them. I've just told the truth about the last couple of years, as I have experienced them. You're right that over about twenty years on the committee, I had my flitting moments, but I have a good conscience about delivering everything I ever promised financially and turning up when I said I would. I ran a programme and sold most of the advertisements, controlled a fifteen grand lottery and made donations. Started selling tickets for ex-treasurer Gerald Barten when I was ten. Steve Curnow has done a tremendous job getting advertising boards round the ground. He could do with more support. I haven't thrown any money for ages, but if the committee keep starving the first team of funds, perhaps I'll have to. I used to pay for things like youth players going up to county trials and training , events run by professional goalkeepers, even some travel. Offered to subsidise three of the kids' team going to Germany last year, but one of the three toychuckers never came back to me. They'd rather fall out with a first team player because he hasn't paid for a booking than receive a couple of hundred quid for one of their own. Similarly to what Joyce said about Ireland, if you put a Tewster on a spit, you can usually find another Tewster to turn him. I bought the first minibus. Time the present committee got its digit extracted from the Black Hole of Treating and bought another. I covered a few thousand pounds worth of cards back in the day as well. When people manage to say "cheers for that", it goes a long way. Some do, some don't. Some of the worst donts are my biggest critics. Opinions by their nature are "bias" because they are subjective perceptions. I would love the youth of St Just to be the future. I have absolute confidence in them, if they are educated by appropriate people. They need to be liberated from the whispering embittered. If they take charge again, we won't have a future. They know who they are. Love the sly little aside from somewhere in the region of Fairfield ! But take it as a warning ! High time for these toychuckers to show respect for everything the Curnow family has achieved at St Just and to welcome Neil and Andrew into running the club, if and when Steve wants that to happen. There is so much that those youngsters can learn from them as long as they are given a consistent club message from the top of both team and off-field management. What we don't need are individuals with all the strategic nouse of chickens with their heads cut off treating the club as a Jagermeister dispenser and then running away. Lifetime supporter, yes. "Constant" criticism ? No. Not of the green and black of the People's Republic, one of the few real places left. As Robert Graves concludes in "The Cuirassiers of the Frontier", "We, not the City, are the Empire's soul. A rotten tree lives only in its rind." Let me guess, Janner123. Bet you voted for Brexit as well !
  8. isaac rosenberg

    More Erratic Off Field Behaviour At St Just

    Fair comments from all. This is not primarily about me or any "legacy" of my lifetime supporting the club, such as it was. I'd agree that what I did is open to differing value-judgements and I certainly have my faults, such as a deeply irresponsible sense of humour and a tendency towards intellectual arrogance. As you recognise, I am also fanatically loyal to St Just first team. What matters, going forward, is the club itself. The team, in the hands of the excellent Curnow family, can look after itself as long as it is properly resourced by the actions of the committee. Unfortunately a series of Chairs since me have not recognised this as their primary function; nor have they, despite good intentions, had the skill to engage an off-field team. Funding priorities should include decent transport, kit and respect for the first team. The needs of that team should come first. Unfortunately those who thought otherwise ceased using committee meetings as a forum of communication, as mobile phone cliques replaced them, on which, judging from the exchanges between some second team players I have been shown, deliberate subversion was being practised, especially when the first team needed to call on the three members of the second team with the potential to step up. Most of these people are elsewhere now. However, their preference for electronic communication rather than proper minuted discussion partly explains why I feel this forum is now an appropriate medium in which to record events. At one stage last year I was asked to come back as Chairman following a previous incumbent's sudden departure. It was hard to get an articulate account of reasons, as he declined to talk to any of us about what they were. Another peripheral figure, having tried to cancel a meeting when I had already driven 229 miles to attend it, spectacularly threw all the financial files at the clubhouse wall and stormed off in his unmarked white van. He had told me earlier that his plan was to take St Just out of the Combo League because there was too much swearing. I thought this a tad disproportionate. We have never seen him since. The main focus of these individuals was a Boys' Team that played on Sundays, but no-one was prepared to take responsibility for the security of the clubhouse and various health and safety implication arising on those days. The assumption that the building was a source of free Mars Bars, I felt, needed to be discouraged. On another occasion, I drove from beyond Bristol on a Sunday night to find a non-officer had deliberately circulated a message announcing the meeting had been cancelled. The loyal and able secretary Ben Way, Steve Curnow and I held the meeting in pouring rain in the latter's van. Sadly, we lost an excellent bar manager, who resigned after it became clear that some of the volunteers were not properly recording drink purchases by family members. Following all this, I can assure "1ofthekids" that, at the 2017 AGM, I welcomed the expected accession of the third dynamic individual who was going to change the club and who has since resigned. Strangely, once faced with the prospect of power rather than opposition (I won't draw any political parallels) he decided to pursue other interests which affected his availability and commitment. Like others who have followed me, he bottled after failing to understand that leadership is not dictatorship. He was not good at listening. The reliability of great past committee members like Roy Nicholls and Will James is hard to replicate: I know this kind of rueful lamentation is not unique to St Just. But imagine how it feels, after the past commitment of these marvellous people, to arrive on an occasional weekend from far away and discover that I need to put out flags, run the line and maybe even organise somebody to collect some gate money. An excellent friend of the club does the latter if he can, but he is not a committee member either. Why could the past Chair not organise any of this? I shall continue to come back as a supporter. If Steve or the first team need something from me, they need only ask. They are the real St Just..
  9. isaac rosenberg

    Diminishing Media Coverage

    Interesting.....is this borne out by CTB's attendance data over the last decade or are the admittedly low average attendances in the Combo holding steady ?
  10. isaac rosenberg

    Bournemouth 4 - Chelsea 0

    Yeah, maybe I have been unfair to Crespo: I should have mentioned Torres instead. There's a pattern of highly rated strikers coming to Chelsea at top dollar just as their performance slips because Marina Graniteheadskaya and her ilk make decisions about playing staff rather than letting football people do so. Agents know they can take Chelsea for a ride. If it doesn't work out for their player, another transfer down the road may give them more commission. By managers at Chelsea, too, good things have been achieved , but not necessarily achievements quite as stellar as they have managed elsewhere or go on to achieve with other clubs later. Too much fear of the owners. By contrast, at Manchester City, nobody interferes with Guardiola and he calls the shots himself as to whether he will stay or go. Likewise, Ferguson back in the day. For sustained success, as opposed to a few cups and a title now and then, Abramovic's henchpeople need to back off. I suspect his time with is is limited anyway. The club is just krischa.....the more visible his profile, the harder it is for Putin to do a Salisbury Pizza Hut job on him.
  11. I understand that two officers have resigned in pique from the St Just committee. This event would be of greater consequence if their tenure had been more constructive. The best response to childish tantrums is often to ignore them. Like spoilt children unable to decide between an excess of Xmas presents, these officers, lacking resilience, will no doubt find something else to play with soon. Our excellent manager and secretary and sterling players have battled manfully despite the pathetic displays of devious machination, cliquey meetings and deliberate neglect orchestrated in the background. They are the real Tinners ! When a club is run by three or four loyal volunteers, it is stronger than when it depends on the random enthusiasms of a couple of dozen unstable hobbyists who would find it difficult to organise a cool drink on a snowfield.Goodbye and good luck to whatever they decide to burden with their presence next.
  12. isaac rosenberg

    Bournemouth 4 - Chelsea 0

    Utterly agree with both of you. Ruined by the class enemies of the global elite. That's why I do not watch the Premiership except on BBC1 and attend grass roots matches instead of going to Stamford Bridge. If the obscene act of national self-disembowelling predicated for March 29 occurs, however, it will be interesting to see the impact on the biggest clubs. Without freedom of movement within the EC and following Britain's dramatic economic decline, I predict an exodus of "stars" and their pimping agents. At a more local level, however, this could and should, within a couple of years, eliminate the prohibition against introducing a "one club per player" rule, currently being justified by evoking European "restraint of trade" regulations. Having used that as the excuse for failure to introduce such a rule for years, let us see what the self-interested cliques dream up next.
  13. isaac rosenberg

    Best Books On Football

    David Peace's book on Cloughie at Leeds United was enjoyable. Recommend anything by Simon Kuper. Look forward to the first miscellany of writing by Hugh McIlvanney. Peter Crouch wellcwirth reading...not ghosted.
  14. isaac rosenberg

    Bournemouth 4 - Chelsea 0

    Plan A folloeed by Plan A...our last paragraph sounds more like Theresa May than Sarri. Still think we are a decent bet for fourth place, though, which is more than I can say for her. To be constructive for once. Which is not like me. I think Howe was spot on by sending somebody to stand on Jorginho.after which our distribution to the front three dried up. If I were Sarri I would put Kante back in the position where he is best in the world, start Hudson -Odoi regularly as a wide midfielder and re-sign Costa for a ridiculous sum in the next couple of hours. Hope Higuain won't be a future winner of the Shevchenko Crespo Morata Really Useful Plaster Ornament Award.
  15. isaac rosenberg

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    I think the capacity of gamblers to make money on results in Cornish football has been inadequately investigated ! Got a bit of the white stuff down there, av'ee ?