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  1. Behave, we're all one big bubble in St Just !
  2. Normally on my meagre little acreage in the Cotswolds or aiding the trajectory of Forest Green Rovers, the Gloucestershire Greens, towards League One, dear boy, though I was also fortunate enough to take in some of the 39 goals scored by the Tinners in their previous four games. After the trouble you went to enlisting the virus earlier in the season, I'm sure nobody would begrudge you enlisting the occasional ringer, such as young Barrie, to get you a point. Having promulgated the extensive St Just careers of the likes of Andy Sargent, Ryan Holland, Jamie Ahearn, the late Mr Wyatt Senior,
  3. St Just 10 (TEN) Frogpool 1. Eight shared by two Tinners both called Ashley. First away goal conceded at Lafrowda...well done the Frogpool Number 9.
  4. Ooh, the casual sexism ! If you were in charge of the FA that would be curtains ! No more cidre at Penryn !
  5. That would be nice, Keith. I had planned a Second Coming over Xmas but alas, social distancing rules preclude me from breaking bread in Emmaus again.
  6. RAF Mawgan 2 St Just 0 in about 1970 when the pitch really was out in the middle of the airfield with views of distant cliffs. Both goals scored by their No.11, Hocking. Refereed by Bill Pearce, who played a 57 minute second half to make up for all the time spent collecting the clearances caught by the wind. As a ten year old spectator (virtually the only one), I told Granny I couldn't be bothered with a coat...
  7. As a dead Anglo-Jewish First World War poet from London who was even shorter than Keats, it has always been my desire to be resurrected as a six-foot St Just anarchist with two left feet ? As Walt Whitman write :" I am large, I contain multitudes."
  8. The more a word is associated with a sub-cultural group, the more quickly it becomes archaic when the sub-culture's members age and become mainstream. For example, hip, groovy , jet-set, gaffer, park, goalie. No young person wants to talk like their Dad.
  9. See you back in the Combo, where your first team is heading. Good luck preparing your youngsters for a future with Mousehole, Helston and the world beyond if County Lines doesn't get them first. The ones with a brain will almost certainly ship out: there is a world beyond Sainsbury's, Eastern Green ! In the past, your only hope has been to rob and plunder St Just. If only your mates down the Prom still had a few quid to help out ! But even the Prom is shut down !
  10. Glad 'Druth is still there: every time I drive through at speed, a bit more seems to have fallen down an adit. Oh no, not the Barrington Declaration as well as Brexit and objecting to immigrants ! Hope you're not a vaccine sceptic and a member of QAnon as well. When you taught Biology, were you a Creationist ? Looks like Trump is trying to cause a civil war rather than losing gracefully: what do you think of that ? As Biden said, "C'mon, man !" The right wing of the Tory party would gladly prioritise the business interests of their ridiculously rich donors, their cronies and themselv
  11. Oh dear. If I had posted that, quite a few institutions dear to my heart would expel me, Older ! I suppose my extended family might be one of them. They would blame my foreign blood, up St Just. My father, after all, was born in Marazion. Of course, "urggggh" could be interpreted creatively, depending on the context in which you and your parent's sibling were transacting ! I know I can't expect everybody in Cornish football to share my restrained and polite style of posting, but personally, I am very glad that free debate and expression about identities still flourishes in Cornish fo
  12. Damn old internet coming and going, dog barking, phone ringing, Tom ! One of the benefits of education is that it enables one to distinguish an orthographical from a typographical error. No fraud, just poor concentration and typing. Guilty of having a busy life, m'lud ! Warwick, 1980-1984 is of course what I meant. How's Camburrn on this lovely wet day, m8 ? Scenic ?
  13. At least we paid for our five bar gate and don't have to write to the council for permission every time we want to open it. Big stadium improvements in the pipeline, anyway; Lafrowda will become the Wendron of the True West. Quite surprised you still find enough kids in Smacktown to take the afternoon off from chasing the dragon to put out two teams. We will have reserves next year, so their days nay be numbered. Sorry about all those broken Magpie legs. I've got some old Subbuteo players in a Newcastle United strip somewhere I can lend you. You might find they're a bit more resolute in the ta
  14. Becoming a bit of a Jilly Cooper word. A recent survey of teenagers revealed that a majority of them could not identify "bonk" either.
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