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  1. GoldenEye, hmm. Wolves fan ? Or just jaundiced ?
  2. Indeed, Keith. Especially dense in Republican Florida where Trump still had support. Injecting disinfectant and quoting the Prince of Whales, probably.
  3. Thank you kindly for Spurs for their assistance towards getting Chelsea into the Chsmpions League. It's the least you can do for us after that lucky 2-2 at the Bridge that led to Jamie Vardy Avin A Party !🤫
  4. In contrast, knowing the history of Black Power, I would like to see everybody clenching a fist in solidarity...especially in Cornwall where the English ruling class has shafted us fir decades. Johnson Must Fall !
  5. We have a chance in the major domestic trophy, GoldenEye, which is more than can be said for United. Good luck to them in trying to win our Eutopa League trophy. Who was it we beat 4 1 in the fBaku final ? As usual, no other London team wins trophies in Europe. Only one side has had that potential for at least a decade. They wear blue. Hope Brentford come up to provide some closer derby opposition.
  6. No spectators in the ground, but I don't suppose you can stop them looking over the wall from the cow field next door. Increasing exponentially in USA, India, Brazil and Mexico, Keith. Have a look at the Johns Hopkins website.
  7. Lamps got the Blues buzzing and De Gea is probably finished. Having said that, Solskjaer did us a great favour by starting without Pogba, Martial and the number 26 . The assumption that the likes of Williams, Fosu-Mansah, James, Bailly and Lindelof would stop our classy front three was delightfully mistaken. Maguire kicking the wrong way and headbutting team mater didn't help their cause: perhaps he's already trying to do a job for Leicester. We'll find out next Sunday. Fernandes is an excellent centre-midfielder but I bet he wishes now he had chosen to wear blue. Real thrashing for the second team from the "third" city. Eccy thump !
  8. Sorry, don't have a programme, but remember the game finished 7-1 with Joe Trembath scoring from 25 yards at the Farm End in off the car for St Just.
  9. Prozac ! C'm'on, you Smacktown boys have too much skag in your water supply already for it to make any difference. I am just asking why we get cfhaptett and verse from CTB whenever you win, but total silence when St Just troubce you. But there it is. Maybe Priti's got him up Varfell now picking daffodils withe rest of you. Good bracing work, nothing wrong with that. Lovely fresh Cornish air, handsome !
  10. Rusty and Jack are older than me, and I'm old enough to remember God when he was a boy down St Just ! Topical advice for you all. Stop panic buying bog roll. You're only papering over the cracks !
  11. As you know, in Gloucestershire it is only the possibility of a run in the Lockhart Cup that keeps the general population staggering on, Older. I hope your lovely pitch us in top top condition. Should St Just negotiate the semi-final, perhaps they will grace it with their tiki-taki subtlety once again. Bear in mind that they are used to the snooker table surface and calm, even micro-climate of Lafrowda.Park. Delighted to hear of the Penzance gate. If only they could get class visitors like the Tinners every week they could restore their ground and their Senior reputation. That's three victories over them now.. I expect St Just wish they could play them every week too ! Come on, CTB ! "You only post when you're winning, post when you're winning !" (i suppose you and John Mead need an early night before that hearing with Frogpool).
  12. Penzance 1 St Just 2 in the Lockhart Cup. The Magpies were ahead after five minutes. Then Joe Sturgeon and Ashley Ellis replied for the Tinners. Looking forward to CTB's match report.
  13. Yes, Davud187, because, to appropriate a quotation from a different context, "when you place a Cornishmsn on a spit, you can usually find another Cornishman to turn him." In practice, the archaic distinction between senior and junior, a relic of the past like so much in Cornish football administration. Is no longer much of a barrier. My heart will support whoever strives to help St Just come back up through the leagues. The particular players selected are up to that manager to determine. So your question about what existing senior players will do would be better addredsed either to the new management, in the event that they wish to discuss their plans with you, or to the players you have in mind. Since you are clearly a Penzance fan with no benevolence towards St Just in the first place, I would be quite surprised if they chose to hold that discussion. But do feel free to try and stir it as much as you like.
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