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  1. Phew, CTB ! Quite understand your frustration about Full-time and the Furry Dance factor. At least there may be less interest in fixing, now it's only Helston Thirds. Looks like it's important to get out and see plenty of friendly fixtures in July and August as there are so few teams in this league that games will be in short supply thereafter. Why didn't the league think of going back to the old format of mini-leagues in the Cup, to boost the number of games from 29 a season plus one county cup. Are Combo first teams still in the Senior Cup ? Brilliant job done of ruining a good league, between Roberts and the FA. Relieved to be up in Gloucestershire where there will be a few more games to watch.
  2. Steve has been a superb manager and clubman for some 23 seasons and is indeed a hard act to follow. I thank him for all the good times when a number of people on and off the field were able to support his leadership,which contrbuted a good spirit, entertaining football and success including two cup wins and a league runners-up spot to the westernmost senior club. I hope that those taking forward the responsibility for running this historic club will act prudently and find a worthy successor. Good luck to the alumni of the future.
  3. Hope you have more luck than the other Spireites. I was there when Forest Green Rovers relegated them. The Chesterfield man of the match was the fan who invaded your manager. By the look of the Chesterfield bench they had far fewer qualifications than Culdrose are looking for !
  4. So does one team get a bye into the quarter final of the cup ? Why not introduce mini-leagues in the the early stages to get a few more games ? And has it already been decided to play the final at Gala Parc ? Interesting to hear from those with experience elsewhere about the gentlemanly assumption that officers would leave voting to the clubs. There are probably democracies where they come from, rather than the Loe Pool Oberfuhrer. Look at the figures. Five clubs, TEN officers. Course they voted ! Farce ! Nothing new there, of course !
  5. So the league committee members, of whom there were five ? six ? more ? had more power than the clubs themselves. Still Vidal and John fiddling away in the Kellaway League and the Gala Parc Memorial Cup. then ! Hilarious ! The Trelawny League ruined so Roberts can keep his retirement hobby ! Could only happen in Kernow !
  6. Hilarious. Like bringing together the moral probity of Boris Johnson with the cuddliness of Putin and the diplomacy of Trump. Smacktown money needs laundering, s'pose !
  7. Very pertinent. Did you know Cornwall has the best regional per capita funding rate for mental health within the NHS ? Can't imagine why.
  8. How much is the fine for not having somebody recently certificated, Steve ? (I know, I made that word up, because "certified" has other pertinent associations).
  9. I like the idea if the Curnow Scone Cup. Linda Curnow does make beautiful scones. I have eaten lots of them. But remember, this is a Cornish league. None of that Devonian nonsense here. Jam before cream, always. Any club spreading the scones the other way round should be heavily fined. A new league is an opportunity to set the highest of cultural standards. Our treatment of the Curnow Scone Cup defines our identity. Jam before cream !
  10. You're not wrong. I hope the relevant person will make suitable reparation. It's important for trustees to set a good example.
  11. Yeah. Dunno why Mousehole would want to move to Penlee Park...it'll only be good for water polo. At least Maraxion pitch us up the top of School Lane and safe from the waves. Perhaps Bodmin should redevelop St Brrward's old ground...is there still a square pitch up there ? Some fun trips up there with St Just, back in the sixties, maybe. Won 5 nil in the Senior Cup. I think
  12. Nice little double prediction there. Here's another one. I think Penryn might win the Combo League next year ! More likely Chamipobs than Spurs !
  13. Still waiting for the offer from your owner I can't refuse.
  14. Commiserations and well battled, but Spurs defeat was inevitable. Predictable from 34 seconds in.
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