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  1. isaac rosenberg

    Long Service Award

    I shall be there ! Anything to shake the hand of an old friend !
  2. Well done Tinners. 2000th game home to Falmouth Town next Saturday on the best drained pitch in Cornwall. The slope is only from the top wing to the centre spot...from there to the stand is flat. St Just wind is special, of course, blowing in the fog.
  3. Surely Mr Roberts will be paying a visit to Lafrowda on 29 September to make a special Loyalty Award to the only club ever-present in the Combination League on the occasion of their 2000th match. By the end of the season there will have been more league matches played by the Tinnerrs than years since the birth of Our Lord. Come on, John, do the right thing, y.ou know you want to ! 😊
  4. isaac rosenberg

    2000 Game Milestone

    I always open my mouth and put my foot in it naturally, Older. I once had to ring up the Ministry of Agriculture with concerns about the soread of infection. We were a bit short for a semi -final. The Penzance committee were out spreading straw till three in the morning as a result. Happy Days.
  5. isaac rosenberg

    2000 Game Milestone

    Yes,. I recall an end if season natch against RAF St Mawgan never being played.
  6. isaac rosenberg

    2000 Game Milestone

    CTB , can you just confirm that Perranporth game is definitely the 2000th despite the recent postponement of our scheduled game against Helston ? Thanks. After a look at thus site , St Just appear to be the highest ever point scorers, whether a win is worth 2 of 3 points. However, we gave only played 6 in the league so far. Which suggests 2997, in which case the Perranporth game us only the 1999th.
  7. CTB tells me that St Just play their 2000th Combination League game against Perranporth on 15th September. Presumably. The Tiinners being the only ever present club since the league's formation in 1959., this total will never he matched, given next year's league reconstructions. Would I be correct that the Tinners gave also amalgamated more league points since 1959 than any other club ?
  8. Hardly a surprise result there. CTB! Please can you tell me where Tinners are fixtures on 15 September ?...I can't get thus from either of the linked websites . Perhaps a bit far ahead for'n to plan, dear of'un !
  9. Yes. I remember that Dave Wadd policy. When I was 14 my attack on it, quoting Hamlet, was published in The Cornishman. Nice to see the fixturing farce acknowledged there, CTB. I also lmfao .
  10. isaac rosenberg

    Notes from Combo Committee Meeting - 16-8-18

    Speaking as a very politically correct anarchist, I wouldn't want to harm anybody. Appreciate the spirit of your advice, Keith. Me, I just ask legitimate questions. You are right about hatred. Most of it issues from the likes of Trump, Johnson, Farage, Putin and Erdowan, but a few old boys on a football forum like us are an easier target than the sinister bastards running the world.
  11. isaac rosenberg

    Notes from Combo Committee Meeting - 16-8-18

    Doing proper, Older. But some frustrated with.the way that aptly initialled pairs of C s who control the F.A. let the English dictate structures that just send clubs to the wall. You can gave a lovely pitch but if you put the wrong kind of French Tickler in the referee's goldplated hot tub jets you get relegated to Step 42. I hear all thus stuff about leagues for men and women in Cornwall. But what is John Roberts doing for those who are ambiguous, transitioning, androgynous or confused ?
  12. isaac rosenberg

    Notes from Combo Committee Meeting - 16-8-18

    Metaphorical or otherwise, Older, your stamp line gave be the biggest laugh I gave had from thus forum in a long time ? What's going on ? Has Carharrack now been moved to Penryn ? How do you feel about thisecwebbed feetvtgey had tovevokve at Beauchamp stankibg over that sacred Rynners' pitch ???
  13. Oh well, Tom, at least I know the alkeged negativity has nothing to with me as I am up in Stroud watching the Forest Green bollards in League Two most if the time. You must gave been stirring mire than the half time tea I went to one Tinners game kast week and everybody seemed pretty chilled, but there you go, standing there on the line at Beauchamp in snorkel and wellies, you hear all sorts, getting distorted through the diving helmet. I can see it is all getting very competitive down there with teams conceding twelve and thirteen own goals in a desperate attempt to escape into a league not controlled by John Roberts, which I suppose is what your boys were aksi trying to do down the Lizard on Tuesday. Back in the day your manager would have been more likely to run pugnaciously on to the pitch when not playing than to run pugnaciously off it during the game. There you go. Times change and so do people. After the other Carharrack thread, which reads like an illegal approach without seven days notice to everybody in Cornwall including my auntie, I am very relieved the Tinners have already played you because I am sure you will get plenty of new players and climb up the league soon. Good luck !
  14. Nice to see the "green bollards" winning away. Grateful as ever to Tom for his report and sorry for Carharrack''s recent troubles....but it would be nice to read some recognition of the contribution if both sides and maybe a bit of praise for Jack Willis for his hat trick as well. Good on you, Tinners... keep it going !
  15. Hello,Rodney:I visited St.Teath last Saturday for the Senior Cup;and sorry to relate the Tinners were completely outplayed-in fact 6-3- flattered them!Neil Curnow is certainly the engine-room but lacked support:although cricketer Kelvin Snell looked good.It was my first sight of St.Teath and was most impressed.Incidentally,the pitch was superb-on a par with Penryn.I was hoping to introduce ...