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County Veterans Final result

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WESTERN 2 (hooper 71,parr 82)

HAYLE 1 (Rapsey 42, )

WESTERN: Gary Penhaligon; Paul Kendall,Pete Billing,Andy Parr,Rob Lucas; Adrian Street,Andy Street,Gary Dyer,Andy Dingle; Glynn Hooper,Nick Isbell. Playing Subs) Andy Batt,Jerry Soloman.

HAYLE : Denis Fallowfield; Peter Pascoe,Andy Harvey,Dean Mooney,Alex Monaghan; Barry Andrews,John Matthews,John McCullam,Lee Norman; Mark Rapsey,Darren Steadman. Subs) Andy Trathen,Steve Winters,Allen Spencer-Smith,Dave Njie,Heinz Glanville,Paul Birch.

CONGRATULATIONS to Laffs and the western boys on their win.it was a great game to be involved in(1st half anyway! bloody back!) with both teams playing some excellent football.it really was a credit to the vets league which has gone from strength to strength over the last few seasons as i think you can tell by the 2 teamsheets!! a boiling hot day but both sides were fully commited for the whole 90 minutes.from our point of view some very strange refereeing decisions!!? blatent penalty!!! garys last man foul!? Lee,s sending off!? sledge,s booking! (dont know what you thought laffs!!??) shame really.not one to slag refs off so i wont,but wish you reffed it nigel!(soccer follower). needed your common sense and attitude with players in a game like this.anyway,was a tough last half hour with 10 men against a team that play superb passing and move football.thought both teams could come out the game with alot of pride.once again,well done to Western on a great game and congratulations to their lads. :clapper: :thumbsup:

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Very gracious in defeat and fair in your assesment as always, thanks Rappo.

Firstly I want to echo your comments on this seasons Veterans League, the level of football played by the players and their commitment has blown me away and its been a pleasure to have been involved.

Like you say, the two teamsheets are pretty tasty!

We all knew we were in for our toughest game of the season on Sunday and we certainly got it! We were totally outplayed and on the back foot for most of the 1st half and we knew we were indebted to Gary Penhaligon for keeping us within reach of you guys at H/T! Not to mention the Referee also, who I must admit was very lenient towards us when he was faced with some big game changing decisions!!

Top shout Rappo by the way when you said Gaz would be happy to take 3 months for good behaviour!! And you took your goal like you were a spritely 21 year old again!! ;)

We took a long hard look at ourselves at H/T and I knew we couldnt perform as badly in the second half and not only was I relieved to see Cornwall's finest ever striker not return to the field, but we were also helped by the Referee's decision to send Lee for an early shower- definately not what you guys needed in the burning heat.

Saying that our boys really turned the screw on Hayle in the second half and their fitness and the extra man saw us home and we had a cracking afternoon to follow.

Special mention to Gary who proved he is still one of the top GK's in Cornwall as he approaches 40 and to John Mathews who im told is 55?? Remarkable to still be playing aswell as he is- puts me to shame!! And to Sage, 90 mins in the heat for PZ on Sat and then 90 more less than 24 hours later in the heat and still covered EVERY blade of grass. What a player.

Thanks to you and the guys for such a great game Rappo and look forward to seeing you on the 3rd at St Blazey for another Cup Final showdown. All the best, Lafs.

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