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Trelawny games off Sat 25 th March

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46 minutes ago, zebedee said:

Sadly we have 3 teams unable to raise teams today so matches conceded 

Stithians away at Troon

Rosudgeon res away at Falmouth united

Praze res away at Pendeen res

Also this week 3 teams have withdrawn from Percy Stephens Cup 

Constantine , Ruan Minor and Carharrack . 

No surprise there,i said weeks ago when the percy stephens cup format was changed alot of teams will concede or pull out.

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I think its a daft format. You've got smaller teams dropping out because their players are demoralised at having to face teams 3/4 leagues above them. Look at little old Storm FC Vs Mawnan 2's for example. Yes they turned up they but got an absolute shallacking 13-1 vs a mediocre Mawnan reserves team. The gulf in class was huge. Having it at the end of the season is strange as most players are dreaming of the beach and holidays. 

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Surely that’s the whole point of a ‘cup competition’? People always root for the underdog. Some teams will relish playing teams 3-4 leagues higher than themselves,all about challenging yourselves,not necessarily winning. The individual league cups are there for those that want to rest on their laurels. ‘Little old storm’ are always up for a challenge,great bunch of lads with a never say die attitude. I’m sure they,along with the rest of us,were still smiling afterwards 

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I think though if it was mixed into the season like prior seasons then it'd make a massive difference. Some times for example your Storms or Wendron 5ths who've had hard seasons don't want to be up against the big boys at this stage. It can be demoralising for some. I used the Storm example as it was one of the biggest scorelines Ive seen in PSC so far. The romance of the Percy Stephens Cup that you long for just doesn't exist I'm afraid. This isn't the FA cup this is the lowly levels of Cornish football where games may have 3 people in attendance (disregarding subs etc). The Committee really need to read the room and change it next season else it will be more of the same. 

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