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  1. Not sure why the clubs don’t want TCFC in when they have young players who just want to play football, some clubs can yo-yo in and out of the league’s. I loved playing vs Truro and Falmouth etc it’s a shame they lost there local identity when they were under the old regime but having the backing of the Pirates I’m sure they will have everything in place to compete at St Piran level. I’m sure many old Truronians would like to see a local team again.
  2. If the ( letter ) was sent out on the 14 th February and had to be in by 2 nd March that’s just over 2 weeks !
  3. Thank you for your positive comments . Thought if we could have got a goal when we had a few chances it would have made in interesting .. but well played Illogan .
  4. At least we have got some nice guys ... End of you lost and a tad bitter but that’s your opinion , I am a nice guy so I’m happy with that .😁
  5. Not many players will try to keep a player on the pitch from a red card which was going to be awarded .. I thought your team were unlucky today but that’s football.. But I don’t agree with your comments about our players . Your team moaned as much if not more ... but all in all your guys were very pleasant in the bar after .
  6. What utter crap , I watched the game and no way were you the better side and if our defenders didn’t help one of your players to stay on the pitch ! After the ref was going to send him off ... Shame your had your blinkers on but your probably a little biased ..
  7. No idea where you got that info from 3-2 AET no penalties ..
  8. If the keeper didn’t get injured and got up I doubt there would have even been a yellow card .
  9. Surely you can’t comment about a dodgy Lino ... Pot and kettle 😁
  10. Very good report of the game as I was glad it didn’t go to extra time lol
  11. The Well were missing a few players also which when they are fit I’m sure it’s going to be a real battle for starting positions , Penryn were really outplayed for long parts of the game but they didn’t give up trying and did get a consolation goal which wasn’t the best defending to be honest ..
  12. I watched the Penryn game and what I did see it wasn’t lucky as the Well were by far the better team until the last 10 minutes .. but yes it was a shock .. 👍
  13. Why does Dave Deacon close topics as early as he did tonight on the results ?
  14. I just don’t get it , I’m sure most teams in St Piran league don’t get enough supporters to have any social distance issues , the clubhouses will not be used as much for sure so there will be lost revenue . Clubs will be hit financially for sure .
  15. If a team plays on a public pitch ( playing field ) who can stop anyone watching 🤔
  16. I’m sure there could be something in that 🤔
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