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  1. If Helston have any issues they should talk to the league If rules were broken the appropriate action will be taken
  2. Good to see you again bud Not sure how much energy I have left to keep going 🤣🤣 May see you on the return fixture Glad to see you are well Pete
  3. Fair enough and never easy opening up Hope you recover soon and I'm sure there is a good unit around you to help you through it
  4. Rumour has it the manager won't continue at Mount Ambrose till the end of the season and some of the players are following suit
  5. Division 4 Constantine Res 1 Dropship 4 Well done to Constantine for getting the game on after the weather we have had over the past 48 hours Constantine had more of the ball but couldn't get that final pass where as Dropship were more clinical with there chances Goalscorers Ben Fletcher Luke Ewins Ryan Mitchell Peter Norfolk Next game is the return fixture vs Mount Ambrose which last time was a good match
  6. Division 2 Storm 0 Illogan 3rds 8 Scorers Pete Norfolk 3 Shaun Isaacs 1 Simon Carter 1 Will Eva 1 Carl Stretton 1 Jordan Lyth 1 After failing to hit the net with numerous chances last week this week we certainly made up for it Credit to Storm who kept going the whole 90 Well reffed by Dan Inch too
  7. are u anything do with or have you as you have reffed them least once this season
  8. Division Four Lizard Res 0 Camborne Park 7 Grasso 5 Catterall 1 Prout 1
  9. well done to West Cornwall Good luck for your semi final on Thursday
  10. its junior football and you play where you want and happy well played to the guy for hitting nearly three figures doubt dave would complain if luke asked to sign for him next season !!!!!!!
  11. I have to agree on CSOM here though as if it was any other team we would be docked points such as Sennen
  12. And rappo is nearly double his age and weight and no disrespect to st erme playing for a weaker side. I have alot of respect for rappo. Not for pretenders. Last season there was 2 or 3 in div 5 getting the lime line for banging in big scores..... prove urself by doing it at the level of ur ability n then ul be respected and remembered..... Not sure who you are trying to point the finger at with people trying to get in the lime light
  13. I believe in terms of the cup question that they were hinting of abolishing the Percy Stephens Cup because its just the same as the Junior Cup
  14. Your obsession with Rappo is quite bad Dave .. Luke must be decent to score that many .. statistics dont lie Dave ... Got double what Rappo did last year
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