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  1. Ive seen our provisional fixtures we have falmouth utd 1st game so i take it they didnt get accepted for combo?
  2. We St ives mariners have the 17th and the 24th july available for pre season games,happy to pay half towards the ref.
  3. Thanks for the game all the best for the season lads
  4. Us at mariners are looking for away friendlies on the 17th july and the 24th july can you host us?
  5. could be free on 24th who are you? drop me a message if you want
  6. no mate all sorted now thanks,we have the 24th free?
  7. St ives mariners are looking for an away friendly for the 10th july.
  8. st ives mariners need a ref this weekend saturday 15th for a home friendly 2pm kick off at nancegollan
  9. They simply have to null and void the season like the rest of the leagues what is the difference???
  10. Surely its quite simple? theyve cancelled all senior football so why all the debate why all the emails why all the options? Just cancell all junior football,certain businesses cant open or operate but we can go play football and mix different households etc.Its all total bullshit,More to life than football.
  11. There manager isnt much better was very disresctfull to our club last weekend following our win.
  12. you will see a few goals for the home side 😣😣😣😣
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