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  1. Just been told four lanes vs mariners is on!!!!!!
  2. Mariners is now off as praze have to play there junior cup game at nancegollan, after the mariners manager spend 2 hours marking the pitch for our game vs mawnan 👊
  3. praze will have there junior cup game at nancegollan,We Mariners have been fixtured to play at home vs mawnan also to be played at nancegollan?
  4. Hi Martin,

    Chacewater could host you in a friendly (subject to us being voted back in at the AGM of course).We have one game arranged for Sat.28th July.Let me know.


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    2. Soccer Follower

      Soccer Follower

      4th August booked as well but midweeks are free atm

    3. fudge


      will be in touch mate

    4. Soccer Follower
  5. fudge titans are starting training on monday and wed.6.30pm next week we have two teams in trelawney league this year.if you are interested pm me. martin eddy

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