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  1. This is just one of the reasons why I only played for carharrack three times. No point having a midfield, or any ball players at full back, as the ball is just lumped forward to a very lazy striker and then the arguments starts between the mouthy centre back who thinks he is awesome and everyone else. Shame really but they need to get to the end of the season and recruit much better players
  2. I'm not going into details as mentioned previous but madron would not have even been in the league this season had Alan still been involved.
  3. Unfortunately with Alan at the helm this season would not have even got off the ground. I'm not going to go into detail on a public forum of why but it's 100% true and their are people in power who know that. The sad thing is players just aren't committed any more and didn't want to turn up with 7 men and get thrashed they would rather stay at home and let other people struggle Times have moved on and so has the attitude of the modern day footballer
  4. To be fair that could be the 6 or 7 that were actually loyal
  5. I'm not entirely sure. But like Dave bartlam said it's not solely finances that have forced this decision. Lads not bothering to prioritise football on A Saturday had the knock on effect of generating fines due to not being able to raise a team week after week and as chairman/Secretary/treasurer of the club it made sense to withdraw and save my bank balance as the club is skint due to years of misappropriation of money from previous chairman
  6. A few have left due to leaving the area and a few others have become disillusioned with Saturday footy A lot are away with work and not due back until september
  7. Dugouts are free if you apply to the fa and the pitch is pretty decent and the surrounding facilities, clubhouse etc, are well looked after so it wouldn't take much to bring it up to standard. Rats leaving a sinking ship atm though with transfers galore coming in
  8. I never heard this rumour but it would make some sense cos of how close the two teams are too each other.
  9. Being madron manager/Secretary and treasurer this season I can tell you the truth behind madron folding. We have lost 17, maybe more, players this season for one reason or another and have other players who could only play now and then. Core of 6 solid players every week and that's not enough. Then there is the financial side of things. Every game without raising a team is 50 quid and we were about to get our third fine of the season for this and it couldn't continue as we could see it going on for the last 6 games of the season. That is a huge amount of money for me to pay out. So in short it was down to players Not being available but it was also a financial decision aswell
  10. The heat map is where Dave, the ref, was placed throughout the game and this shows that carharrack were pretty much camped in their own half absorbing wave after wave of pressure. Was good to get a squad out today and even a sub and at 42 playing left back and chasing young lads around was not my plan for a Saturday afternoon.
  11. Don't forget the nice fine aswell. Going to be a sad end to madrons season as players just don't want to play anymore
  12. Madron v marazion is off at the minute as we have no ref assigned
  13. Please don't madron would be knackered too since the majority are servicemen down there now!
  14. I was poking fun mate their was nothing wrong with it. We do the same
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