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  1. Our assistant had a rebrief from me at half time and we changed him cos it's embarrassing when it's obvious they are not making the right calls. Cant say much for the opposition guys as that's not my call but it was obvious he was making questionable decisions
  2. Goonhavern 2 madron 2 Another case of missed chances for madron. We had the lions share of possession and so many chances i lost count. 2-0 up with 20 minutes to go and goonhavern came back to steal an unlikely point. Some dodgy linesman calls again in this game, from both sides I must add, with the home lino definitely needing to learn the offside rule. The ref was class throughout and both teams played the game in good spirits. Just a shame the game was ruined by dodgy calls. Ours won't be running the line again as there is no need to cheat to win. Onwards to next week for madron
  3. I think going to the opposition pubs is a dying art these days. Shame though. I encourage it with the madron boys. Win, lose or draw, mainly lose, we always go back and have at least one drink and sample the Scran on offer.
  4. I heard him admit it mate. Either way it wouldn't have changed the result
  5. Threemilestone v madron 3-1 to tms. Dodgy decision for one of the tms goals backed up by their linesman admitting the striker was offside but he just couldn't be bothered to flag. Good game other than that and reffed really well.
  6. The exiles were a bunch whining idiots. Madron had a man sent off after 17 minutes for nothing more than being a Exiles are beatable.
  7. I will get back to you asap
  8. Any one able to help us out on Saturday and ref our cup game against perranwell?? Give me a shout