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  1. Thank you for your positive comments . Thought if we could have got a goal when we had a few chances it would have made in interesting .. but well played Illogan .
  2. At least we have got some nice guys ... End of you lost and a tad bitter but that’s your opinion , I am a nice guy so I’m happy with that .😁
  3. Not many players will try to keep a player on the pitch from a red card which was going to be awarded .. I thought your team were unlucky today but that’s football.. But I don’t agree with your comments about our players . Your team moaned as much if not more ... but all in all your guys were very pleasant in the bar after .
  4. What utter crap , I watched the game and no way were you the better side and if our defenders didn’t help one of your players to stay on the pitch ! After the ref was going to send him off ... Shame your had your blinkers on but your probably a little biased ..
  5. No idea where you got that info from 3-2 AET no penalties ..
  6. If the keeper didn’t get injured and got up I doubt there would have even been a yellow card .
  7. Surely you can’t comment about a dodgy Lino ... Pot and kettle 😁
  8. Very good report of the game as I was glad it didn’t go to extra time lol
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