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  1. We as a club do have things in place to put this through the parish council to get them built , but it does take time to implement these decisions.Im sure when we do get permission we will have enough persons to actually sit inside them 😉 unlike some other teams who find it hard to fulfill fixtures on a regular basis .
  2. I can see your problem , but that’s the way it’s going with players unavailable for what ever reason ... But you did ok today !
  3. The fixture was made weeks ago so why wait until the day to cancel ... I’m sure if Penryn were given that fixture you wouldn’t wait to see who could make it and then cancel on the day !
  4. Bude would have been nice today in the sun 😢
  5. You move from one team team to another so not really worried at all , like I said Carharrack will be there next season but you probably won’t be as you were committed to Threemilestone last season 🤔 We won’t be bottom I’m sure but at least we can fulfill our fixtures so you may need to take a leaf out of our book ...
  6. It just shows that a Carharrack team does think like last season they can cancel games when they like ! Utter joke of a club to be honest as probably a lame excuse again like my battery car can’t travel over 50 miles ..
  7. That’s not good as it’s always nice to go away to some ground you probably won’t be going too again.
  8. I thought the stand in keeper did a good job between the sticks , Penryn are a good side but the village team did have 3 or 4 good chances as if they did score it could have been different. I thought the game was well reffed and both teams should be applauded for the way they got on with every decision George made .
  9. And the young lady who does it had other priorities which are far more important than a cup of tea 🙄
  10. Tom . It went 1-0 , 1-1 , 2-1 then 2-2
  11. RIP .Bill one of Cornwall’s best refs and probably one of the most famous in his lifetime..
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