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  1. We had a goalkeeper a few years ago who’s nickname was Teflon
  2. It’s just a shame that the manager that started the season had to leave for work commitments, then a new manager came in and got the push for the same guy to come back at the end of the season ....but that’s the way local footy is going ... look at Ludgvan and now Penzance .. The merry go round continues to go around and around
  3. Turn coat I quite like seeing that though As far as I can see with Cornish soccer is going in lots of different directions with clubs merging , managers moving let alone the players .... I’m glad I’m still involved with my club which just trungles along with no budget etc players paying to play and financially in the black ... After reading on here we are very lucky 😃
  4. Does it really matter ? Nothing to play for with copious amounts of reserves playing ? Both teams must be glad when the season is over
  5. Not at all .. you think your god on here don’t you 😂
  6. No loyalty in players 🙄 seems like none either in managers at this level 😁
  7. The league has too many teams in as most teams are playing 2 x a week for a couple of months early and late season , but next year at this time it should all be over as there is going to be a maximum of 16 teams in a league without floodlights, unless your Helston as one away game end of season midweek vs Culdrose .. 9 months of football a year is too much .. not only for the players ..
  8. Yes Redruth were better on the night it’s just he gave a couple soft handballs outside the box , and that one may have been also given if not in the area 🤔
  9. Thought when the score 0-0 the Well should have had a penalty for handball as the ref gave a few handballs outside the box for both sides which were no different ! Strange why referees do this !
  10. Well said , very tricky conditions but none the less a good old fashioned cup final , both teams deserve congratulations.
  11. Perranwell were missing a few players today but the result wasn’t an issue .. I just hope Carharrack can get someone in .. rave reviews from the hungry ones at the game :..
  12. They do have a good club going on there Issac you type with either words we don’t understand or you don’t type correctly
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