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  1. They had 3 weeks grace and if you have seen how many they have got signed on , so wait until some other teams finish there season and get Carharrack to play half the season then !
  2. What’s the difference between Dicky Evans and the Cornish Pirates ?
  3. I thought Perranwell had a dead cert penalty waved away .. and the late pen awarded was a very soft one ( if it was one at all )
  4. I think the goals may decide the game !! 😂😂😂
  5. I was there also and the ball was played towards Perranwell by a Pendeen player and the Wells keeper decided to retrieve the ball and bring it into the area so he could pick it up !! The ref blew up for an indirect freekick for Pendeen ? Could have changed the game ..... But a point apiece I thought was fair ..
  6. shame you didn’t stay in your hutch on Saturday as you was an embarrassment to Penryn Football club with your foul language
  7. Obviously with your grammar you didn’t injest your primary school education .. It’s only tin pot football after all
  8. I believe there have been teas etc served in the hut for over 40 years so it must have been some time ago since you visited the Well . Another point why do you say “ how can this venue qualify for step 7 “ yes the slope does look bad but playing on it never really had a problem with it , the changing rooms are an adequate size unlike your local club which are like a rabbit hutch . Many teams do have a better pitch but it’s what we have so just accept it and stop moaning , and next week they are going to a wonderful venue Pendeen 😂😂
  9. Sour grapes springs to mind ! At least all of those at Perranwell know what they got unlike some that move around from club to club 👍
  10. What do they have to sell ? The ground isn’t TCFC’s and surely it’s costing more in wages etc than the gate receipts ..
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