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12 hours ago, Green and blacks said:

Anyone know what actually happened to bugle fc? 
and what their badge looked like? 
seems a real shame the ground is still there with no football. Looks like potential if you ask me 

Google Bugle F.C. where you will find information on the club along with some photographs.
It must belong to someone and could be a ready made base for a local club.

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Bugle AFC were in the South Western league up to the early/mid 90s, then dropped/relegated down a league and joined the ECPL for a short period.

I think they pulled out of the ECPL at the end of the season in the late 90's...

Rumour has it that officials at the club thought that Bugle AFC would join the Duchy League and start in the Premier League..

Unfortunately they were denied this and had to start again in Duchy League Division Four West?

Bugle AFC did manage to gain promotion to Division three..

Bugle AFC facilities i e clubhouse were continuously being vandalized by youths, so unfortunately boarded up and no longer used.

The stand and changing rooms were not in the best of condition when I played Bugle v St Columb in Duchy three...

I think Bugle AFC sadly disbanded in 2000 ish?

As for the ground it was used again by Bugle Orient (Nanstallen Utd) in the early 2000s..

No idea what the club badge looks like..



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Always one of the toughest away games of the season!!! Future England goalkeeper Nigel Martyn also played for Bugle along with many other good players including Andy Street, one of Cornwalls most capped and talented players over the last 30/40 years. Also share their home ground name with Wolves although it’s spelt differently!! 😁👍

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