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  1. We must admit that we have never had any problem with Bodmins supporters, they are both well behaved.
  2. Our comment on the St Austell fans expletive, is that it's the officials of the club who have the authority to remove the perpetrator from the ground if he was causing offence to other supporters, It would be interesting to know if it's a regular offence by the person concerned that is tolerated by his club, as seems to be the case with Darren Gilbert and Bodmin.
  3. Bedfordshire 0 - Cornwall 5 A great win for our youngsters and something to celebrate in the clubhouses when they return to their various teams in the Duchy. These lads are the future of the game in Cornwall, and from what we have seen of them, the future is looking bright, providing they don't get sucked in to the mercenary merry go round of who pays most, and concentrate on where they can be coached to achieve the best of their footballing ability. Congratulations to all concerned.
  4. Wadebridge Town 0 - Sticker 3 a good win for the Sticker lads
  5. We must say that one who doesn't crawl out when Bodmin lose is leedsunited.
  6. Callum McGee x 2 Brokenshire x 1 Bowker x 1 (penalty )
  7. Well done Bodmin, cosidering they have signed 7 players from the fish and chip league so far this season, (one of whom scored two goals last night,) another scored a penalty, they aren't doing too badly.🐟🥖
  8. Take a look at the rules of the game, the language used is punishable with a red card if the referee is so minded. There lies the problem, referees seem content to ignore the rules laid down to stop abusive language on the field of play. Yes we all know it happens in the professonal game, but would we prefer to be obeying the rules, or likened to a flock of sheep who follow the leader. Thinking about it, judging from the bleating from some sources, we may know the answer !
  9. Been there, suggested that, the result ? carry on as before. Are the refs to blame for taking the easy option and doing nothing, or are the games overseers guilty for not insisting the rules are adhered to and not cherry picked. At the game we attended yesterday , the ref was told he was an embarassment by dugout members, and when supporters told the offending persons to refrain from using abusive language in front of the females present, they were told to ***! off. What did the ref do about either event ? NOTHING ! Such is the intelligence and respect of some who are not capable of expressing themselves without using abusive language. Maybe if enough people who are offended by such outbursts were to canvas the C.C.F.A. they may see fit to do something about it, but past experience makes us very doubtful.
  10. Now shown on the SWPL website as a home game for Sticker 7-30 KO. A mistake or a rearrangement ?
  11. Rumours abound that Stickers assistant manager Gary Whieldon has resigned ! 🙄
  12. We all know who would make good use of a wooden spoon, the whole of Cornwall SPORTING fraternity wished Ludgvan good luck in their attempts to continue in the SWPL and not cause disruption in the league. There was one dissenting voice who thought they were a disgrace and should step down to a lower league. Wonder who that was ? perhaps they qualify for the wooden spoon for sporting comments on this forum.🙄
  13. We Two

    Leeds United l?!

    Leeds has already explained earlier in this thread, that when Bodmin lose, it is likely he is away on a fishing trip with the Boy Scouts, please don't deny him his time with his toggle in camp , in tent on being a good boy. 😁
  14. We Two

    Leeds United l?!

    They already have a title, you see it on here quite often 😁
  15. We Two

    Leeds United l?!

    And the weeks they don't win you are on a fishing trip with the boy scouts, ah that explains it then !
  16. We Two

    Leeds United l?!

    Don't kid yourself Leeds with ideas of granduer, the fascination comes from why we only hear regularly from you when Bodmin win, if they lose all is quiet, or is that just a fascinating coincidence.?😂
  17. We Two

    Ludgvan Take over

    That takeover didn't last long then.
  18. We Two

    Leeds United l?!

    If any of the above is true we're glad he doesnt support??? our club
  19. According to the latest S.W.P.L. west division news, the incumbent manager has again stood down.
  20. According to their website, Helston have a 1st 2nd and 3rd team plus 16 youth teams and a ladies team. Well done Helston the admin headache each week must keep the relevant secretaries on their toes. Their backroom boys deserve credit for their efforts, goes to show what can be done with the right kind of support.
  21. In that case it must be an internal situation within the club that Ludgvan must sort out themselves. It appears that they have now had to call off the Mousehole game, so travel is not the issue.
  22. Paying players will always cause problems both to the ones who pay the big money ( until it runs out, then their players run out too ) and to the rest who either don't have the money to pay big wages, or have more sense and invest in the club and their supporters facilities. Supporting a club and having a feeling that your support is appreciated will always go down well with us, but as Leeds has suggested " who cares about the support as long as there is a trophy in the cabinet' ' if that attiude is prevelant in the league, it's no wonder so many clubs are struggling to exist. Regarding Ludgvan, we don't know the circumstances that caused their players to leave, but we wish them good luck with recruiting players in the near future.
  23. Maybe Big Al has a hidden agenda here, does he believe that if he continues to back falmouth to lose, they will continue to win ? Any credence in that line of thought Al ?
  24. So not such a big fish when the chips are down ( sorry, couldn't resist that )
  25. Leeds big announcement is that he won't be making one when Bodmin lose.😁